Menstruation and the woman's reproductive system

Year of Production: 1950

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 12 mins 28 secs

Shot List

high < shot looking down onto London Bridge with crowds of people / workers and traffic / buses across ws pavement with crowds of people towards camera ms and pan right from underground station to crowd of people waiting to cross road vs two young women wait at bus stop and talk get on number 24 bus ms four women athletes compete in hurdles race ms improbably glamorous woman feeds sheet of metal into machine low < shot woman doctor with stethoscope in ears looks worried low < shot woman barrister talks to bench with spectacles in her hand ms woman politician makes speech low < shot woman in gown and mortarboard talks to unseen class ms two young very made up women / secretaries feed paper into their typewriters cu typewriter vs women working in typing pool cu hands typing on typewriting keys cu young woman puts hand up to head and looks unwell GRAPHIC SEQUENCE showing reproductive system of woman and journey of egg growing baby inside womb discarded egg and menstruation
ms two women read magazine watched by man who then gives them some work the women smile at each other STILLS OF WOMEN SUFFERING DURING MENSTRUATION IN VS CULTURES mcu suffragettes march with banners at turn of century (MOVING FOOTAGE) STILLS WOMEN IN VS FASHIONS INC VICTORIAN BATHING OUTFITS ms two women typing in office as another woman / tea lady serves tea to them which they drink

0:05:00:00-00:12:27:00 vs young woman opens desk drawer and takes out vanity case
GRAPHIC SEQUENCE SHOWING TAMPAX BEING INSERTED INTO VAGINA AND BLOOD FLOWING ONTO IT mcu hand pressing flush lever on lavatory cu water flushing in bowl ms women leaving work for the day ms woman buys tampons from chemist shop cu woman scientist looks through microscope and tests tampon cu tampons expanding as they are placed in liquid cu woman places box of tampons in
her handbag ms people walking along pavement / sidewalk vs woman with teenage girl talk to doctor in surgery girl undresses as her mother is shown illustrations of vaginal opening and photographs of women swimming girl lies down to prepare for doctor's examination vs operation taking place showing how carefully swabs are counted out of body vs young women ice skating END TITLES