Repeat earlier shots reporters on phones

ext.l.s. Britannia at sea flotilla escorts
20.25 c.u. Map:DHARAN DOHA
21.00 ext.m.s. men sweeping quayside
21.09 m.c.u. Prismo white liner
21.15 m.s. unloading palms in pots from lorries/flowers in foreground
21.20 m.s. arch: Qatar / man pastes up poster / soldier with flag / flags on flag staffs
21.25 l.s. Britannia and boats at sea / aerial view
21.36 m.s. with Arab dhow/boat with standing Arabs
21.41 m.s. sheikhs waiting on quay
21.54 m.l.s. Britannia with Arab boat/speed boat with union flag/yacht with flag
21.57 m.s. two British women and man waving from boat
22.04 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip waving from Britannia
22.05 m.s. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in naval uniform on gangplank greeted by the Emir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Muhammed Al Thani
22.10 l.s. aerial view harbour & town: tracking motor cavalcade past minaret & clock tower
22.20 m.l.s. flags over notice: Qatar Construction Pauling
22.49 c.u. sign: Gray Mackenzie; GM/Cable & Wireless
22.50 m.s. brightly coloured sailing dinghy
22.54 m.s. man on water scooter falls into water
22.57 m.l.s. tracking shot calm sea onto shore/barren hills
23.02 l.s. aerial view palace lake? Harbour
23.32 m.l.s. from archway silhouetted Arabs harbour
23.38 m.c.u. toothless Arab drummer /drum / turbanned drummer with stick
23.42 m.l.s.white building water Arabs
23.48 m.s.pan shot: Arabs on boat
23.51 int.c.u.T.V. film fingers with pearl (B&W)/pull back to jewellery display
23.58 m.s.back view of sheikhs and Queen Elizabeth
24.11 gc.u.sign: Arabic and Qatar National Museum
24.18 ext.m.s.museum building sheikhs, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in garden
24.20 int.m.s.dark: cameramen - Queen (in blue tiara) in palace
24.30 m.s.Queen Elizabeth and prince Philip greet sheikhs
24.45 m.s.table - candles - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip enter
24.51 c.u.food (lamb?) on table: tracking shot table setting
24.59 m.c.u.waiter & soldier carry in huge food platter
25.11 m.s.tent with tables full of food
25.18 ext.c.u.Arab soldier playing bagpipes
25.20 m.s.military band playing bagpipes / drums
25.27 m.s.overhead shot Queen Elizabeth and sheikhs
25.32 m.l.s. VIPs in open air zoo
25.36 m.l.s. white oryx in compound
25.39 m.s. low angle Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip looking through railings
25.46 m.l.s. oryx again
25.48 m.s. Queen Elizabeth takes photo through railings
25.51 m.l.s. back view sheikhs and Prince Philip
25.53 m.l.s.sheikhs and Prince Philip go to helicopter
25.58 m.s.helicopter cockpit
26.03 m.l.s.helicopter takes off / flies over factories
26.07 l.s. aerial view: factory by sea
26.16 m.s.VIPsand Prince Philip talking
26.21 m.l.s.furnace seen from outside
26.23 c.u.furnace fire
26.26 m.l.s. burn off against night sky
26.29 c.u. fire
26.31 l.s. fireworks against night sky
26.38 m.l.s. night: neon sign E II R / Arabic / God bless the Queen
26.50 m.l.s. night: military band marching
26.59 c.u. military drummer
27.10 l.s. fireworks
27.15 m.s. night: Queen Elizabeth waving
27.37 c.u. map: ABU DHABI
27.50 m.s. white helmeted military band
27.52 m.l.s. Britannia at quayside
27.56 m.s. Queen being greeted on quay
27.58 l.s. overhead view quay
28.00 m.l.s. motor cavalcade - large modern building
28.05 m.l.s. cavalcade seen from behind line of people
28.09 l.s. overhead view: cavalcade winding past lines of people
28.17 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth waves from inside limo
28.25 m.s. from moving car blurred tracking shot crowd waving
28.29 m.c.u. news vendor with 'Emirates news"
28.31 m.l.s. red white & blue hot air balloon


m..s. Arab citizens and street vendor hurrying
28.39 m.l.s. cavalcade passes modern blocks
28.45 m.l.s. empty street modern apartment blocks

