Young woman from shopping mall (Una Stubbs) introduced to best fish and best meat - how to store and cook - introduction to other films by Gas Council
Useful sequences: Good opening in shopping mall: C.U. of fish and meat: trick film of 'conjuring' up table fridge pots and pans etc. Good intro to 70s cooking techniques.

Year of Production: 1968

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 18 mins 42 seconds 1752 ft

Shot List

U95 (clips)
DESCRIPTION : 00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 vs modern shopping centre with flowerbeds and people shopping and modern sculpture in centre vs young woman says "I beg your pardon" to camera graphic bubble says 'Thinks' vs woman posing with graphic backgrounds ms table miraculously appears in front of woman and she unpacks a fish and some cans ms woman shakes her head apologetically mcu fishmonger talking about fresh fish and demonstrates with various fish mcu display of fish packed in ice including skate and sprats mcu woman talks to large fish held in her hand and then drops it into rubbish / garbage bin mcu hands unpacking piece of meat mcu butcher talks about choosing correct pieces of meat for roasting and says "This is something you ladies don't perhaps realise" vs butcher demonstrates vs cuts of meat

0:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 cu piece of meat ms woman eats cornish pasty and then suddenly begins to get fatter mcu tray laid with healthy food ms gas refrigerator suddenly appears from nowhere and woman opens door and looks inside vs woman cleans piece of meat with cloth and storing in fridge mcu woman wipes bottle of milk and places in fridge vs woman placing food items in larder with shelves stacked with food

0:10:00:00:15:00:00 ms woman places vegetables in rack vs central heating / hot water boilers and timer clocks vs gas water heater mcu axe being ground ms super-modern kitchen vs saucepans steamer and deep fat fryer being demonstrated ms bacon pieces being placed on baking tray ms mixed grill on grill pan pan over various kitchen dishes and pans ms small buns / fairy cakes on baking tray mcu man's hand holds out paper cases for little cakes mcu swiss roll mixture being poured into tin mcu swiss roll being emptied from tin pan over basic items of kitchen paraphernalia ms pastry being rolled with greaseproof paper vs knife being sharpened cu onion being sliced

0:15:00:00-00:18:21:07 vs cookers / stove / cooker / ovens mcu chicken being turned on rotisserie mcu two kebabs on rotisserie mcu mixed grill mcu cooked meal cu thermostatic controls on oven / cooker mcu woman's hand setting cooker timing device mcu controls on cooker / stove / cooker / oven cu gas flame from hob vs cookery book pages being turned joint of meat being wrapped in string cu rice and small
cakes cooking in transparent pan in timelapse cu meat in boiling water cu chips cooking in chip pan cu mixed grill mcu joint of meat and potatoes in oven ms small piece of fish being covered in breadcrumbs cu joint of beef being carved ws woman in modern kitchen ws man rushes into kitchen with clapper board which have titles on them End titles ms film crew with cameras and lights wrapping up - good shot