Narrative account of building oil pipeline to Tehran. Commentary in English by Iranian and English narrators. Problem of building line through mountains. Surveying preparing plans; making and shipping pipes welding pipes and digging line (Reel 1).

Reel 2: Preparation of pipes for laying; laying pipes; irrigation channels and rivers. Building pumping station. Street scenes of Isfahan. Bridging the river gorge with aerial views of mountains. Government inspection of last length. Contrast of ox plough and tractor for future of Iran

Year of Production: 1957

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: Reel 1 17 mins 50 secs Reel 2 16 mins 50 secs

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Narrative of building of pipeline for oil to Tehran. Two voices one Iranian one English. Opening views of Tehran surveying team in rugged mountain scenery. Map showing terrain diagram showing pipe line. Office and factory in Britain - building diesel engines pipes; loading on ships in Glasgow.
Delivery pipes in Middle East - unloading pies bulldozers blasting - digging/ditchers joining and bending pipes Preparation for pipe-laying pipe-wrapping machine. Native well - importance of irrigation - laying pipe through river. Building of pumping station. Isfahan - mosque - street scenes
Shah Abbas Bridge/bridge for pipeline. More pipe laying pipe testing. Government officials inspect last section. Agriculture - contrast ox ploughing
and tractor.