more crowds

m.s. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan walking
29.01 m.s. Arabs standing by pumping machinery
29.13 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip - oil pipelines
29.18 m.s. Queen Elizabeth walks around oil installation
29.20 c.u. meter on oil pump calibrated in barrels
29.30 m.c.u. oil pumping equipment
29.33 m.l.s. oil plant tanker in background/zoom to tanker
29.43 m.c.u. Queen Elizabeth smiles looking at book
29.49 m.c.u. Sheikh Zayed
29.52 m.c.u. Queen smiles blocked out by dress / Queen looks at book / looks up and smiles
29.55 c.u. European girls playing recorders
30.02 m.s. European woman conducting children in front of crowd
30.07 c.u. European boy with xylophone
30.14 c.u. European girl in glasses T shirt: 'Great Britain"
30.17 m.s. Queen Elizabeth (in blue) and Prince Philip sitting: little European girl presents bouquet
30.19 m.c.u. European man and woman adjust video camera

intercut through next shots

m.s. Queen Elizabeth with bouquet looks at children's models
30.29 c.u. cardboard model houses
30.32 m.s. Queen Elizabeth speaks to child in wheelchair (colonial flag)
30.40 m.c.u. Queen Elizabeth talks to girl guides
30.48 m.c.u. European boy takes photo
30.53 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth talking in European crowd
30.58 c.u. Queen Elizabeth (blue hat) smiling
31.02 c.u. map: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
31.05 l.s. splendid modern hotel buildings

in following sequence individual rulers are identified in commentary

int.c.u. sheikh in hotel
31.17 c.u. Queen Elizabeth (green hat) seated drinking water
31.22 m.s. Queen Elizabeth sitting with Sheikh Zayed
31.29 c.u. Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah
31.33 m.c.u. Prince Philip and Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi
31.35 ext.m.s. glass building reflecting other building
31.40 m.s. glass reflecting minarets
31.45 m.l.s. glass reflecting crane
31.48 m.l.s. block of flats being built
31.51 m.l.s. tracking shot building site
31.53 m.c.u. signs: Abu Dhabi Town roads project
31.56 m.l.s. more building
31.57 l.s. aerial view modern buildings in desert landscape
32.00 m.l.s. cityscape: skyscraper block/tracking further building in progress
32.03 m.l.s. minaret dome cranes in background
32.13 l.s.aerial view: modern mosque being built
32.15 l.s. " " more building
32.18 m.l.s. low angle: streetlight tall building
32.21 m.s. Queen Elizabeth points with suited men / Queen Elizabeth looking through observation window
32.22 l.s. overhead view: panorama building work in desert
32.29 m.s.sign: Dubai welcomes etc. Pull back to
32.34 m.l.s. harbour cranes
32.39 l.s. aerial view: storage tanks/tanks in harbour
32.42 m.l.s. overhead crane with sign: Dubai Port Services
32.55 l.s. aerial view: boats in dock/containers on dock side/dry docks with cranes
32.58 m.s. Queen Elizabeth (in yellow with glasses) reading to mike
33.40 m.l.s. water flooding into dock
33.51 l.s. aerial view: harbour & building
34.02 m.l.s. tracking shot boats and modern buildings
34.15 m.s. small boat full of Arabs
34.32 m.c.u. tracking shot crowd waving flags with pictures of Queen and Sheik
34.41 m.s. Arab drummer / Arab men dancing with wands / Arab women swinging hair / hair dance / drummer
34.50 m.c.u. black skirt swirling pan up to Arab men and women dancing
35.00 m.c.u. white robed Arab with rifle
35.07 m.s. Queen Elizabeth and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum walkabout
35.12 m.l.s. large crowd
35.16 m.c.u. earth moving pull back to large mechanical digger
35.18 m.s.digger pours earth into dump trck
35.28 m.l.s. wagons diggers in desert landscape pan up to aerial view of harbour
35.29 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip disembark greeted by sheikhs
35.40 km.l.s. Queen approaches curtained plaque curtains pull back
35.50 m.c.u. plaque -c.u.plaque
36.04 l.s. aerial view: cars in line on deserted quay
36.09 m.l.s. cavalcade passes huge trucks
36.15 m.l.s. aerial view: tracking shot diggers & building site
36.22 l.s. aerial view: terminals on bay
36.38 m.l.s. quay at dock cranes
36.46 l.s. aerial view empty harbour
37.13 Artist's impression harbour?
37.27 l.s. aerial view empty desert
37.31 l.s. " " desalination plants
37.40 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth speaking to microphone
37.47 m.s. Arabs in front of water gushing from ducts
37.58 m.l.s. boats in harbour sunset (repeated)
38.06 m.l.s. mosque silhouetted in dusk
38.16 int.c.u. Arab female newscaster to camera
38.25 m.s. Queen Elizabeth landing in Oman meets Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said
38.30 m.s. Prince Philip in naval uniform
38.40 m.s. Queen Elizabeth and line of Arab VIPs Britannia in background
38.42 m.s. QueenElizabeth and Sultan Qaboos (in military uniform)
38.54 c.u. map: MUSCAT OMAN
39.05 l.s. aerial view: Muskat
39.13 l.s. " " harbour
39.27 l.s. " " barren mountains
39.30 l.s. " " houses & oasis in mountains
39.38 l.s. " " terraced greenery
39.44 l.s. " " tracking shots mountains oases houses
40.03 c.u. young Arab girl gold head dress
40.14 m.l.s. fort with car and crowds
40.18 m.c.u. Queen Elizabeth (in white & black)
40.22 l.s. aerial view: fort at Miswah
40.28 int.m.c.u. TV pictures (B&W) Queen Elizabeth and Sultan Qaboos pull back to control room
40.32 c.u. young Arab TV producer (repeated)
40.49 c.u. hands at TV control desk
40.50 ext.m.c.u. Queen Elizabeth and European against sea
40.54 c.u. Queen Elizabeth talking / Prince Philip, sea in background
41.01 c.u. Queen Elizabeth (green hat)
42.07 m.s. crowd and photographers around Queen Elizabeth
42.11 l.s. overhead view large crowd (mainly in white)
42.17 m.s. camel: European man examines leg Prince Philip watches
42.22 m.l.s. mounted military band
42.32 m.c.u. horse's tail track along horse
42.34 m.s. mounted military band (trombones)/kettle drums
42.40 m.c.u. young foal with horse
42.48 m.s. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with others watching
42.54 m.c.u. young foal solo scratches nose with hind hoof
42.56 int.m.c.u. night: Queen Elizabeth shaking hands / receives present
43.00 c.u. Queen Elizabeth (tiara) smiling
43.08 c.u. engraved bowl
43.11 m.s. Queen Elizabeth gives present to Sultan Qaboos (red uniform)
43.17 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth reading speech - elaborate background
43.20 m.l.s. dark shot: chandeliers seated Arabs at banquet
43.32 m.s. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip shaking hands
43.37 c.u. female announcer to camera
44.40 ext.m.c.u. Queen (in yellow) shaking hands
44.47 m.l.s. soldiers (black uniforms) present arms/Queen waves from plane steps/Sultan
44.56 m.l.s. Concorde taking off in background
45.10 m.l.s. Queen Elizabeth (red coat) descends plane steps
45.15 m.l.s. hazy shot; flag & solitary soldier sun auriole on camera
45.25 END

