Building a power transformer; checking all its parts and transporting it to its destination via rail roads and bridges. Good waterfall.

Year of Production: 1964

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 9 mins 45 secs

Shot List


Time Code Int
MCU Men in workshop
00:01 Int CU Man's hands. Making something
00:04 (laminating) Int CU Man in boiler suit. Wires. Thumbs up
00:13 Int MS Men in factory. Scaffolding
00:15 Int MCU Machinery being lifted. Man directing
00:18 Int MLS Welding in factory
00:24 Int MCU Welding. Man with mask
00:32 Int MCU Lifting piping for cooling system
00:41 Int MS Moving parts through factory. Men
00:51 Ladders Int MCU Metal structure. Men attaching
00:55 Int MS Smoking structures. Men; Radiators
01:01 Int MCU Man painting radiator (industrial)
01:10 Int MLS Transformer tank workshop ladders. Man
01:20 Int CU Man in glasses
01:26 Int MS Manoeuvering machinery through workshop
01:27 Int. CU Man in glasses turns around
01:29 Int CU Hand pushes lever 01:32 Int CU metal structure rises 01:35 Int LS Man guids structure (transformer tank)
01:36 Int MCU Men guide structure (transformer tank)
01:38 Int MLS Men guide transformer tank
01:42 Int MCU Men pull transformer tank round
01:44 Int LS Men guide tank around
01:46 Int MCU Men guiding tank
01:48 Int CU Men working hard
01:51 Int CU Man and arm. Man exerting himself. Man directs
01:53 Int MCU Man directs machinery
01:54 Int CU Man pushes lever
01:57 Int MCU Men pull transformer tank
02:02 Int CU Man's arm (muscles). Man grimaces
02:03 Int CU Man in glasses moves head
02:06 Int CU Section of transformer tank
02:08 Int MCU Man pushing tank
02:09 Int MS Workshop
02:20 Int MCU Section of transfer tank
02:23 Int MS Workmen directing moving parts
02:24 Int CU Man waves something on
02:31 Int MCU Transfer tank. Men.
02:32 Int ECU Man's head nodding
02:34 Int CU Machinery being lowered into place
02:37 Int MCU Man doing electrical work on the transformers
02:41 Int CU Man arranging the tapping leads from the windings
02:42 Int CU Man arranging leads
02:45 Int MCU Men and tap changing switches; Man panting
02:48 Int CU Man checking electrics
02:58 Int CU Man checking (microscope?)
03:01 Int ECU Hand and switch system
03:09 Int CU High speed resister tap changes
03:12 Int MCU Man and electrics
03:18 Int MCU Man and electrics
03:18 Int CU Cogs turning
03:20 Int ECU Cog
03:22 Int CU Spring
03:24 Int ECU Cog
03;27 Int CU Actual transformer put in place
03;31 Int ECU Diagram annotated of transformer (various)
03:50 Int MLS Final tanking of transformer
03:50 Int MCU Men constructing and checking transformer (various)03:58 Int CU Wet transformer
04:13 Int MCU Oil dripping off part of transformer
04:18 Int MCU Oil dripping into oil
04:19 Int MCU Transformer moving forward (various)
04:28 Int MCU Detail of transformer (various)
04:37 Int MCU Inspection
04:47 Int CU Final inspection of transformer
04:47 Tightening up mechanics; Int CU Man chisels at transformer
04:50 Int CU Tightening screws on transformer
04:52 Int CU Last minute checks (various);
04:55 Tightening; banging Int CU Man with control box
05:15 Int MCU Manoeuvering transformer
05:24 Int CU Men climbing transformer
05:34 Int CU Men tightening transformer
05:40 (final checks various) Int MCU Cooling banks coupled with the transformer
05:53 Int MLS Air cooling systems
06:05 Int MCU Men lowering air cooling system
06:15 Int MS Transformer being prepared
06:23 Int LS Men and transformer
06:28 Int LS Transformer and men at controls
06:44 Int CU Noise researchers; controls
06:48 Int CU Revox machine
06:52 Int CU Men with noise testing stick
06:58 Int CU Radiators; black curtain
06:59 Int MCU Man with dials; sound
07:01 Int MCU Man with noise tester
07:06 Int CU Man with dials
07:08 Int CU Impulse testers
07:13 Int CU Million volt alternating current. Flames
07:28 Int MCU Ball in air Int MS High voltage apparatus
07:30 Int CU two d/c generators
07:35 Int CU Dials and displays (voltage)
07:37 Int CU flashing red light
07:43 Int CU flashing green light
07:46 Int CU Dial
07:47 Int CU Red light
07:49 Ext MLS Factory and lorries (heavy haulage)
07:56 Ext CU Heavy haulage vehicles. Tyres.
08:00 Ext MS Old fashioned goods train with men sitting on it. Coming under bridge
08:06 Ext MS Haulage vehicle through narrow street
08:11 Ext MS Transformer transported along road; white car; countryside
08:15 Ext MLS Haulage vehicle road pylons (Ferranti)
08:20 Ext MLS Bridge over river
08:30 Ext MS Train going over bridge over river
08:32 Ext MLS Massive waterfall cascading (hydro-electric)
08:33 Ext MCU Train over bridge Ext MCU Transformer outside (various)08:40 Ext CU Dish 'Ferranti'
09:06 Ext MS 400 000 Volt transmission line
09:15 Int CU Electrical part
09:29 Int CU Painting of Ferranti