Advice for better dairy farming

Year of Production: 1970

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 15 mins 56 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 cu empty milk bottles being cleaned and blurred focus on conveyor belt / assembly line vs filled milk bottles along assembly line having red foil tops placed on them by machine cu silver top milk bottles along conveyor belt top shot of above vs automatic machine grabs filled
bottles of milk and transfers them to crate ms Unigate milk float past. Milkman gets out and places milk bottles from crate into carrier and puts them on doorstep vs milkman delivering milk to doors and filling in details in book cu milk bottles as milkman places them on steps outside house cu fruit machine
registers 'system 70' and 'New Bibby' slogans high < cu Friesian cows in herd walk under camera ms man / farmer drives tractor with cows grazing in bg ms farmer / dairyman / man attaches milking machine to cow's teats / udder ms farmer / man drives tractor pulling machine which throws grass into
cart behind cu cow eats silage / hay low < cu man looks through paying in / cheque book at stubs mcu leaflet about System 70 lies on top of 'Farmer's Weekly' GRAPHIC / PHOTOGRAPHIC SEQUENCE cu fruit machine tracking shot past grazing herd of cows vs man takes samples of soil ms farmer drives tractor collecting silage zo from meadow with thistles and flowers growing to show herd of cows grazing in bg pan over lush flowerfree grass ms two tractors pulling vs machines over soil pan up to show herd of cows grazing in field

0:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 pan across field where cows graze cu fruit machine spinning GRAPHIC SEQUENCE low < shot cows grazing in field inc cus ms farmer in tractor uses mechanical sledgehammer to put post in field vs fence being constructed ms cows drinking water from trough pan right across
herd of cows grazing in field low < shot fertilizer being spread by tractor next to field of cows grazing pov shot of tractor cutting grass zo from grass waving in breeze mcu cows in field next to farm ms man walks in field low < shot herd of cows into farmyard vs low < shot cows grazing in field ls cows grazing in field cu fruit machine spinning cu milking machine full of milk mcu man removes machine from cow's teats
vs two dairymen / farmers milking cows by machine

0:10:00:00-00:15:53:17 GRAPHIC SHOT OF CALF IN WOMB zi cow feed nuts cu cow's tail with tag mcu cows eating from trough cu cow eating silage cu fruit machine spinning vs two men look at diagrams on wall cu hypodermic needle / syringe taking in liquid cu finger flicking syringe ms man / vet injecting cow cu cow's feed / nuts being emptied into trough ms cow and calf in stall cu calf walking unsteadily GRAPHIC SEQUENCE cu fruit machine spinning zo from sign for British Friesians herd to car driving along road vs man taking down figures interspersed with shots of man driving car cu cow's feed chart low < shot woman in dress using adding machine / computer low < shot two men / farmers look over gate into middle distance and talk zo from men looking at field with cows to ws cu fruit machine spinning mcu hand pulling fruit machine handle