DESCRIPTION : This film has gvs of the Queen's visit to Arabia


titles 'The Queen in Arabia"
vs of the empty streets of a dry arid town in Oman
ws of goat walking across street
vs of Arab man and child opening door and window to peep out on to the empty street
ws of thee Arab boys running down street
vs of Arab women and children running through the streets of the town
vs of Arab men hammering nails into boat / boat building
ws procession of Arab men walk towards camera
high > of Arab men in procession holding umbrellas
ms of Arab blowing musical instrument
pan to ws of Arab army / soldiers in uniform on parade
ws of cruiser sailing away from large ocean liner / QE2
zo from ms of Arab woman reading the news to ws of hand at control desk in studio
mcu of female Arab newsreader
high > of Queen's cruiser pulling into dock intercut with soldiers doing military salute and the newsreader
zi to globe and fade to illustration of map showing the Arab states that the Queen will visit
ws of Concorde taxiing on runway of Kuwait Airport
ws of Sheikh walking along red carpet shaking hands with people
ms of the Queen coming down the stairs off the plane followed by the Prince Phillip they are greeted by sheikhs at the bottom of the stairs
zo from guard of honour along red carpet
cu of the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber
cu of Prince Phillip
ws of Queen and her entourage inspecting the guard of honour
high > ws of cameraman tracking on dolly as he films the Queen
vs cus of the crowd (Muslim women) looking at the Queen
zo to high > ws of a royal procession leaving the airport
cu of sign saying welcome to distinguished visitors
cu of sign for Kuwaiti oil refinery
vs of the Queen being showed around the refinery by sheikhs
ws of the Queen and Prince Phillip signing the visitors book
cu of the signatures
vs of the Queen and Prince Phillip being shown around the oil refinery by sheikhs


