Drawing widely from galleries and museums in Scotland and England, this film, a mosaic of paintings, historic photographs and colour photography, together with a wealth of period and folk music,
gives a fascinating and unique portrait of Scotland from pre-history to the present day.

Year of Production: 1973

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 25 mins 33 secs (2300 ft)

Shot List


00:00:00 - 00:05:00
Titles overlaid on images of Scottish Highlands.
Medium CU of river and small waterfall.
CU of standing stones silhouetted against sky.
Various shots of stone carvings of horsemen.
CU of Hadrian's Wall; zooming out to reveal LS of H/wall.
CU of Celtic cross.
Medium CU of old church, Cut to tombstones in churchyard.
Scottish loch, water lapping shore by thistle in bloom.
CU of gorse bush in full bloom.
LS of Scottish valley, panning to castle.
CU shot of several coats of arms.
CU of half-timber Tudor Building, with a Cathedral in background.
Panning carvings on Cathedral wall.
CU of a ruined monastery silhouetted against evening sky viewed through bare branches of tree eerie.
CU of 'Stone of Destiny' in Westminster Abbey, Cut to plaque depicting Robert the Bruce.
Panning shot of Scottish heather, and hills to stone monument of Robert the Bruce.
Statue of Robert the Bruce on horseback.
Panning shot of Scottish loch, moving to seal and tomb lid of Robert the Bruce.
Artist's impression of war and destruction.
Various shots of castles and Scottish scenery including a thistle and rose.

00:05:00 - 00:10:20
Various CU's of paintings and details of paintings depicting English seafarers and poets (Drake and Shakespeare).
CU of painting of Scottish Reformation, zoom in to various shots of statues and paintings, zoom out to Mary Queen of Scot's insignia.
CU of a painting of Mary Queen of Scots, panning from right to left showing more paintings plus a plaque (dated 1566) bearing a coat of arms, also,
various notable people including John Knox; a Scottish Castle; Queen Mary's wedding dress upon her marriage to her cousin Darnley; a muscian
named Ritzio and the 'pig sticking' of Ritzio because of Darnley's jealousy; an artist's impression of a feud under Darnley; a portrait of widowed
Queen Mary and Darnley's murderer, Gossop; coat of arms in top right corner 'Keep Trust'.
Artwork showing Scottish unrest, Mary's abdication, flight to England and beheading for alleged plots against Queen Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I's tomb, cutting to a portrait of Mary's son James.
Painting of Scottish Palace with townsfolk in foreground, moving on to paintings of Scottish lowlands.
Shot panning a drawing of Scottish Parliaments meeting for the last time with the Lord Privy Seal and a shot of the Treaty, plus the Scottish Crown
on cushion held by a military horseman prior to storage in Edinburgh Castle.
Panning from left to right showing a picture of 45 Commoners and 16 Scottish Lords going on foot to join English Parliament at Westminster.
Shot showing a number of flags designs finishing with the 'Union' flag.
Shot looking under a stone archway and beyond which reveals a stretch of water and scenes of lochs with waves rippling over shore and a small
castle across the water.
Pictures of Celtic life fishing boat, seagulls, country scene, crofts, castles, stone walled thatched croft, mother and children inside house,
cloth makers, horned highland cattle with collie dog, men herding cattle to lowlands for sale, Scottish dancer, members of a clan, the Laird holding
sword and shield, another on horse back, ending with the gathering of the clan.
B&W picture of French sailing ship in loch with various rowing boats around.
LS of loch including a monument of Prince Charles Edward on shore, zooming in for a CU of statue.

00:10:21 - 00:15:00
Portrait of Prince Charles Edward, Pretender to British throne, moving on to paintings of various war scenes as Edinburgh falls and the invasion of
B&W painting of George II and 'rabble' of militia men.
Panning N to S map of England following Prince Charles's route to Derby and picture of Highland Columns turning homeward.
Cut to picture of Highland scene with yellow gorse in foreground with trees and stone tower behind.
Cut to commemorative stone of Battle of Culloden 16/4/1748.
Various paintings of army facing Charles's men Battle of Culloden, Duke of Cumberland on horseback with sword in right hand giving orders to
slaughter the Prince's men, B&W painting of Prince on horseback escaping 'to heather'
Shots of various commemorative stones of last battle on British soil - Culloden.
Cut to CU of subject kissing Charles's hand, pan out to show full picture of Charles leaving for Italy. Cut to memorial stone where Charles embarked
on his voyage, zoom out to shot out to sea.
Picture fades to show ruin of Red-Coat barracks; Cut to painting of Barracks and script of new laws for Scotland.
Various shots of stone roads over passes, bridge over river, glens, ending with British coat of arms.
Artist impression of Edinburgh cutting to various paintings of life in and around Edinburgh:
Portrait of architect (?Craig and Adam) a series of pictures and drawings of the 'new' Edinburgh and Glasgow ending with colour picture of Glasgow
Green showing large chimney in background with modern town blocks.
Cut to James Watts plans for steam engine, pan out to painting of Watt and others followed by series of pictures depicting life as it had been,
wash day, working on the land, milking, women carrying laden baskets on backs, spinning, gathering of workers.
Cut to colour portrait of Laird and Castle with lake and small fountain. Portraits of gentry; Painting of sheep, Cutting to film of sheep grazing.
Photos of shawl clad crofters sitting on rocks.

