Taste of The Sun (A)

Demonstrates the importance of milk in the diet of children and adults.

Outline: Milkman on rounds opens. Female doctor gives advice to young wife on need for milk, drives to farm visits kitchen, advice to teenage girl on milk, whips up supper dish for the family. Niece and husband and wife prepared for tennis dance with renewed energy. Intercut with milk bottling process.

Year of Production: 1960

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20 mins 30 secs

Shot List


01:00:00:00 - 01:05:00:00

Opening credits over red 'safety first" triangle.

Member of the safety first milk association

Home Countries Dairies presents


Panning shot modern suburban semi-detached houses. Walled front gardens with pavement beside road. > Brick built house with lady standing at foot of extending ladder to upstairs window.
Man coming out of front door of property. Milkman picks up two bottles of milk from crate beside ladder. > Milkman hands milk to lady who carries one bottle in her hand the other in her shopping basket.
Man turns and removes ladder from front of house. < Milkman walks off with ladder over his shoulder. Panning shot to rear of green milk float. Signs on rear of milk float for a good quick meal / milk.
Milkman approaches rear of float, opens door of float, takes out egg box > puts it with milk bottles in hand held milk crate. < man closes milk float door and walks around to cab, gets in and drives off.
Rear view of milk float as it drives off down road / street.

MCU large town house with integral garage and bay windows, house name on plaque above porch. Panning shot to brightly coloured flower bed and sign / board Dr. Monica Hall M.D. D.P.H. and
consultation / surgery times. Cut to milk float travelling along suburban road being overtaken by schoolboy in uniform riding a bicycle who smiles and talks to milkman. Milkman smiles. MLS of two ladies,
one pushing pram with sun canopy, walking along pavement as boy on bicycle turns at speed in front of them through open gates into driveway of house. Ladies / women start running into driveway of
house as milk float approaches. Cut CU of crashed bicycle and boy lying on the driveway. Boy brushes himself off. MCU boy lying on drive with two ladies / women (1 with pram) looking down at boy
(brightly coloured flowers behind ladies) milkman enters driveway on foot. CU lady talking. CU boy. Panning shot of boy sitting on drive as young woman walks by pushing pram, boy gets up. Girl puts
brake on pram and sits on garden seat by well-stocked flower-bed. Boy stands by pram and talks to girl who is rocking pram. Boy moves off and leans bike against wall of house / outside garage. Lady
approaches carrying a tray with two glasses of milk. Lady hands glass of milk to boy and brushes down his clothes with her hand. Lady walks off. CU of schoolboy in uniform (inc. cap) lifts glass of milk
as if making a toast then drinks.

MCU milkman wearing money bag / satchel and carrying crate of milk bottles approaches gate / door in arched brick wall (laurel hedge in bg) and mimes making a toast. CU Smiling schoolboy responds
with a toast. Milkman knocks on green door and places crate on floor, crouches down takes out bottles of milk and puts them on ground, picks up empties and puts them in crate. MCU as lady opens
door / gate to reveal large greenhouse in garden beyond brick wall. Lady stands and talks to with milkman. Milkman hands lady dozen eggs, two packs of butter and two jars of cream.

Contemporary Female Doctor's surgery large wooden desk / blotter / notepad / buzzer / telephone. Medical equipment on glass fronted cabinet which is top of chest of drawers. Pictures / framed
certificates on wall. Dining / upright chairs for patients during consultation. Books in wooden bookcase. CU card index filing system / drawer / doctor's notes. Dr presses buzzer, surgery door opens
and young woman enters room carrying clutch bag. Lady sits down crossing her legs. She opens her handbag, takes out two tickets and places them on desk in front of doctor. Doctor picks up
tickets and reads them whilst talking to her patient. > to patient / lady sitting on chair. Fade Out.

Contemporary kitchen scene. Window above stainless steel sink unit over blue and white painted cupboards. Plates in plate rack on draining board. Glass fronted wall cupboard Tin canisters on
shelf below cupboard. Cook books on shelf. Work surface with curtain front. Electric cooker. Clothes on clothes airier. Kitchen table and chairs. Blue and white striped Cornish kitchen -ware /
teapot / sugar bowl / cup and saucer / weighing scales on table. Lady / housewife wearing waist apron stands to one side of the table. Man / husband wearing suit and tie sits on opposite side of
table. Couple having discussion /argument.

MCU smartly dressed lady / doctor sitting at desk talking to < female / lady patient. Lady / patient stands as if to leave, turns and sits back down again.

01:05:00:00 01:10:00:00
Doctor gets up and examines patient's eyes. Doctor walks across consulting room / surgery and takes thermometer from enamel dish on top of glass fronted cabinet. Doctor walks back to patient
shaking thermometer. Doctor places thermometer in patient's mouth and stands taking her pulse whilst checking the time on her wrist watch. MCU Doctor and patient (with thermometer in mouth)
have conversation. CU female patient with thermometer in mouth. Doctor takes thermometer out of patient's mouth checks the reading and walks across room shaking thermometer. Cut to lady
sitting in chair. Doctor and patient sitting in surgery talking. MCU Doctor as she presses buzzer. Door opens and lady walks in carrying two glasses of milk on a tray. Lady gives a glass of milk to
two ladies sitting by desk then turns to leave but is called back. After short discussion lady carrying empty tray leaves the room. > panning shot of lady / patient drinking glass of milk. Fade out.

