The making of port from grape growing to exporting. R Duoro: terraced hillsides: Peasants digging planting vines. Women carrying canisters on heads down hillside. Village: cock crowing: village street with goats and donkey - women washing at stream. Church bell ringing (CU): parade women with baskets men with sticks: grape picking: ox-cart / Village dance to accordion and drums - pressing grapes.
Village ceremony with priest's blessing (in Latin) Ox pulling barrels. Barrels taken down river by rafts
Oporto from the river - making barrels .
Oporto harbour - ship sailing. Port being served.

Year of Production: 1955

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20 mins 53 secs

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : This film describes the making of port wine from planting to consumption. The film is badly faded colour. The images of the peasant economy in Portugal are shocking when compared with the rest of Europe at the same time. Drinking drinks alcohol peasants wine growing poverty poor economy traditional lifestyle port wine mountains

00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 Title 'Song of the Grape" zi to map of Portugal with Oporto and Rio Douro marked ws man in beret in fg looks out over valley high < shot terraces where grapes are grown pan around terraces vs men digging earth vs men planting vines in stony earth low < shot of women carrying containers of pesticide on their head as they walk down terraces vs men spraying vines with pesticide pan
around valley cu scrawny cockerel crowing ms village with people and children dancing vs women and children walking through village and hanging around ms woman walks through village with basket balanced on her head vs man walks along mountain path vs woman runs through village and talks to woman with basket on head who then runs through village vs woman sing as they wash clothes in village
washing area

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 ms man opens box and takes scarf out and gives it to woman. She admires it and puts it round her shoulders ms man and woman walk away together low < shot bell tolling in church tower ms children wave to people below ms women with baskets on head rush through gates low < shot small explosion in air ms women march in two rows into building with two entrances pan across
valley to terraces vs woman picking grapes inc cus on grapes ms man empties basket of grapes into larger container ms man carries large basket wearing cap to protect his neck high < shot bullock cart loaded with grapes along road vs men carrying huge basket of grapes on their backs using special headdress vs bullock cart along dusty road vs women dancing together in couples to primitive band as men look on appreciatively cu grapes being mulched

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 cu press being turned vs men turning wine press ms men and women dancing in celebration of the vintage vs religious celebration led by priest and owners of vineyard ms bullock cart pulling large barrel down steep mountain track mws primitive looking boats on river vs men in checked shirts and berets roll enormous cask / barrel onto boats which then sail in treacherous waters vs men sailing boats ws steam train along mountain track pov shot of freight train loaded with casks ms raft / boat along rough river low < shot man blowing primitive horn high < shot boats along calmer river mws Oporto with river in fg and boats filled with casks / barrels

00:15:00:00-00:20:32:17 vs river and Oporto vs casks / barrels of vintage port being unloaded at dock and being rolled into the warehouse cu hole being tapped into cask ms man suctioning wine out of vat / barrel and tipping into container ms men wearing white coats / scientists testing quality of wine inc smelling and tasting cu wine glasses of differing ages cu port wine spilling out of barrel vs wine being pumped into
vats holding 20 000 gallons vs men drawing off wine and carrying away ms men climbing to top of enormous racks of wood to make barrels mcu man rubbing down wood of barrel shot through circle shape of barrel on its side vs men moving around barrels and filling them with
wine cu port wine out of tap ms man slowly rolls barrel out of warehouse mws Oporto with pan across city to harbour vs barrel being winched on boar ship vs ship carried port from Oporto harbour vs bow of ship through waves and wake mcu hands taking glasses of port from silver tray cu port being poured into glass cu two glasses being clinked together cu woman's hand picking up glass of port cu port being poured
into glass cu two glass being lifted in toast cu hand pouring carafe of port into glasses montage of similar shots ms men and women doing traditional Portuguese dance in village square to village band END TITLES