Atmospheric kaleidoscope of impressions of Qatar: no commentary: links oil and power with people buildings and Islamic design.

Year of Production: 1982

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 29 mins

Shot List


NO TIME CODE ON TAPE: TIMING TAKEN FROM VIDEO N.B. All people shown Arab in traditional dress unless indicated otherwise

ext.l.s.crescent moon
00.05 l.s.full moon
00.06 TITLES l.s. mushroom cloud - dawn
00.11 c.u. circular neon light
00.15 l.s. minaret with flag
00.19 c.u. man dark glasses hard hat
00.20 m.l.s. overhead shot: 2 men
00.22 c.u. Map - Arabian peninsula
00.34 m.c.u.man in red check head dress
00.38 various shots men in head dress intercut with women in chadar m.c.u. two boys eat bananas
00.55 c.u more me
00.56 m.c.u. exhaust of moped
00.59 c.u. more men and women
01.00 m.c.u. 2 small girls/ 2 boys in crowded street
01.13 m.s. helmeted man on motorbike in traffic
01.2 l.s. cars on winding road: modern building
01.25 l.s. aerial shot: desert sand dunes - various shots
01.31 l.s. sun setting/rising? across desert
02.17 l.s. aerial shot: more sand sea in distance
02.23 l.s. sea shore
02.24 m.c.u. meter on pipeline
02.46 c.u. water frothing / pipes
02.51 m.l.s. oil refinery pipes and containers 02.56 m.l.s.water pours from two outlets
02.57 m.s. men's shadows on sand pull back to men talking
02.58 m.s. tracking along pipeline
03.04 m.c.u. hands turning wheel on pipe
03.08 m.c.u. water sprays onto palm leaves
3.10 m.s.man waters plants with hose
03.11 m.c.u. hands turn wheel valve
03.12 l.s. gardens: men watering
03.15 m.c.u. hands turning wheel
03.17 m.c.u. standing tap: hands turns it on man bends to drink
03.20 m.s.water trickles through sand
03.26 m.s. tracking through lines of leaves/ cucumbers/ fruit
03.29 m.l.s.men picking aubergines cut to m.c.u.
03.45 c.u. market stalls: tomatoes/marrows/courgettes/sweet potatoes/ Arabic writing
03.55 m.c.u.hands put vegetables in paper bag
04.14 m.c.u. two boys eating bananas
04.16 m.c.u. men with moustaches
04.20 m.l.s. large empty swimming pool: man dives in
04.21 m.c.u. boy waving
04.24 c.u. splashes ripples on water
04.26 c.u.pipe fish in water
04.29 c.u. fishes wriggle on stall/ thrown into scales
04.32 m.c.u. man at fish stall puts fish in plastic bag
04.36 m.c.u. various men in market
04.46 m.c.u. boys grin at camera
04.46 c.u. tiny fish wriggles on end fishing line
04.48 m.s. intensely blue sparkling sea: boat comes into shot
04.49 m.c.u. turbanned man hammers on wooden hull
05.04 c.u.man giving orders on boat's hull
05.05 m.s. two men on boat's hull
05.06 m.s. man planes man hammers on hull
05.09 c.u. planing wood
05.12 m.s. man scrubbing hull move to c.u.
05.14 m.l.s. Arab sailing boat: new building in background
05.18 c.u. tea? poured into two small cups
05.27 m.s. three men squat on deck: servant tips food on plate
05.31 m.c.u. stork walks in water to shallows
05.33 c.u. camels' hooves
05.51 m.s. man leading camel through group of camels
05.57 c.u. falcon's head
06.02 c.u. row of hooded falcons
06.06 c.u. man strokes falcon
06.13 m.s. row of falcons men seated in background
06.16 m.c.u. man takes hood off falcon strokes it
06.19 c.u. head of young deer/ibix?
06.24 m.c.u. heads of white ibix
06.29 c.u.deers' hooves
06.31 m.s. white ibix running
06.34 m.s. horse race tracking shot horses
06.41 m.c.u. horses race toward camera
06.57 c.u. horses' hooves galloping
06.58 m.c.u. horses head/riders
07.03 m.l.s. clock (Arabic numerals) in tower
07.10 m.c.u. Queen with VIPs go into white building
07.17 m.s. Arabic & English sign: Qatar National Museum
07.32 int.c.u. flint-lock pistol details