00:15:00 - 00:20:00
Photos of Children outside croft house with man up ladder thatching with various other photo's of derelict croft houses as residents moved out to
make way for the sheep.
Cut to CU of woman, zoom out to show fish workers in coastal town.
Cut to scenes of Glasgow slums, army photos of kilted soldiers, one playing pipes.
Scanning a picture depicting immigrant people on board ships.
Cut to colour film of sheep grazing near stone marker, thistle down blowing in wind, pan across to river scene, on to painting of deserted ruin in glen
with Celtic cross and sheep grazing; to LS of loch with small castle on shore.
Cut to painting of crowd of 19th C people, picture of coal heap, two chimneys in field, oil shale with lowland fields in distance,
Portrait of Paraffin Young, picture of factory loom and pottery.
B&W picture of a steam train winding its way at the foot the hills carrying passengers in open carriages and peoples standing on the hill-side.
B&W picture of another steam train pulling containers/rolling stock?
Various B&W pictures of steam trains set in an around heavy industry.
B&W picture of the first steam ship sailing on river/sea surrounded by hills in the background.
B&W picture of the first iron-clad ship anchored in a people/working dock-yard.
LS looking down a canal.
B&W picture of an iron bridge.
B&W picture of the first hot-blast structure.
B&W picture of a large section of the Forth bridge floating on river, plus another picture of two sections of the Forth bridge and a LS of the
whole of the Forth bridge completed with a small boat moored at the shore line and a several workmen standing on a small raised platform at right of
Various colour pictures/portraits of dignitaries (including other countries/nations) plus Scottish Lords & Ladies and Royalty.
O/view of the City of Glasgow and buildings with spires in the background, plus a monumental statue of Queen Mary Stewart mounted on a
horse zooming into a CU of the Queen.
Various shots of historical statues/monuments of men both on top of columns of close to the ground.
B&W picture of a number of ships moored in dock.
Various pictures of Scottish Highlander's bearing rifles at battle scenes also known as the thin red line fighting not only for England but as
watchdogs in other parts of the world.
Columns of soldiers in the battlefield.
Columns of cannons standing in a field.
A line of soldiers standing beside their horses.
Various pictures/sketches of red-kilted soldiers/highlanders' fighting on a hill-side.
Picture/sketch of a Highlander playing the bagpipes with tribesmen looking on.
Sketch of a single Scottish Highlander marching and playing the bagpipes with tribesmen standing around and one squatting in the
foreground with his hands covering his ears!
Sketch of a Scottish bagpiper moving through the village and a snake slithering along the ground after him.
Pictures of Prince Charlie's kilted rebel army in battle-scene and declared national heroes during Victoria's reign.
A group of people being photographed in front of a large house/building.
B&W picture of Queen Victoria pinning a medal onto the uniform of a Scottish Highlander.
B&W picture taken in the open of a Victorian family.
CU Colour picture of a Scottish soldier playing the bagpipes and several pictures of individual soldiers/highlanders in uniforms/kilts.
B&W picture of Scottish ladies wearing ball-gowns/men wearing kilts, dancing at a ball
View of a house in ruins on a hillside against a background of hills.
A view of two ruins standing on hill-side overlooking a lake and sheep grazing in the foreground.
B&W picture of two Victorian men (wearing tweeds & caps), one sitting on large rocks and the other standing leaning on a large rock looking
into the distance.
B&W picture of fishermen at river's edge holding two very large fish.
B&W picture of three men lying/crouching in river-pool armed with rifles.
B&W picture of a male standing in a field beside a donkey and a dead deer slung over the donkey's back.
Part of a man's shoulder/arm/hand painting a picture on canvas. Zooming out to reveal the painter seated at his easel and canvas and a
wide shot of the scenery/landscape he is painting.
Overview of sea rolling along a curving beach onto sands revealing view of surrounding coasts-line.
Various shots of whiskey distilleries showing chimneys and roof-tops set into the hill-side.
Top shot of fishing boats nestling in a harbour with a range of hills in the background.
Top shot of hills & valleys covered in forestry and to large hill and sky line beyond: breath-taking!
Wide view of hills and river flowing over rocks and forming a cascading waterfall into the river below.
LS of hills and a lake with a dam, plus various shots of the country-side and a view of a solitary electric pylon positioned in a field; shot changes to fields
full of ripened crops.
Wide shot of fishermen wearing waders and standing in a fishing vessel guiding a basket full of fish being pulled up out of the hold by a pulley and then
swung across the boat to the dock-side where two men are standing waiting to catch the basket of fish (one man wearing a heavy apron).

