Opening with fire engines leaving station: Fire chief describes ways fire start a) chip pan fire b) faulty wall socket c) faulty wiring. Brief montage -
smoker in bed children and matches clothes airing rubbish store electric fire. Excellent period piece - good interiors.

Year of Production: c. 1949

Black & White

Running Time: 10mins 19secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 title 'Who Started It?" ws London Fire Brigade headquarters zi to room with sign reading 'records" vs woman takes huge ledger out of filing cabinet and takes it to two men who sit talking and look at photographs of fires. One man goes to throw cigarette end / butt out of window but the other man stops him and hands him an ashtray ws row of Georgian cottages vs woman cooks
breakfast in kitchen as boy feeds chickens in back yard. Bread delivery man / baker knocks at door and sells loaf of bread to woman but chip pan catches fire as they do so. Little boy throws cup of water on chip fire but causes it to grow. The little boy opens door but woman puts pan down and it sets fire to curtains STILL of cottage destroyed by fire STILL of house destroyed by fire vs woman does ironing as she listens to radio. She puts iron and board away and leaves room

00:05:00:00-0:10:19:22 pan down from radio to plug in wall which begins to smoke ms women sit and talk together at home STILL of flat destroyed by fire vs man and woman sit by fire in sittingroom and read paper / knit as lights go out vs man checks fuse wire replaces it and then puts fuse back into box ms man comes back into room beaming happily as the lights are back on he then nods smugly to woman who smiles at him cu flames of fire vs two men talk and look at photographs of fire ms man sits and reads in bed with cigarette in mouth and then drops off to sleep cu flames ms two small children sit in front of fire and strike matches cu flames ms clothes drying above stove / cooker gas flame cu flames pan down from skylight to paint tin and rubbish as smoke drifts up cu flames ms woman vacuums / hoovers room but moves small electric fire too near chair as she sweeps floor cu fire ms two men talk and one places cigarette butt in ashtray cu man's hand stubs out cigarette END TITLES