Young African man travels on top of buses etc talking to different people on his way. He is being advised to make his fortune by opening an account at
Barclays Bank.

Year of Production: 1960

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 1 min;

Shot List


06:13:24:19-06:16:32:24 zo of Barclays Bank spinning song and title say 'If you want to make your fortune you must save in Barclays Bank' ws black African mother and father wave goodbye to their son as he goes to the city on a bus they give him a bag of money ws bus travels through countryside ms black African man talks to bus driver and shows him the money he has to put in Barclays Bank the driver is so happy he nearly loses control of the bus and the young man steers mws driver sits on bonnet of bus and tells the young man that he saved all his money in Barclays Bank and bought the bus vs the bus drives along the road and hits a rock. All the passengers are thrown out of the bus and fall back into it vs the young man is sitting on the roof of the bus and ducks as the bus drives under a bridge ms young man speaks to old man on bus and tells him that he is going to make his fortune in the city mws the old man tells him that he saved all his money and now has enough money in his old age ws bus stops young man helps the old man get off and go to his cottage ws old man sits in his rocking chair while young man grabs his money and runs up the road to try and catch up with the bus vs young man runs and keeps up with a chauffeur driven convertible with black African business man sitting in the back vs the business man says he made his fortune with Barclays and advises the young man to do the same the young man catches
up with the bus and gets on while the limousine drives up to mansion vs bus drives up to Barclays Bank young black African boy gets out and goes into the bank vs he shakes hands with the cashier / bank teller and gives him his money. The teller gives him a deposit book cu of deposit book cu of young black African man smiling ws young man goes out to the people on the bus and they shake his hand and show that they all have deposit books too. The bus drives off into the distance