vs of Arab men building boats (dhows)
vs of the Queen and Prince Phillip being shown around the boat yard while being watched by crowds of people and photographers
montage of Arab craftsman sawing etc
vs of Arab musicians dancing and playing musical instruments
ws of the Queen sitting between two sheikhs
zo from Arab women dancing to ws of the backs of people watching them from the stand
cu of the Queen smiling
low > of minarets
zo from mosaic on minaret to high > ws of city
pan past crowds of children waving Union Jacks
vs of the Queen on walkabout carrying bouquets of flowers
ws group of soldiers present arms
pan cu of the Queen being introduced to Sheikhs
ws of the Queen walking up a platform to the royal yacht Britannia
ws of a carpet being rolled up
low > of anchor being pulled up
vs of the yacht sailing off with Union Jack blowing in the wind
illustration showing the route from Kuwait to Bahrain
vs of oil fields in Bahrain
vs of overhead cables
ws of fork-lift truck lifting stacks of aluminium goods
vs of airport inc carpark with international flags on flagpoles Concorde on runway
vs of tug boats in dock
vs of ship under construction in dry dock
pan of dock looking out to sea and zi to ws of Britannia
ws of uniformed soldiers on parade
ws of uniformed soldiers (brass band) marching and playing musical instruments
zo from poster of pouting woman to ws of radio DJ speaking into microphone
vs of the Queen walking down the platform of Britannia to be greeted by the Emir of Bahrain
vs of groups of photographers snapping as Queen is introduced to row of dignitaries
pov from moving car of children lining the streets while waving Union Jack flags
ws of cavalcade of cars with security police etc
zo from British woman wearing Union Jack t-shirt


montage of vox pop interviews with British women who are in the crowds
vs of Queen in sparkling evening dress wearing her crown and sitting beside a sheik
vs of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh watching some Arab theatre and Arab women dancing in ornate costumes
ws of motorcade of police on motorbikes
vs of the Queen and her entourage viewing an exhibition at city gardens
vs of Arab craftsmen weaving spinning and working on the potters wheel
pan across dry arid undulating hills
vs of the Queen viewing a prehistoric cemetary in the desert
tight slow mo shot of jockeys on horseback being released from the gate at the start of the race
vs of British families at the race track to see the Queen
zi to Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh sitting with sheikhs at the races
ws of horses passing the winning post
vs of group of Arabs in traditional and western dress sitting at typewriters and talking on phones
cu of man and woman talking on phone
wa pan around radio telescope / satellite dish
ws of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh shaking hands with a sheik before they climb the steps to board Concorde
ws of Concorde taking off and flying overhead
illustration showing the route Concorde will take to Riyadh
ws of Concorde flying above the clouds
ws sign Riyadh Airport
ws Union Jacks and green flags blowing in the wind
ws guard of honour turns around to watch Concorde land at airport


ms of man on phone while holding cigarette
vs of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh coming down the steps of plane with a sheik
vs of the Queen and sheik walking down red carpet and standing on platform
vs tight of jockeys on horseback at start of race
vs of the horse race inc horses galloping towards camera and going past the winning post
ms of man (journalist) phoning the Daily Express holding a notebook in his hand
vs of the Camel Derby
ws of Queen sitting with the King surrounded by sheikhs on a race stand
high > of city of Riyadh
vs of the Queen being seated to watch an audio-visual display at the Ministry of Planning in darkened room
vs high > of Muslim soldiers on parade kneeling down on mats to pray
vs of the Queen visiting Riyadh hospital
pan down from mobile to nurse holding baby in arms
low > of Concorde taxiing up to the boarding steps at the airport
pan along facade of elegant Arab airport
pan of stick pointing to graph
vs of fountain in Arab university campus
vs of Queen and entourage being shown around university campus
cu of two photographers
vs of photographer developing photograph of the Queen in darkroom


vs of the photographer bringing the photograph through a busy office where a man puts it into a rolling machine
zo from tight shot of radio telescope / satellite to ws
ws of photograph of Queen coming out of machine in office
zo from cu of photograph of Queen in Guardian newspaper
cu of man speaking into telephone receiver
ms of woman sitting at desk speaking on phone
ws of Britannia / yacht / ship sailing towards camera
aerial of Britannia / yacht / ship sailing
illustration of map showing route to Dhahran and Doah
vs of Arab men sweeping the roads
ws of large truck driving down road vs of people putting buckets of flowers out for he Queen's arrival
vs high > of ships / boats / Britannia sailing into the dock at Doha
tracking shot of the procession of boats taken from a boat
ws of people waving to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh from a boat
low > ws of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh waving to crowds from the yacht
ws of Queen and Prince Phillip walking down the platform of the yacht to be greeted by sheikhs
high > pan of Doha port
aerial track over sparkling sea to sandy shore
pan along sand dunes in the desert
vs of Doha port
vs of Arab musicians playing musical instruments (beating drums)
pan down from cu of hand fingering pearl to display of pearls in glass case
ws of Queen and Prince Phillip walking down a stairs followed by sheikhs
vs of exterior of museum pan to Queen and entourage walking through grounds
vs of the Queen (wearing crown) and Prince Phillip attending a function in the place of the Emir (shaking hand with sheikhs)


