Diseases of sheep and prevention

Year of Production: 1960s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 15 mins 34 secs

Shot List


Opening titles over sequence showing shepherd/farmer moving sheep in copse and over low dry stone wall in Scotland.

Evans Medical Veterinary Information Department presents Sheep May Safely Graze.

Lowland pasture, sheep and lambs grazing. Close up shots of lambs and sheep either dead or dying with the cause of their death detailed Lamb Dysentery; Pulpy Kidney; Blackleg; Braxy; Louping Ill; Liver Fluke; Panning shots across foothills showing sheep grazing, countryside, lake, meandering river, country road, little traffic.

01:00 cu of dead lamb lying on grass. Cu dying lamb. Cut to lamb grazing in foreground, dead lamb just behind and c.u. of human legs approaching corpse. P.o. to show vet who picks up dead lamb as he talks to shepherd with crook. Various shots of vet, carrying dead lamb, and shepherd/farmer walking across farmland with sheepdog; lowland with trees, farm gate. Shepherd opens gate to allow dog, vet and himself to pass through. Re-fastens gate - views of foothills in rear. Shots of men walking toward farm buildings and farmhouse, lamb laid on slab/table outside one of the farm buildings. Vet walks to car ?Zephur

02:00 Vet removes equipment from back seat of car, walks back to farmer carrying enamel bowl and scalpel. Vet dons rubber gloves whilst farmer repositions lamb onto its back. Fade to c.u. of post mortem examination of lamb scalpel used to point out blood spots on surface of heart, inflamed bowel and swollen glands. Footage of vet removing a sample of bowel. Use of ?catgut ligatures to 'tie off' sections of bowel, section dissected with scalpel and placed in enamel bowl.

03:04 External view of Evans Medical Research Laboratory building, with van driving past.
Female laboratory technician removing sample from packaging and container. C.u. hand holding Petri dish/plate with bacteria free jelly (?agar) whilst streaks of infected material are applied to plate using metal instrument. Cut to shots of plate showing growth of culture. Male lab. Technician looking into microscope, angle poise lamp on desk. Close up of microscope, view of bacteria (clostridium welcheii type B), male lab technician looking into microscope. Scenes of re-enactment of Louis Pasteur's laboratory. Close up of scientist in late 19th century dress, looking at slide, placing it into microscope, adjusting height of lens and then looking into microscope.

04:00 Close up of moving bacteria. Shots of scientist removing slide, looking closely at slide then sitting back in chair. Shots of late 19th century laboratory. Close up of broth boiling in flask, glass neck being sealed by flame from Bunsen burner. Close up of sealed flask with unspoiled broth held by lab stand. Close up of hands cutting neck of flask and braking off sealed section; flask in stand moved to stir up the liquid, fade to flask with infected broth.

05:00 19th century scientist picking up flask to observe infected broth. Monocle placed over right eye. Cut to 20th century laboratory. Two, white coated male scientists with various pieces of laboratory equipment, bath, incubator, scales, clipboard, glasses, syringe, needles, gauze, beakers. Close up of door opening. Female laboratory technician comes through doorway carrying tray of boxes labelled 'Evans Medical Improved Lamb Dysentery Vaccine'.
Flock of sheep grazing in foothills.
06:00 Farmer burying dead lamb in trench, uses shovel to cover body with lime, filling in trench with soil. Close up of two farm hands vaccinating ewe. Close up lamb suckling ewe. Pan out to reveal ewes and lambs grazing in foothills. Ewe and lamb inside farm building, brick wall and straw evident. Close up of male removing lid from bottle and shaking/pouring contents onto cotton wool, replace lid. Lamb being held whilst cotton wool rubbed on fleece.

07:00 Close up of removing vaccine bottle from box type packaging, cleaning top of bottle with antiseptic on cotton wool, glass syringe and needle used to extract vaccine. Close up of lamb being cradled in arms, vaccine injected into lamb high above shoulder, then fleece rubbed. Bottle being discarded amongst rubbish. Panning shots of sheep/lambs grazing, trees and large house in background. Close up of ewe and lambs in front of house.

08:00 Close up of lamb's head, eyes look drowsy. Close up dead lamb lying on grass. Close up of post mortem examination showing fluid in body cavity. Farmer in field carrying lamb, rest of flock in background, leans over chicken wire fence to get syringe of vaccine, injects lamb, rubs injection site. Close up of lamb walking back to waiting ewe that nuzzles it. Lamb feeds from ewe. Long shot of pastureland, hills in background, z.i. to flock of sheep.

09:00 Close up of ewe lambing whilst lying down, attempts to lick / clean newborn lamb.

10:00 New born lamb struggling to stand. Close up of flock of sheep huddled together. Various shots of sheep being herded through gates by farmers and sheepdog, dry stone walls. Close up of farmer by farm building wall and door, loading syringe with vaccine.

11:00 Close up of sheep being held by man in yard, dry stone wall and foothills in background, whilst second man injects vaccine. Panning shots right to left of sheep huddled together in lowlands, hills beyond. Staggering sheep. Close up of tick in fleece. Sheep in holding pen whilst three farm workers vaccinate animals one by one and release them into field.

12:00 Close up of liver infected with leaf shaped liver fluke. Lone sheep grazing. Close up of mud snail. Life cycle of liver fluke (in drawings) from sheep through various stages back to sheep again.

13:00 Close up of syringe and needles being assembled from sterilising pan. White coated male removes vaccine bottle from box, shakes bottle and pours vaccine into sterile jar. Vaccine drawn up into syringe to 6cc mark. 'Dermevan' antiseptic lotion put on to cotton wool and applied to injection site.

14:00 Clipped / shorne leg of sheep injected and flesh rubbed. Long shot of sheep dog rounding up sheep. Close up of farmer apparently whistling. Various shots of dog rounding up sheep in lowlands. (one man and his dog style) Med. close-up of farmer opening gate to allow vet's car to pass through.

15:00 Farmer opens car door. Close up of farmer and vet talking. Farmer closes gate. Sheep and lambs grazing. Z.i. to black lamb. Farmer walks up path to farmhouse.

Closing credits Produced by Cygnet Film Productions for Evans Medical.