Three cases of farming accidents: foot crushed under trailer - leg broken with trailer - hand damaged by shot gun. Good period film.

Year of Production: 1959

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 7 mins 32 secs

Shot List

MS- man (Jim) sat in garden with leg up on stool.
CU- (side view) man (Jim) smoking pipe/ cigarette.
MS-CU- man sat in chair neighbours walking down path on other side.
MS- Man (Jim) looking at neighbours.
MS-Boy stood by gate, boy opens gate pushing bags out in front of him to the car/vehicle.
MS- Girl, mother and small child carrying more bags/ belongings out of the gate.
CU- Man (Jim) looking at neighbours.
WS- Neighbours putting/ loading pram and other belongings into back of car/ vehicle.
WS- Mother walking small child back up the path towards the house.
MS- Man (Jim) stood at garden gate looking at neighbours.
MS- Neighbours putting/ loading last bag into back of car/ vehicle. Boy gets into back of car.
LS- Mother helping small child out of door. Mother carrying milk urn small child carrying doll/ toy.
MS- Man (Jim) walking along road/ path beside garden wall, walking towards neighbours.
MS- Father helping boy and girl into back of car/vehicle.
CU- Children in back of car/ vehicle waving at man (Jim).
CU- Father shuts one of the back doors on the car. Children are waving.
MS- Man (Jim) waving at children in back of car (waving goodbye to neighbours)
CU- Father shuts other back door on car/ vehicle.
MS- Neighbours pulling away from outside house, man (Jim) still waving goodbye.
CU- Man (Jim) still standing outside house.
CU- camera moves down to view man (Jims) foot which is in bandages.
MS- flashback/ fade- Man (Jim) walking across court yard.
PAN- camera follows man (Jim) to a tractor and trailer.
MS- Man (Jim) looking at flat tyre on trailer.
MS- Man (Jim) walking away from tractor and trailer.
MS- back of trailer.
MS- Man (Jim) going underneath trailer with a jack.
CU- view from side- Man (Jim) under trailer turning jack.
CU- hands turning jack.
CU- jack turning underneath the trailer, lifting the wheel off of the ground.
CU- wheel lifting slightly off of the ground.
CU-fade- brick underneath jack.
CU- hand spinning wheel.
MS- Man (Jim) looking at the wheel and turning it proudly.
MS- Man (Jim) getting up and walking away.
MS- Man (Jim) walks back to trailer, looking at wheel.
CU- Man (Jim) undoing bolts on wheel. Wheel keeps spinning. Puts foot under wheel to stop it from spinning.
CU- underneath trailer, jack and brick moving.
CU- Man (Jim) turning bolts on wheel, still with foot under wheel.
CU- jack and brick moving, mans foot underneath trailer wheel.
CU- man still turning bolts on wheel with foot underneath wheel.
CU- Jack and brick moving, mans foot underneath wheel. Brick starting to crumble.
MS- man turning bolts on wheel, brick under jack crumbles. Wheel falls on mans foot.
CU- trailer wheel toughing the ground.
CU- Man (Jim's) ankle, with rest of foot underneath trailer wheel.
MS-CU- Man (Jims) face, pained expression.
CU-fade- bandaged foot resting on stool.
MS- Man (Jim) sat in chair reading book/ magazine/ newspaper.
MS- Man (Jim) takes glasses off throws book/ magazine/ newspaper on the floor.
MS- Man (Jim) looking frustrated. Fades out.

MS- man (Len) laid down in hospital bed with leg bandaged up. Nurse offers him a book, puts it down at end of bed.
MS- Nurse walks away. Man lifts arms over head.
CU- Man (Len's) leg in bandages being lifted off of the bed by strings of some kind.
CU- Man (Len) arms behind head frustrated expression.
WS- fade-flashback- Man (Len) driving tractor and trailer.
WS-Man (Len) driving tractor and trailer moves closer to the camera.
MS- Man (Len) stops tractor gets off and gets into/ onto trailer.
MS- (Len) forking out manure over side of trailer on to field.
CU- (Len) forking out manure over side of trailer.
MS- (Len) jumps out of trailer, gets back onto/ into tractor starts tractor. Tractor drives out of shot.
CU- Len's facial expression.
CU- Len's hand moving down to slow engine down.
Camera PANS back up to Len getting off of tractor, climbing across bar to get to trailer.
MS- Len forking out manure on to field.
CU- un-manned tractor steering wheel moving.
CU-Len still forking out manure on to field. Sees tractor turning.
MS-Len climbing back over bar to get to tractor.
CU- Len's feet stepping onto bar. One foot slips.
MS- Len falling onto floor.
CU- trailer wheel.
MS- Len's pained facial expression.
CU- trailer wheel goes over Len's leg.
CU- Len's pained facial expression. Fades out
CU- fades in- large clips attached to bandaged leg.
Camera PANS up Len's leg more large clips attached to leg. Lens fed up frustration. Fades out.

MS- fades in- Man (Jack) shaving one handed. Viewed from behind. Lifts bandaged had to side of face uses hand to hold face.
MS- front view Jack shaving with one hand holding skin up with bandaged hand.
CU- Jack tying boot laces one handed. Using bandaged hand.
Camera PANS U P to mans face, man looks up, then looks down.
Camera PANS DOWN, man still trying to tie laces one handed. Fades out.
WS- fades-flashback-Man walking out of porch with gun in hand/ arm. Tractor parked outside house.
MS- Man walks towards tractor.
CU- Man loading gun. Man walks out of shot.
MS- Man getting on to tractor. Places gun behind him.
CU- Gun put in place.
MS- Tractor starting up and pulling away. Driving across court yard through arch way.
MS- Tractor driving through arch coming out the other side. Tractor moves out of shot.
HS- Man driving tractor down cart track.
HS-camera follows tractor- tractor drives down cart track.
MS- Man driving tractor.
CU- Gun in back of tractor pointing up-wards.
CU- tractor going through pothole.
MS-viewed from behind-gun falling backwards, man grabs top of gun. Gun fires. Man pained facial expression.
CU into MAS- pained facial expression, man holding hand, man falls sideways leaning / lying / resting on wheel arch. Fades out.
CU-fades in- Man (Jack) hand in bandages resting on leg.
Camera PANS UP to a medium angle shot- facial expression depressed/ frustrated/ angry.
Camera PANS DOWN to close up jacks hands resting on legs.
Camera PANS UP to close up mans (Jack's) face. Fades out.
MS Man (Len) sat in chair foot up reading magazine/ book/ newspaper. Throws book/ magazine/ newspaper away.
Man (Jim) in hospital bed bandaged/ plastered leg. Flicking through book.
MS- Man (Jack) sat outside porch one hand bandaged up. Holds bandaged hand. Fades out to final credits.
Credits/ acknowledgements end