TV film made for the 50th anniversary of the Covenant

Year of Production: 1963

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 20 mins 50 secs

Shot List


Historical account of Ulster covenant of 1913 use of photos cartoons sketches and news film footage.V/O narration with spoken quotations of contemporary politicians. Description of political situation in 1911; formation of Ulster volunteers; Signing of Ulster Covenant 28 September 1912 passing of Home Rule Act arming of volunteers outbreak of World War 1. Final shot Belfast 1962.Good archive footage of coronation 1911; Ulster Volunteers marching; Carson speaking; reception of Carson in Ulster in 1913.Straightforward 'history' film using original material with narrator and quotations read by others.Opens with textual explanation Ireland pre 1914. Map.Explanation of political situation in 1911 using photos, cartoons and
sketches.Ulster in 1911.Home Rule Bill - debate in Commons and press explained. No covenant (1912) Newsreel footage of rallies and covenant signing. Formation of telegram and newspaper stories - Rifles arrive in Ulster (sketches) - then Sarajevo - War footage.Ends with flag flying over Stormont.