Silent b/w film promoting gas, emphasising the cleanliness of gas v coal fires "Queen Gas" v "Smoke Demon"

Year of Production: 1920's

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 5mins

Shot List


The captions at the beginning are telling a fairy-tale type story of the smoke demon who escaped and is at war with Queen Gas. Father Christmas on the roof tops is trying to put his presents through the chimneys but the smoke prevents him.The smoke demon comes out of one of the chimneys and starts a weird dance. Queen Gas appears with her magic wand. She magics the smoke demon back down the chimney.
Inside the house a couple is sitting in ront of a fire place. Suddenly smoke starts billowing out of the fire place and the smoke demon is sitting on the table on the fresh white table cloth. A little later Queen Gas appears and magics a nice smoke-free gas fire. In the kitchen cook is battling with an old kitchen range. Smoke comes out everywhere and the dinner is in danger of being spoilt. Queen Gas solves the problem with her magic wand and the new gas cooker provides a lovely meal. Upstairs the family is sitting round the dinner table toasting Queen Gas. Up on the rooftops Father christmas has no more problems getting his presents down the chimneys - there is no more smoke. Once more the smoke demon appears on the rooftop but he is soon defeated by Queen Gas.