Young blond haired lady carrying bag walking up to field gate. She puts bag down before leaning on and looking over top bar of five bar gate. Field of brown / golden coated Guernsey cows
grazing in field. MCU cow chewing the cud. MCU two cows grazing. MCU brown cow (with horns) standing in field. CU young lady / woman leaning on and looking over wooden gate. Various
CU groups of cows. CU man carrying bucket approaching group of calves in yard /paddock / pen with straw on floor outside brick built cow shed. Man puts bucket down and stirs up it's contents
(calf feed). One calf approaches bucket.

Convertible Hillman sports car parked outside gate of detached country house covered with ivy / Virginia creeper. Young woman carrying coat and doctor's bag case leaves house, walks down
path and puts coat on front passenger seat and case on back seat of car next to straw / wicker basket. MCU as young lady opens car door (two cars parked in shed / garage behind). CU wicker /
picnic basket including cup, serviette, bottle of milk, cheese. MCU car drives away from house.

MCU river flowing under parapets of granite bridge. Pan across to car followed by milk lorry crossing the bridge. Car and lorry travelling along country road, past various buildings. Car and lorry go in
opposite directions at road junction. MCU front of milk lorry. MCU >milk churns on back of lorry. Men wearing white overalls and caps unload milk churns from lorry, label and check contents. MLS
milk churns on conveyor belt travelling through milk processing plant. CU as lids removed from churn and milk poured into bulk container / receiving tank. Milk churn inverted on grating over bulk
container. MCU male technician carrying tray of test tubes with rubber bungs in laboratory. Lab technician picks up and shakes test tube before placing it into laboratory machinery. CU milk being
poured from churn. MCU man in white protective clothes walking by four large round storage tanks. Man approaches and closes hatch / door on one of the storage tanks and turns handle / valve.

01:10:00:00 01:1500:00

MCU man walks away from storage tanks. Pasteurisation plant. MCU man fitting gauze over pipe / filter of machine. Filter fitted to machinery. Outer door closed and secured. CU Temperature dials
on pasteurisation machinery.

CU opened milk bottle. Glass of milk poured into milk saucepan. Clear liquid added to saucepan. < kitchen scene. Young girl sitting at table reading magazine and eating biscuits. Blonde woman drying
dishes. Brunet lady preparing baby's feed. CU as girl selects biscuits from plate. MCU young girl brushing biscuit crumbs off her jumper. Girl gets up as she realises time and takes another biscuit.
CU young blonde woman. MCU as girl takes another biscuit and leaves the room, closing door behind her.
MCU Panning shots two women in kitchen one drying dishes the other breaks finger nail on door handle. Woman tucks tea towel under her arm and looks at the broken finger nail of the other woman.
Various Cus of women talking. Man enters room / kitchen kisses his wife before sitting down on chair beside kitchen table to read paper. Man reads paper, one woman clears up kitchen table, other
woman takes glass from cabinet and fills it with milk which she passes to the man. CU man smiling and talking as he takes glass of milk. Various shots of three people in kitchen talking, preparing meal.
Taking milk bottle from fridge and other ingredients from larder / pantry. CU food on table bottle of milk, packet of ? Macaroni , tin of tuna, cheese and grater. CU two women. CU man sleeping in chair.

CU young girl holding bicycle pump and with bicycle upside-down on driveway. Young boy cycles down road and turns into driveway and leans bike against wall behind girl. MCU as boy empties out
contents of pockets onto ground. Girl crouched on ground examines discarded items. CU various leaflets on ground beside bicycle wheel. MCU rear view of girl reading leaflet on milk. MCU boy
mending puncture as girl puts leaflet in her pocket. Man and two women in kitchen scene. Blonde woman wearing oven gloves holds dish of food for man to see before putting it in oven. Man gets
up and walks away. CU food in oven / cooker as glass door and main oven door closed.

01:15:00:00 01:20:00:00

Various shots of two women talking in kitchen. CU as milk bottle rinsed under tap. Cut to crates of bottles in bottle washing plant. Bottle washing and sterilising procedure. Milk bottles on conveyor belt.
Conveyor belt transporting bottles to filling machine. Bottles being filled with milk and passing on to capping and sealing system. Machinery lifting 20 (twenty) sealed milk bottles at a time and putting them in crate. MLS man observing as bottles travel through bottling process. MCU loaded milk float outside dairy with stack of milk crates awaiting collection. Milkman picks up egg cartons and takes them to and places them in back of float.
CU as milkman takes pencil from behind ear and checks his order book. Fade out.

CU young girl / teenager dressed in party / dance dress standing in kitchen (at night) drinking glass of milk and talking to woman / auntie / mother. Panning shot as she leaves kitchen and meets man /
uncle / father entering the room. Man stands by closed door talking. He walks over to cabinet and takes out glass. Man takes bottle of milk from fridge and pours some into the glass whilst talking to his
wife who folds her arms and looks cross. Couple having conversation in kitchen. Man, smiling, leans against fridge holding glass of milk in one hand other hand in his trouser pocket. Woman looks coy as
husband / man flatters her. Man kisses wife on forehead and takes her hands in his free hand before toasting her with and drinking milk. Man stands back, buttons suit jacket and demonstrates dance
technique to his wife. CU man and woman talking. Man kisses woman. Fade out.

CU through porch door as milk bottles and box of Kellogg's corn flakes left on door step. MCU milk float parked in street. Milkman returns to milk float. Takes empty bottles out of hand held crate and
replaces them with full ones. Milkman smiles and gets into milk float.

Milk bottle surrounded by red triangle with the words Safety First along two sides < back of milk float as it drives off. Fade out.


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