Singer sewing machines.
Jokey commentary on light story-line. Gillian and Mark prepare for marriage - comic sergeant major father. Main section: Singer Sewing Centre with lessons for all. Details of Swing Needle Sewing Machine. Gillian prepares her trousseau makes curtains bed-spread etc. Good shots of furnished flat - current middle-market fashions.

Year of Production: 1954

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20 mins 50 secs

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : 01:00:00:00-01:05:00:00 title 'Wedding Bells for Gillian' ws of young couple struggling outside living room door. The woman is trying to convince the man to ask her father if he can marry her. ms woman kisses man as she pushes him / guides him through the door zi to ms of old man
sitting in armchair holding book up to his face. He takes the book down to reveal a stern face with a handlebar moustache ms woman crouches at door trying to listen to conversation ms stern father gets angry and starts to read his book again ws stunned man comes out of room to be comforted
by woman ms woman sits typing on typewriter other office worker shows her a skirt that she has made ms of office worker takes a sweet / candy out of a drawer and eats it while typing ms woman sitting at her desk has an idea and smiles vs man paints a door while foreman checks crate.
Painter steps on the other man's hand ms man smiles as he has an idea ws man and woman sit at table in restaurant and chat together excitedly low > ws of clock hands turning around to show hour passing quickly vs man shows woman into empty flat

01:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 pan around empty desolate flat to ms of man and woman mcu of woman nodding as if she is in a trance ws of empty room magically transformed into cosy living room ms of man looking at plasterwork on the wall ms woman walks through the door with smile on her face ws of woman looking at empty bedroom and imagining how it will look when she decorates it ws of kidney shaped dressing table
ws man walks out of hardware shop / store carrying tins of paint and rolls of wallpaper ws woman walks into sewing machine shop vs woman goes into shop where she sits down at sewing machine and other woman shows her a book for a sewing course vs of tailors dummy cu of sign saying 'Home Dressmaking Centre' ws one woman shows another into a room vs of woman being shown around the dressmaking class where other women are busy at sewing machines cu of woman's hand looking at dress in progress and holding up a sample of a buttonhole vs of woman demonstrating a new sewing machine inc cus of features such as special stitches thread etc.

01:10:00:00-01:15:00:00 vs of woman demonstrating a sewing machine for another woman inc cus of the fancy stitches it can do vs cus of buttons being sewn by machine ws man stands by woman sitting at desk as they tot up their finances ws man paints wall and rubs his aching back ws of woman sewing dress on sewing machine cu of machine putting ruffles into dress pan from machine to evening dress on tailors dummy vs of machine sewing fancy designs into dress vs showing how to create a scallop-edge to a garment ws of woman hanging up petticoat in closet full of pretty dresses vs man has trouble hanging wallpaper

01:15:00:00-01:20:00:00 ws woman sitting at table unpacks dressmaking pattern cu of silky material mcu of middle-aged man pointing gun towards camera pan as he polishes gun and puts it on the table. He picks up parcel and opens it. Woman rushes into frame to retrieve the material leaving the father looking confused and bewildered pensively stroking his moustache ws of man hanging wallpaper while woman sits at sewing machine vs of all the upholstery woman has made inc bedspread curtains cushion and chair covers vs woman guides father out of the house handing him his hat and brings him to her new flat where her nervous boyfriend is waiting vs boyfriend tries to shake hands with father but is spurned vs father walks around and inspects the flat ws father embraces and kisses his daughter on the forehead and shakes hands with young man cu of man's hands writes a cheque pan down a table with the remains of a wedding feast to tight shot of woman's foot slipping into a shoe. pan up wedding dress to face of bride looking ecstatic vs she looks lovingly at her husband cu of father with tears in his eyes mcu of bride and
groom kissing track in to sewing machine on table end titles 'the end' vs boyfriend tries to shake hands with father but is spurned