Excellent piece of extravagant molodrama.
Opens with: An entertaining tale of mystery and intrigue - by E Phillips Opperheim.
Film introduces main characters at reception in grand house - dinner jackets/evening dresses.

Year of Production: 1929

Color or Black and White?: B/W - silent

Running Time: 4mins 37secs

Shot List


A party at the ancestral home of Lord Glenlitten the first one to be hosted by the newly married Lady G. Some of the guests seem somewhat mysterious. The party ends when a thunderstorm rages outside. After Lady G. has gone to bed someone forces his entry through the window and steals her
jewellery from the dressing table. A shot is fired. The maid and Lord G. enter the bedroom carrying candles. On the floor they find one of the guests the Compte de Besset shot dead on the floor. End caption: If you want to know the whole story buy your copy of the 'Evening World' Newcastle
tomorrow - shot of front page: date May 1929.