The tradition of service on the road; the progress made on breakdown services.
Brief intro on village. Leslie Mitchell takes car in to be serviced - Account of how Ford car servicing works and visit to training school at Dagenham. Post-script questions Ford Dealers on how well they are performing.

Year of Production: 1953

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 18 mins 43 secs

Shot List

Opening shot - leafy town entrance with garage Titles Young woman comes to telephone kiosk Man running for bus Cars driving from petrol station Man outside church/house/inn Ye Olde King's Head sign Car passing old inn Phaeton (1 horse coach) Stage coach Bone shaker (early bicycle) Victorian woman on cycle Vintage car - man gets out goes underneath Village blacksmith hammering Ford car driving in - met by man - white coat Second car drives in Interior garage - cars parked Car being cleaned / car on ramp Truck backs in (labelled 5 ton truck) Mechanic working on car CU Dial hands on battery - more dials Car being raised on ramp - mechanic scraping underneath Middle-aged woman gets out of car Engine being
lowered into car (Consul & Zephyr 6) Ford works across river at Dagenham Men being shown various car parts/Instructor demonstrating Ford Mobile School - large van with parts and tools Car with traficator drives out of village Followed by questions to Ford dealers with respect of scenes Man gets out of car - greeted by white-coated dealer Cash register.