The German defence system

Year of Production: 1960s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 11 mins 5 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 vs figures on a chess board inc cus vs chess figures inc cus vs hands moving chess pieces on board high < shot radar office with people working in front of boards with circular screens (looks futuristic) zi to man in German Air Force uniform speaking at meeting cu pan past men working at radar screen pushing buttons etc zo from machine to row of women working on wires pov following group of men walking along dark corridor low < shot of men walking down circular staircase high < pan past men working at radar screens zi to men's hands as they work at radar screens vs men working at radar screens vs various types of radar dish spinning around

0:05:00:00-00:11:16:00 zi to radar screen showing information zi to read-out air to air shot of passenger jet flying above clouds ms radar dish spinning ms man preparing computer to print out cu print-out cu radar screen showing information mcu man speaks into headphones cu earphones zo from chess figures on chessboard vs fighter jets taxiing ms men wearing helmets scramble out of door onto runway ms men push jet into position vs jets taking off pov flying air to air missiles etc vs cus man with earphones speaks to pilots vs air to air shot of jets mcu fishermen look up to skies as jets fly over mcu man and woman look up at sky ms two German Air Force men look up at sky vs other people look to skies aerial shot of city with bridge over river low < shot of ancient castle tower with flag flying vs chess pieces on board high < shot men working at radar screens vs jets and missiles in flight