07.40 c.u. Arab sword in scabbard
07.56 c.u.pearls on black surface
08.10 c.u. ruby in centre of elaborate gold necklace
08.16 c.u. engraving Arabic letters on gold plate
08.25 c.u. scribe cutting line in stone pull back to show circle in stone
08.54 ext.l.s. small crescent on top of dome pan down
09.23 c.u. dividers scribe circles in stone
09.27 c.u. chisel cuts into stone
09.36 m.c.u. man chiseling
09.38 m.c.u. intricate pattern in stone
09.40 c.u. chisel - pull back to hands with mallet
09.45 c.u. pattern in stone
09.51 c.u. shadow hands chiselling/hands chiselling
09.57 m.l.s. arched doorway palms/ building with palms
10.08 m.c.u. patterned arch: wooden door
10.11 c.u.various shaped arches/ patterns
10.16 m.l.s. bright white buildings from columned shade
10.22 m.l.s. men in white climb white staircase
10.27 m.s. mechanical grab/ sea
10.29 l.s. aerial shot: sea panorama of shore
10.39 int.m.s. silhouette man drawing in front of window
10.57 c.u. hands draw plan/ write: New District of Doha
10.59 ext.m.s. lorry backs tips load of stone/ bulldozer pushes stone into sea
11.11 int.c.u. pen colouring architect's plan
11.30 ext.m.s. concrete pours into steel frame
11.40 m.l.s. cement lorry with workmen
11.44 m.c.u. cement runs down shute
11.47 m.l.s. workers and cement lorry
11.55 int.c.u. printed architect's plans
11.57 c.u. compass draws circle
12.07 ext.m.s.arches
12.12 int.c.u. ruler hands draw line/ draw arch
12.18 ext.m.s. arches
12.30 m.l.s. aerial shot: domes on top of building
12.32 l.s. aerial panorama modern buildings trees
12.38 m.s. building facade: pointed arches/ various building fronts/ m.l.s. buildings
12.39 m.s. abstract geometric shapes/ various geometric roof- lines
12.44 m.s. two men with theodolite
12.50 c.u. man in hard hat in crane cab
12.52 m.l.s. crane with large concrete slab
12.54 m.s. man winds crane windlass
12.55 m.s.platform pulled through sea
12.59 m.l.s. man working in building site
13.11 int.m.c.u. flames/ moletn metal
13.16 m.l.s. men poking at furnace
13.19 m.c.u. man in helmet and faceguard
13.24 c.u. furnace fire and molten metal
13.27 c.u. rod and box in fire
13.32 m.s. men in hard hats one with face mask
13.33 c.u. molten metal pours out of furnace
13.36 c.u. man in hard hat
13.39 m.s. sparks shoot from furnace/ c.u. sparks
13.44 m.c.u. man hard hat waves red flag
13.48 N.B. All following sequences taken at night. m.c.u.door shuts down on furnace
13.51 ext.m.s.lights at night abstract resolve into:
13.59 m.l.s. car headlights
14.10 l.s. aerial view city lights; panorama
14.12 m.l.s. tracking shot urban highway lights of cars & buildings
14.24 int.m.s. overhead shot: grand piano violinist in large courtyard/entrance hall
14.43 m.s. illuminated stair tread
14.50 c.u. hand with beads presses lift button
14.52 m.s. reflection of young man + portrait of sheik
14.57 m.c.u. lift doors open person in red head scarf goes in
14.59 m.s. seen from ascending lift:tracery dome/ hotel balconies
15.06 m.l.s. from above: glass lift travels up side of building
15.16 m.s. port-hole type window: man walks past
15.21 m.c.u. shadow of man passes
15.26 c.u. hand picks up pen writes in Arabic/ beads on table
15.30 ext.m.s. crenelated roof line bottom lit
15.48 l.s. various floodlit buildings
15.53 l.s.oil derick lit up
16.00 m.s. hard hat workers at oil drill } intercut
16.01 l.s. drill working}
6.12 c.u. meter: total Flow: Barrels
16.21 int.m.s. man at range of controls - walks back to desk - two others seated
16.25 ext.m.l.s. flame in darkness
16.13 m.l.s. oil refinery - dawn/sunset?
16.41 l.s. red sky sun: crane & towers