ws of Queen walking by a long table set for dinner
track along an elaborate buffet
vs of waiters laying huge platters of food on tables in a marquee
zo to ws of Arab pipe band vs of soldiers playing musical instruments inc drum stick hitting base drum
high > of Queen on walkabout with sheikhs
vs of herd of oryx
ws of the Queen taking a photograph
ws of group of sheikhs getting on to helicopter
vs of helicopter taking off
aerial of helicopter flying over oil refinery and cement works set in the desert
vs of the steel works inc furnace and flames burning
ws of fireworks in night sky
ws of cars with headlights blazing driving under banner saying 'God Bless the Queen"
vs of white uniformed brass band marching in the night
vs of fireworks display
illustration of map showing the Queen's route to Abu-Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates
ws of white uniformed brass band
ws of yacht / Britannia pulling up to the dock
track as the Queen shakes hands with sheikhs
vs of motorcade passing through the streets lined with people
pov from car of blur of people as car passes quickly
zo from man selling newspapers
low > ws of hot air balloon in sky
track as Sheikh Zayed walks
zo to high > of the Queen being introduced to vs dignitaries of the United Arab Emirates
vs of the Queen looking around the oil loading terminal
cu of digits moving on a meter register
pan along pipes and tanks with pressure gauges
zi to ws of oil tanker at sea


ms of the Queen flicking through the pages of a book
ms of Sheik Zayed
vs of young girls playing whistles
ws of western schoolteacher conducting the school band in front of a crowd of people as they play God Save The Queen
cu of ugly kid
ws of little girl presenting a bouquet of flowers to the Queen
ms of couple fiddling with super 8 camera
ws of the Queen looking around an exhibition inc povs of the models that the children have made
vs of the Queen walking past a row of children intercut with couple messing about with cine camera and a boy taking a photograph
map of the United Arab Emirates
vs cu of the Queen being entertained by Sheikh Zayed and other Arab dignitaries
ms of the Duke of Edinburgh speaking with a sheik
vs of modern city showing modern buildings and buildings under construction
low > of a modern building / skyscraper
aerial of skyscraper in middle of desert
high > looking over city in desert
zo from sign in dock / port saying Dubai welcomes Queen Elizabeth
aerial of oil being stored in tanks in desert and oil tankers in docks
vs aerials of the cranes and containers of the Port of Dubai
ws of Queen on podium giving speech with Prince Phillip and the docks in the bg
vs aerials and pans of the docks
ws boat / barge full of people pass by
track past row of school children holding up placards with picture of Sheikh Zayed


vs of Arab band playing musical instruments and men and women doing traditional dance
vs of the Queen on a walkabout in the crowds
zo form crane lifting clay out of ground and tipping it into back of truck
pan up to aerial of dry arid port of Jebel Ali
ws of Queen coming down the ramp from the royal yacht to be greeted by sheikhs on a red carpet
zi to ws of Queen unveiling a plaque to commemorate the opening of the port
aerial of convoy / cavalcade of cars driving across the desert
aerial pan of bulldozers and diggers digging the earth
aerial of oil rigs out at sea
ws of Queen giving speech on podium
ws silhouette of mosque at sunset
ws silhouette of port at sunset
ms Arab female newsreader
vs the Queen and Prince Phillip walk on red carpet with Arab reception committee
ws of the Queen walking with the Sultan of Oman
map showing Queen's route to the Gulf of Oman
vs aerial of Oman and the rugged hills / mountains that surround it
aerial of cultivated terrace


aerials of houses surrounded by palm trees
cu of Omani / Arab girl
zo from bank of television screens to ws of Arab television technicians at the controls of a vision mixer
ws of the Queen and Prince Phillip speaking about the Gulf States
ms of woman on phone having a cigarette
ws of crowd of people surrounding the Queen inc photographers
funny shot of man in suit trying to look under the hoof of a camel
ws of military band playing on horseback
ws of Queen and entourage watching foal at stables
vs of the Queen attending a function in a glittering evening gown and crown
ws of the Queen making a speech at the function
ws of Arab dignitaries shaking hands with the Queen


zo to ms of female Arab newsreader
track as the Queen shakes hands with Arab dignitaries
ws Queen stands at airplane / aeroplane door and waves to crowds
ws of jumbo jet taking off
ws Queen walking down the airplane / aeroplane steps at night
End Titles