Choosing a dog from different breeds

Year of Production: 1952/3

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 28 mins

Shot List


Black and white film 1952/3

Opening titles - Majestic Films Ltd presents The Prize Dog

Disclaimer The characters and events depicted in this film are fictitious. Fade out of credit and fade into opening scene of 1950's style dining room with latticed window.

Woman/mother, man/father in suit and teenage boy/son in school uniform sitting at table eating breakfast. Man passes woman cup and saucer, she picks up milk jug and pours milk into cup, pours tea from tea pot; passes cup back to man who looks towards stairs in corner of room. Woman goes to foot of stairs and calls then returns to seat at table; boy works on prep/homework. Young girl/daughter runs down stairs and stands by man. Sits at table and excitedly opens a letter. CU young girl slitting open envelope with her finger whilst being watched by parents. CU woman drinking tea; girl takes out letter and reads; man takes letter; CU man and child, he reads letter, girl looks happy/smiling; cut to shot of parents and child at table; father folds up letter and puts it back on the table; girl gets up excitedly and embraces father;
cut to teenage male in school uniform also sitting at breakfast table; cut to shot of parents and daughter; girl talks to woman whilst she holds spoon in right hand; cut to MCU family of four at table talking and eating breakfast. Man picks up paper, looks at wristwatch, drinks tea; cut to MCU father getting up from table whilst other family members remain seated; cut to CU of teenage male/son seated at table talking; cut to male standing talking, child seated at table turns to look at man; man walks towards table carrying brief case and folded newspaper, speaks to family; pats girl on shoulder; woman gets up and accompanies man to door, waits while he opens the door and they walk through it fade out; fade into CU smartly dressed (shirt, collar, tie and tweed jacket) man in mid fifty's (50's) with well groomed dark hair and moustache.

CU Pomeranian puppies playing on grass, white coated female carer / breeder /attendant.
Cut to Cocker Spaniels on rough grassland, old grass roller in b/g.
CU single dog / pup; several pups on leads and sitting whilst another pup walks by; cut to shot of pup eating with rest in b/g;
CU Cocker Spaniels on leads and sitting in line; cut to panning shot of puppies /pups / dogs standing on white garden seat.
Cut to CU of three King Charles Spaniels;
CU King Charles Spaniel puppy; various shots of puppies looking out over box and sniffing each other; yawning pup sitting by bitch / mother who gets up and walks around. Cut to various shots of basket containing Papillion puppies:

05:00 Cut to Pekinese pups on grass, one holding toy in it's mouth, various shots of fluffy puppies on grass;
CU single Pekinese looking very alert;
Cut to four Dachshunds on leads wagging tails;
CU puppy in profile; three small puppies being held in breeder/keeper/owner's arm;
CU small puppies with eyes wide open.
Cut to various shots of Cilium Terriers on rough ground; mother / bitch and three pups /puppies;
CU three puppies looking over side of box.
Cut to CU lady walking five Corgi's on leads; various shots of Corgies; Corgi walking up plank of wood.
Cut to panning shot of 1950's car, ?Austen, driving along tree lined road with building / breeding kennel opposite. Car turns into kennels and drives under archway;
Cut to MCU car coming through archway into yard and stops with ?petrol pump in b/g. Passenger opens door, man and young girl gets out, met by lady / breeder and all three walk off together.
Cut to shots of dogs playing in yard and Airedale bitch and puppies/pups.
CU English Bull Dog, cut to various shots of Bulldog puppies playing on grass, grooming each other.
Cut to French Bull Dog bitch and two puppies.
CU mother/bitch
CU two small pups.
Cut to CU of various shots of Boston Terriers, one standing alone, two on leads.
CU head and face of Boston Terrier.
CU Boston Terrier standing in profile.
Cut to CU of head profile of Airedale;
Cut to full profile Airedale wagging tail; full face; bitch with active puppies.
CU head in profile of Wirehaired Fox Terrier; ZO to full profile:
Cut to line of Wirehaired Fox Terriers;
Cut to two puppies poking heads and paws through link wire fence;
CU small puppies huddled together;
Cut to side profile of Smooth Haired Fox Terrier;
CU head and face;
Cut to four dogs being taken for a walk on split lead;
Cut to litter of pups on blanket;
Cut to small pup being held an then placed on blanket with other pups; pups jumping up, playing and feeding.
CU small black Manchester Terrier puppy being held, put on to blanket in basket with other puppies, bitch/mother comes to inspect babies/puppies
Cut to various shots of white Poodle bitch lying down with five puppies feeding.
Cut full face of Chou Chou ; profile of Chou Chou.
Cut to group of Samoyeds sitting on garden seat/park bench;
CU heads of dogs.