16.43 m.l.s.port hole shot: red sky
16.47 int.c.u. dial: 40 MW: Power
16.49 m.l.s. men walking though factory in shadows
16.52 c.u. revolving blades
16.54 c.u. young man's face/ hand turns calibrated wheel/ circular saw blade/ revolving fan/ dial: 11KV
16.55 ext.l.s. pylons against orange sky
17.08 int.c.u. teleprint roller: newspaper
17.10 m.s. print rollers
17.14 c.u. newspapers on conveyor flipped into pile
17.17 ext.c.u. neon signs flashing
17.21 l.s. building sign: Salam Plaza + Arabic
17.25 int.m.s. brightly lit excalator with people
17.28 m.s. check out counter in supermarket
17.32 m.s. abstract fuzzy lights pan down to:
17.34 ext.m.s. crowds in busy street: market stalls
17.41 m.s. water splashing up
17.49 m.l.s. illuminated fountains
17.54 m.s. shadows on wall: white robed men walk past
18.00 m.l.s. overhead shot: people in large reception area go upstairs
18.12 m.s. men & boys are shown seats in theatre
18.18 m.c.u. man looks into large TV camera
18.24 m.s. stout sheik with soldiers and VIPs
18.28 m.s. line of white robed men and girls
18.33 m.l.s. curtains open on a stage
18.38 c.u. young girl's face track along boys in white head dresses
18.39 l.s. orchestra and white robed choir on stage
18.52 c.u. man's face
18.57 m.l.s. overhead view choir and orchestra
19.01 c.u. tambourine
19.12 N.B. End of night sequence ext.l.s. Day: tracking shot contgested traffic at harbour/ flags
19.15 m.c.u. crowd boy lifted onto shoulder
19.33 m.l.s. large globe on boat
19.36 m.s. man with TV camera
19.37 int.c.u. hands at TV control panel/ bank of monitors
19.39 ext.m.l.s. road: motorcycle passes flower display
19.41 m.s. tracking of male crowd lining road
19.44 m.c.u. man speaking into microphone
19.49 c.u. TV picture (indistinct)
19.50 m.s. European boy with baseball cap/ boy with crutches
19.54 c.u. boy salutes/ young boy scouts marching/ football boots/ flag/ revolving pictures of sheiks
19.58 int.c.u.TV reel revolving/ bank of monitors/ man in red headgear/ finger on button: Cam 2/ TV picture (?): football match
20.14 ext.m.s.TV picture(?) of: football: corner taken goal scored with overhead back flip
20.18 m.c.u. footballer: on screen: England 0 Qatar 1
20.25 m.c.u. man with TV camera
20.30 l.s. crowd on edge of harbour tracking shot
20.32 l.s. many oared boats race to camera
20.38 m.l.s. oared boats racing
20.47 int.m.c.u. sheik hands out diplomas from dais
20.52 ext.l.s. mosque minaret clock tower cars pass in fore- ground
21.01 m.l.s. dome & minaret: various shots
21.07 m.s. two pointed arch doorways
21.20 int.c.u. hand writing Arabic - intercut in following sequence
21.21 m.s. large circular chandelier
21.33 m.l.s. large crowd seated in mosque
21.35 m.l.s. pan across backs seated men up to window with stained glass
21.48 m.s. through square window; operating theatre
22.02 c.u. surgeons in masks/ hand picks up scalpel/ surgeons /overhead light
22.06 c.u. overhead mirror reflects laboratory upside down
22.18 m.c.u. man with test tube blows out taper
22.23 c.u. two men with glasses talking
22.27 c.u. notice: Plant Physiology
22.32 c.u. two men leave a table talking/ hand takes down book: Quantum Mechanics
22.45 c.u. Arabic writing: 'God likes of man that when he an action he makes it perfect'
22.47 m.s. overhead shot: two boys fight in judo style/ cut to m.c.u.
22.59 ext.m.l.s. boys play football on sand
23.07 int.m.c.u. choir again with conductor
23.14 ext.c.u. falcon/ibix/ various faces
23.18 Following intercut with credits: l.s. boat in sparkling blue sea
23.30 int.m.l.s. men in airport lounge
23.39 m.s. line of men at white telephones
23.41 END