Expedition through snowbound Greenland

Year of Production: 1952

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 16 mins 21 secs

Shot List


British Film Board of Censors Certificate pass for General exhibition

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A story of The British North Greenland Expedition

Star studded night sky with flickering Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) Rotating globe, zi on Greenland.
Overview of Norwegian sealing vessel 'Tutan' on 23rd July 1952 with Captain C. J. W. Simpson RN off the ice bound coast of Greenland.

CU of ice covered sea, thin ice breaking up in wash from boat. Cut to shots of ice floes; lumps of ice floating and hitting bow of ship. CU of mast with crows nest silhouetted against sky. Ice floes.
External shot of control room with communication dishes, some of ship's crew standing to one side. Various shots of captain (inside control room) wearing fur lined coat and woollen hat, pipe work in b/g;
CU of bow making way through ice flow; crewman looking out through control room window; bow of ship cutting through ice until comes to a halt. CU ship's control lever being changed from 'Full ahead'
to 'Stop' to 'Full astern' to 'Stop' to 'Slow ahead'; various shots of crew on deck; across deck with ice flow in b/g; captain looking out of cabin window; close up of captain, bow cutting through ice then
coming to a standstill.

View across ice showing ship surrounded by pack ice. Various shots of crew men and husky dogs/puppies walking on ice and ship surrounded by ice. Cut to footage of ship sailing in ice free sea, ships
crew working on deck; cut to CU of captain at ship's wheel inside cabin and looking out of window in search of ice; CU of second crew member with ship's equipment in b/g. Cut to overview of ship's
crew working on deck; CU of crows nest look out. Shot forward over deck to sea and large dark mass beyond Greenland. CU ship's captain; British ensign being raised; two crew men in control room;
control lever moved to 'Stop'.
Shots from ship across sea to cloud shrouded Clavering Island, southern base for expedition.
z.o. to map of Greenland showing ship's position; various shots of unloading supplies including packing boxes, 'Weevil's' amphibious tracked vehicles being lowered on ropes by crewman on rigging;
various shots of ship and land.

05:00 Panning shot following amphibious vehicle's progress from sea to land. CU of vehicle with lettering 'British North Greenland Expedition' and emblem on side; various crew members undertaking
various jobs of getting equipment ashore and ready for use, checking stores including ? 'Penigan' dried meat from Southern Rhodesia; three crewmen prepare sledges; husky puppies playing with
cook on deck; husky pack being led by crew members; puppy lapping milk from bowl; adult husky watching; various shots of husky pups feeding and tethered adult husky.

Two radio operators and radio equipment; aerial shots of RAF four propeller plane 'Sunderland'. CU radio operator; plane landing on island, hills in b/g. Various shots of plane and supplies being sorted.
Stores being loaded on boats at Britannia Lake by crewmen; sea planes on the lake; huskies on lead; pups scampering up gang plank onto boats with crew; transfer of supplies, dogs, pups and crew onto

Seaplane taking off and flying with hills in b/g; shots of plane flying; aerial shot from plane out over Britannia lake below; inside cockpit with rear view of pilot out to ice flow and arctic hills beyond; snow
capped mountains; close up of side view of propeller engine; ice flows; CU of pilot; view through cock pit window of ice below; sea plane landing on lake with ice in b/g; stationary sea plane.

Various shots of crew unloading plane; unloading hut on to raft and taken ashore. Long shot of hut being assembled on bleak landscape.

10:00 Sides of hut being erected, internal shot of roof rafters; men on ladders fitting roof. ZO to Map of Greenland showing position of camp. Image of plane flies from right to left across map to other side
of island. ZI to girder structure of large building. Overview of camp; flags flying; several large huts and network of roadways and vehicles; Cut to panning shot of lake, glacier; snow covered hills.
Cut to various scenes of men on expedition on snow covered glacier with pack of huskies pulling sledges loaded with equipment and supplies.

Two men carrying pieces of and assembling side of hut in snow. Propeller supply plane being made ready in snow; plane on runway during snow storm; 'Hastings' cargo carrying plane taxiing along runway
with snow on either side. Inside plane crewmembers prepare supplies for air drop; crew members by open cargo doors waiting for the 'go signal'; throwing supplies out of the open cargo door; supplies
falling to ground with double parachute to slow descent.

CU of man walking up to dogs sleeping in and covered by snow; arousing sleeping dogs; discovering dead dog; stationary plane on snow/ice; parachute landing; aerial view of plane, camp and crewmen.
Double propeller amphibian air craft taking off; shot in flight; landing on ice/snow. Men carrying stretcher over snow covered ground. Pilot alighting aircraft; waves right hand; stretcher party approaching
plane; aerial shots of plane on ice/snow. Crewmen gathered around plane. Various shots of men digging plane free of snow/ice. Plane taxiing and skidding along ice with two men running alongside.
Aerial shot of take off and damaged plane left behind on ice.

15:00 Shots from inside cargo plane of supplies being dropped on to snow/ice. Shot from ground of plane flying over. Long shot over snow/ice to lake beyond with stationary flying boat. Shots of ice/snow
landscape and sky; ice flows; arctic landscape.

ZO to map of Greenland; ZO to rotating globe, starry night sky, Northern Lights (Aurora borealis).

End credits In admiration of those who stayed behind

The End