10:00 CU two puppies being carried.
Cut to Long Haired Yorkshire Terrier being groomed, silver trophy on table behind dog; Yorkshire Terrier with perm papers in fur.
CU grooming, dog sitting on a large cushion.
Various shots of West Highland Terriers two dogs, bitch with pups feeding
CU bright eyed puppy being held, puppy walking around blanket, pup feeding
Cut to various shots of Skye Terriers
Cut to three Scottish Terriers on leads, standing; Scottish and Airedale Terriers standing together.
CU panning shot of Scottish Terrier pups
CU head of Scottie;
Cut to Scottie and Wire Haired Terrier playing tug o" war with stick in yard.
Cut to man, lady and girl carrying puppy walking back to car parked in yard, man opens car door.
Cut to CU of child holding puppy towards lady who pats and smoothes it down, girl cuddles pup then gets into car, man and lady shake hands, man lifts his hat.
Cut to view from behind lady towards car as it drives off, fade out
Fade into young girl sitting at a table with Scottie puppy, smartly dressed gentleman talking to her: He takes dog food and puts into bowl:
CU of smiling girl holding lively puppy; man spoons canned dog meat into bowl and pours liquid from cup into it, mixes it all together.
CU dish of food, man holding fork and spoon, man puts dish onto tiled floor, puppy eats (tail wagging); fade to older pup feeder from larger bowl;
Cut to man preparing food bowl tips dog biscuits from packet into hand before putting in bowl; picks up open can of dog food and pours gravy from tin over dog meal;
spoons meat into bowl, cut up and mixes all together,
fade to CU man holding four bone shaped dog biscuits, places them into bowl, fade out.
Fade into MCU girl sitting at table with puppy on lap, adult Scottie on table, man with towel around waist at 'Belfast" sink, turns on tap; brings enamel bath to table, pats adult dog;
CU girl holding puppy; man tests water temperature with elbow; picks up box labelled 'Fomo for dogs'; takes out bottle and unscrews lid, turns lid over to form applicator, screws into place.

15:00 Man places bottle on table; picks up adult dog and places in enamel bath; various shots of wetting coat, applying shampoo and rubbing into coat watched by young girl and puppy;
Man rinses off dog by pouring water from enamel jug, lifts dog out of bath, removes towel from around waist and dries dog.
Various shots of drying procedure with girl watching. Man picks up small book and offers it to girl: 'Spratts Guide To Dog Management" 1/6 nett showing young girl holding dog, fade out
Fade into living room scene; young male holding Scottie puppy while young girl offers it tit-bit; girl smoothes it down.
Cut to girl playing ball with puppy in the park; street scene with shops (sun blinds extended); girl walks along pavement carrying basket and puppy.
CU of puppy walking along path and out of gate.
Cut to sitting room, lattice window, lead black fireplace with horse brasses, vase of flowers, dining table and chairs (bowl of fruit on table).
Various shots of lady talking with girl as she takes off school uniform hat and coat. Lady gets up and goes to telephone.
CU lady speaking on phone which is on table with vase of flowers, latticed window behind.
Cut to smartly dressed gentleman sitting at office desk with picture on wall behind.

20:00 External view and road outside Battersea Dog's Home, traffic scenes.
Cut to internal shot of man and girl entering office; lady meets them across counter/desk and completes paperwork.
CU man signing form, lady passes man piece of paper, man and girl walk away from lady.
Cut to external shot of door, man and girl come out through it and down steps into yard area.
Panning shot following couple as they meet keeper/attendant; dog approaches group and is patted by man and girl.
Various shots men and girl looking into cages/kennels at a variety of dogs and a variety of dogs looking out through bars, wire etc. Little girl looks sad and shakes head.
Shot of corridor inside kennels, bitch with newborn pups; girl in school uniform and smartly dressed many carrying coat walk across yard, up steps to door with words 'Way Out" on it.
Fade to 50's living room scene mother, father, son and daughter. Mother/woman mending, daughter/girl writing both sitting at the table.
Father/man walks across room, picks up book and walks back to easy chair and sits down; Son/boy with hands in his pockets gazes out of latticed window, goes to turns off radio,
leans on back of chair and talks to family members;
CU Mother/woman/lady mending
CU Father/man sitting in arm chair, smoking pipe and holding book; removes pipe and talks

25:00 MCU woman, boy and girl around table. Boy gets up and goes out.
Cut to external view of front door as boy open it; smaller boy is invited into house
Cut to inside living room; small boy comes in carrying puppy; family excited by return of puppy; young boy sits in chair talking with family members listening; girl holding puppy, father smoking pipe.
CU girl holding puppy and talking; man takes out wallet and hands younger boy two bank notes; young boy gets up and shakes hands with family;
girl carrying puppy talks to boy as they walk out watched by rest of family.
External shots of front door as girl sees boy out and smiling waves goodbye and waves pup's paw

The End

27:28 The Tail Waggers Club Membership Medallion inscribed 'I help my pals"