b/w silent promotional film for Kurlo washing powder

Year of Production: 1920's

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 5mins 15secs

Shot List


Different people are seen getting ready for a garden party. Amongst them is little Miss Kurlo in a pristine white dress. A young couple is getting dressed. Their clothes have shrunk in the washing. The maid gets the blame. She is upset and gives her notice. The garden party is in full flow. Children's fancy dress parade intercut with shots of a shop window displaying Kurlo washing powder. Prize giving at the garden party. Little Miss Kurlo wins the first prize. Now that Kurlo washing powder is being used the maid takes back her notice and is happy to stay on. Young housewife and maid peg up the washing in the garden. Little Miss Kurlo in her perfectly washed dress bows in front of the washing line.