Opens with various shots of concrete buildings (early 1950s) Detailed explanation of advantages of pre-stressed concrete with testing then how concrete slabs are made.

Year of Production: 1955

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 16 mins 28 secs

Shot List


Factory with chimneys/office building Flats with balconies - bright sunlight and shadows Overhead shot flats - children playing on grass Suburban road with cars Hydro-electric power station More flats Men handling slabs - working on roof with scaffolding Animation: reinforced concrete's effectiveness Animation: various floors / stresses placed on loads Slabs of concrete being tested - men measuring slabs - outdoors Men placing concrete blocks on slab Man testing wire - MCU weigh dial Man putting concrete cube on balance scales Block under pressure - man working lever - concrete breaks More tests on concrete slabs Man feeding wires through plates - put along bed Men handling steel bars - fitting on floor Man using drill on steel bar Wires being stretched. Concrete being pouredfrom skip - spread by hand by workmen Various shots - layering steel plates - pouring concrete. Many workmen involved. End of reel.