A film of its time. Protest against bad conditions producing aimless youth. Apparently no sponsor.
Begins with long pan over mural painted by 150 school-boys. Important figures large, others small and crowded.

Year of Production: 1970s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 14 mins 32 secs

Shot List


Opening credits over close up panning shots of large wall mural in varying shades of red and black. Tomorrow's Today. Made with the support of The British Film Institute's experimental Production Fund. Direction and Photography b Henry Lewis. The mural which is 30' x 3' was painted by schoolboys depicting the environment in which they live and go to school. It shows various aspects of a procession through the city, those in authority painted as large characters, the onlookers small.

00:03:00:00 Panning shots of actual surroundings: Bulldog sitting amongst pile of rubble, man wearing trousers with braces over vest (no shirt) standing; bleak looking factory units of corrugated iron. Close up of traffic passing bill boards advertising Coca Cola; Surf (gets whites spotless); Smarties; Punch Stout; Boothes; Close up of remnants of various posters wording still visible Wrestling; Jazz band; Mammoth; Tony Mancelli.
Panning shots of rubble, wire fences, large puddle with waste oil floating reflecting drab surroundings.
Cut to workman using ground compactor watched by two men in suites. Red flag blowing in breeze with words 'William Press & Son Ltd'. Various close ups of workman compacting ground. Red and white 'No Entry'sign. Close up of London traffic. Red double Decker bus advertising 'Littlewoods'; Pedestrian crossing black and white poles with orange flashing lights (Baleesha Beacon) on top. Red and white traffic sign 'No Entry One Way Street'; Policeman conducting traffic; close up of tram wires and bus.

00:05:00:00 Large volume of traffic on street; close up of traffic lights; man wearing leather gauntlets handling barbed wire; close up of tangled barbed wire, panning across damaged wire fence with piece of cloth hanging from barbed wire; timber leaning against damaged fencing. Higher panning shot of rooftop and chimneys; Discarded concrete fence posts leaning at varying angles with wire debris still attached. Contemporary electric street lamp.
Passenger train and carriages passes behind security fence made of concrete with barbed wire on top. Panning shot to steam engine going along track between buildings in the background and 'nissen' type huts in foreground. Cut to shot of huts with three storey school building behind. Long shot of playground surrounded by fence. Long shot of area, school, playground, nissen huts, factory chimney which is masked as smoke from steam train fills the frame. Overview of children enclosed in playground with white tennis court lines painted on surface.

Zoom in to various children's paintings of playground; school; school keepers house with sign 'To be kept locked'; boys in corridor; black cat on roof; homes by day and night; the railway; industry; people; pirates; cowboys; film characters ? James Bond; man in dinner suit; climbers on snow covered mountain Mount Everest; submarine; ships; war; soldiers; gunmen; boxing match; football; dirt track racing stadium; dance hall.

00:12:11:00 panning shots of streets at night with groups of young people, some smoking, loitering outside various buildings. Paintings of their interpretation of depressing night life: Gang violence; fighting; dark characters hiding in shadows; attacks with weapons; teddy boys;

The End
A Park Film Unit Production