Promoting Television Radio Record Players

Year of Production: 1960s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 14 mins 2 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 ms man / city gent in bowler hat and carrying umbrella and newspaper walks along suburban street with 1930s houses ms man sees child's tricycle looks around and then jumps over it ms man goes up path and opens door to house ms woman sitting on sofa turns and smiles at man as he enters room. He kisses wife and turns on radio as woman reads newspaper mcu man makes face as he sits back in chair and hurts his back on knitting needles ms woman smiles at him and apologises ms man puts on his spectacles / glasses and sits back in chair. As he listens to boxing match on the radio he gets more and more excited and sits forward in his chair making punching gestures with his fists / imaginary boxing match mcu woman looks impatient then gets up and switches radio on to another channel mcu man immediately turns radio back to original channel ms woman smiles patronisingly and changes channel again mcu man looks furious and marches out of room AT 00:02:35 THERE IS A 45 SECOND SEQUENCE OF BLACK WITH SOUND ONLY ms man rushes back into room with saw and proceeds to rip radio set from wall low < shot man saws radio in half as woman and girl (their daughter) watch helplessly low < shot man sawing maniacally ms man dressed in shroud over shirt and tie and has halo attached to his bowler hat and surrounded by cotton wool clouds (he is suppose to be in heaven)
talks to camera ms woman knits / knitting on sofa with pan right to empty chair beside her vs man walking Great Dane dog on suburban streets. Man takes off bowler hat which conceals portable radio. He switches it on and then replaces it under hat.

0:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 ms angelic man talks to camera vs good shots of young woman (daughter) and her boyfriend clearing furniture in sitting room and then jiving / dancing to music on gramophone / record player. Good shots of teenage dancers / jiving vs man / father enters room and turns music off ms man sits with his head in his hands as the teenagers dance HI-SPEED SHOTS of boy and girl dancing and father getting more and more frustrated vs film run in reverse showing teenagers dancing ms man enters room takes record from record player and hands new record player / dansette to girl and sends them out of room ms man takes single / 45 off turntable off gramophone and throws it into corner of room and puts
an album / LP on turntable and proceeds to dance around room - funny / bizarre shot AT 08.35 THERE IS 35 SECONDS OF BLACK WITH SOUND ONLY cu copies of Radio Times and TV Times on top of television set until woman takes them to read on sofa ms man and woman leaf through TV and Radio Times on sofa mcu both man and woman get up from sofa at same time and bend to switch TV to different channels. They then look at each other and sit down on sofa to discuss problem of wanting to watch different channels on same TV ms girl / daughter enters room and switches television on and sits by father to watch crime movie (sound only). Mother / woman stands up and switches channels sits down and smiles. Father / man switches channels back

0:10:00:00-00:13:56:11 ms woman switches channels again and looks triumphantly at husband ms man woman and girl fight over controls on television set and man runs around room with it in his arms as the sound of a crime movie continues cu on power cord from tv pings off the walls ms girl screams
with her hands on her ears as there is a gunshot (emanates from television set) ms man and woman shield their eyes as ceiling starts to crumble upon them cu floor as bits of masonry / rubble fall onto carpet inc aerial from roof pan up to girl hiding behind chair and man and woman hiding behind sofa

AT 11.49 THERE IS A 14 SECOND SEQUENCE OF BLACK WITH SOUND ONLY ms woman sits in chair watching television / tv with zo to man watching another television in same room. The man and woman look annoyed with each other and then resume watching their individual television sets ms man picks up his television set and leaves room - his wife gives him a cheery wave

AT 12.39 THERE IS AN 18 SECOND SEQUENCE OF BLACK WITH SOUND ONLY ms man manically mows lawn with lawn mower while he watches television which is in the garden ms angelic man talks to camera vs television components inc transistors and picture tubes END TITLES