20:00:00 25:00:00
Top view looking down on to a large market area lined with containers full of fish?
View of the Forth Bridge from ground level looking upwards and beyond, also a small number of houses sitting close by the river.
LS of the Forth Bridge looking across fields and panning around to a modern bridge.
Overview of the modern bridge with traffic flowing in both directions.
Several views of ship-yards and ship-buildings.
View from entrance of the shipyard at work-men emerging plus a 50's motor car being driven across foreground.
CU of work-men inside the entrance of a ship-yard.
CU of a busy city street with various shots of people moving /vehicles/double-deck buses in the city.
View of spires/domes and monuments in the city possibly Glasgow.
Monument of a male figure mounted on a horse set against the background of a modern high-rise building.
Various shots/angles of ancient and modern buildings built side-by-side.
LS looking along a busy street with terraced houses on left and large office building in the background and another view
(possibly of the same street) at a different angle.
Various shots of run-down/dilapidated houses/ buildings and rubble.
Shot of a modern shopping precinct and a woman holding the hand of a child walking away from camera.
Various views looking under a bridge arch at the city and surrounding buildings beyond.
View of power station/chimneys in the distance across parkland and tops of bushes/trees zooming across and in to a CU of the power
station and chimneys.
Various shots of the electricity power station.
LS of a large oil tanker anchored in harbour and another shot of the tanker looking upwards and along the mooring ropes from the dock-side.
Diagram of map of Scotland pinned on a wall and panning sideways to a CU of part of an oil rig.
LS of an oil rig standing in rough seas in centre picture.
CU (looking upwards) of oil drill coming down centre of rigging.
CU of workman standing in between rigging and operating oil drill.
CU of centre core at drill being drawn up and various CU's of workers doing a variety of jobs and handling various pieces of oil rig equipment.
Various pieces of oil rig machinery/drill pipes/bits.
Shot looking upwards to oil rig silhouetted against skyline.
CU (head & shoulders) of a welder wearing heavy protective clothing and welding.
CU of a welding in protective clothing and head mask lying down on his side welding.
Various shots of welders/construction workers inside factory building parts of an oil rig.
Wide view looking across fields of grass waving in the breeze and a single large stone monument standing erect in field with shoreline and
hills in background.
Landscape view of fields/hills and single stone standing erect in field. Moving on to a large monument of a warrior mounted on horseback
and people standing on the hillside left of shot.
Top view of Edinburgh Castle looking along a cannon to the city below.
Various scenes of a modern day Edinburgh city busy with people and traffic.
B&W picture of a patient lying on a hospital bed having surgery surrounded by Drs/nurses.
CU a portrait (h&sldrs) of A Fleming sitting at a desk/table looking into a microscope and shot changes to zooming into a wall plaque
A Fleming 1881-1955, discovered Penicillin etc.
CU of cornerstone of a building revealing a plaque inscribed J Logie Baird 1883-1946, first demonstrated television.
CU of cornerstone of a building revealing a plaque inscribed A G Bell, Inventor of the telephone, born here on 3 March 1847.
CU of a plaque on outside wall inscribed Joseph Lister, surgeon 1801-1869. Professor of surgery. Initiated in the method of antiseptic
CU of a Scottish thistle in a field. Zooming into the flower of the thistle.
Signpost marking boundary of Scotland (County of Roxburgh) at roadside and revealing a landscape of hills beyond.
Large stately home (possibly a castle) hedged around by trees and zooming upwards to reveal large carved out stone letters spelling out
BRUCE with carved stone crowns positioned above each letter.
Picture zooming into a carved stone crown suspended above a house door-arch.
Large monument of a rider on horse-back bearing a flag in his R/hand zooming into a CU of rider.
View looking over various roof-tops of buildings and zooming into a thistle carved in stone on top of a spire.
Zooming into a stone emblem of Scotland carved into exterior large stone wall. Zooming in/out of various shots of a shield with the coat of
arms of Scotland and a unicorn.
O/view looking across Edinburgh castle and city at twilight. Credits rolling on top of various
shots of Scottish military band moving around castle in celebration of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and a closing shot of the Drum Major
bringing the band (and music) to a halt.

The Producers wish to thank:
The Church of Scotland
Controller of H M Stationery Office
Department of the Environment
Keeper of the Records of Scotland
National Trust of Scotland
Scottish National Portrait Gallery
National Library of Scotland
National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland
Canongate Tolbooth Public Library
The Holyrood Amenity Trust
Hull House Museum
School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University
Glasgow Art Gallery & Museum
The Mitchell Library
The Old Glasgow Museum
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders' Museum
Seaforth & Cameron Highlanders' Museum
Aberdeen Public Library
Aberdeen University
Sir John Buchanan
Dunfermline Abbey
Dundee City Art Gallery
Inverness Public Library & Museum
The Iona Cathedral Trust
Mary Queen of Scots House, Jedburgh
David Stewart Esq
West Highland Museum, Fort William

In England:

Hexham Abbey
Lincoln Cathedral
National Trust
Public Records Office
Victoria & Albert Museum
Westminster Abbey
Simon Wingfield Digby Esq, Sherborne Castle