Second Part of "THE LONG JOURNEY". New Zealand trade with UK.
Opens in London shots of unloading frozen carcasses bales butter. New Zealand footage of family and Christmas tree and presents. Ship sails from Auckland ship's hooter ship loading. General work on board ship - sunset at sea. Distant view Pitcairn Island: Good footage on Panama and passing through Panama Canal. Refueling at Curacao. Street market. Dover cliffs docking in Thames - ship unloading. Launch of 13 000 ton ship in Glasgow. Finishes with boys playing in an old car woman on horseback - panorama New Zealand fields.

Year of Production: 1958

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 17 mins 40 secs

Shot List

U183 U184

00:00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 title 'We Live by the Sea' vs light aircraft/airplane flies around grassy hills spraying crops/crop spray watched by man with horse and dog vs good shots crop spraying cu grass cu more abundant grass and pan up to show sheep grazing on hills pan across fields with cows inc cow drinking from trough ms man washing cow's udders prior to attaching milking machine cu factory dairy machines in operation ms two men/dairy workers pulling huge blob of butter out of churn vs butter being churned vs man stamping huge balls of cheese vs men shearing sheep inc Maori men and woman ms truck carrying bales into store before auction ws store full of bales of fleeces vs man rolls cigarette and looks at sheep grazing on hills then rides off on horse with sheepdog vs man riding horse around his land

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs two young boys play in rowing boat moored on grass ms boy opens gate for man on horse and other boy hands letters/newspaper to him ms man and boys enter large ranch house vs woman dusting ornaments on mantelpiece vs man gives newspaper to woman who looks at it briefly then points out photograph to young boy cu photograph of man with boy and girl ms man in sea captain's uniform looks from ship to middle distance ms ship sails past camera pov shot from ship to Clyde docks vs men building ships in Clyde shipyard vs ship down Clyde ms ship at sea ws ship refueling at Curacao low < shot goods being lowered into hold of ship ms ship through Panama canal

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 ws ship on harbour at Fiji as man passes with bunch of bananas in fg ms captain of ship looks through binoculars and then turns to talk to steward vs crew on board ship ms captain goes into cabin where a budgie/budgerigar flies around freely low < shot woman sits on horse vs herding sheep with dogs and horses vs farmer/man herding sheep onto truck ms man and woman wave goodbye to man who drives truck/lorry away vs truck/lorry along road ms sheep arrive at transport station/market ws freight train crosses river ms exterior of what is obviously a slaughter house because all the live sheep have been transformed into carcasses vs carcasses along conveyor belt and Maori worker high < shot of
load of carcasses into refrigerated hold

00:15:00:0-00:20:00:00 vs goods inc butter into hold ms ship in dock/port vs ships in dock mws head of Wellington overlooking coast with pan left to city and dock inc Littleton aerial over Napier inc port aerial over Auckland inc yachts sailing in harbour vs ship in harbour vs people sailing yachts vs captain looking at diary with red marker around the 18th ws goods being unloaded on docks as man talks on telephone
in office ms pile of carcasses marked with New Zealand stamp ms man in uniform carries Christmas tree onto ship ms-cu bundles swing towards camera as they are loaded on board ship ms man carries New Zealand butter cases into hold

00:20:00:00-00:25:00:00 vs man raises Christmas tree up mast ms porters stack sheep carcasses in trucks/lorries ms two men stand by dock and watch ship leaving harbour low < shot trucks/lorries through city streets ms New Zealand lamb shop sign vs man/butcher sweeps snow from front of ship revealing New Zealand lamb in window vs woman in sun dress decorates window with fake snow ms woman picks up telephone by Christmas tree vs man in naval uniform talks from cubicle on ship marked 'telephone' vs woman rushes out to garden to tell man and boys news vs two men talk in office cu man taps pipe against coal fire mcu woman pins Christmas cards on wall ws family open Christmas presents in front of tree mcu young woman wraps tinsel on top of tree ms man helps young woman off ladder when she wobbles mcu man dusts Christmas tree needles off young woman's head and touches her nose and smile at each other ms lorry/truck arrives carrying brass band ws family around Christmas tree jump up to watch band playing in drive vs boys jump on truck and woman serves drinks to band mcu young woman answers telephone and then hands it to man vs men talk on telephone vs man breaks bad news to woman and young woman as they listen to band in garden

00:25:00:00-00:30:00:00 low < shot ship's horn blowing ms bundles of wool dropping into ship's hold ms man runs up gangplank on ship and drops packets pan down from Christmas tree on mast vs crew enjoying drink and cricket on deck vs captain bowls ball which is then hit into sea by batsman ms man has drink and looks at sunset vs crew cleaning and painting ship ms Pitcairn Island seen from ship ws Panama seen from ship vs gvs of Panama inc ultra modern houses vs high < shot of ship sails up Panama canal

00:30:00:00-00:36:30 vs Panama canal vs Curacao off Venezuelan coast inc Dutch-style house (Dutch colony) inc fruit market and oil pipeline vs ship refueling vs ship at sea inc man being pulled into crow's nest by pulley vs tug pulling ship into docks at London with cranes visible vs people waiting on dockside for work low < shot of ship called Huntingdon in dock with goods being lifted low < shot champagne breaking against hull of ship ms ship slipping into the Clyde watched by crowd ms man in naval uniform looks through binoculars vs new ship along Clyde vs shipyard workers/dockers on dockside vs two men one old having a drink of sherry and looking at photograph ms two boys play in wrecked car ls-mcu woman rides white horse up hill towards camera ms man/farmer walks his horse down hill END TITLES