Advertising the virtues of 'Green's Sponge Mixture'. Shows the journey from being manufactured in the factory through being used by an ordinary housewife and then to the finished cake. Brief opening shots Glyndebourne and Brighton. Young housewife in kitchen has no cake - goes to Grocer's is sold Green's cake mix and 2 eggs (and she doesn't pay for them!). Film shows factory and housewife making
sponge cake.

Year of Production: 1950s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 16 mins 36 secs

Shot List


Ext. view of Glyndebourne LS countryside with cows Brighton: Garden pier with coach on promenade Beach - children upturned boats 'Green's' van drives along road Ext view Green's works - van drives past buildings Sacks of flour being hauled up Flour drying - mixing - by machine Young woman in kitchen: weighing breaking eggs etc. CU pan boiling over Hands working pan - woman at sink - then folding washing Grocer's: middle aged woman at counter with basket being served. Grocer's shelf - young mother talking to grocer. Factory: Woman at machine filling and packing sponge mixture. Laboratory: scales: man pouring (what?) MCU hands putting pudding in basin MCU hand stirring pan / making fruit flan. Cook taking sponge cake from oven - turning it out CU pan pouring into mould Business men round table tasting cakes etc. Kitchen: woman greases tins: flours tins: Hands break two eggs into basin: whisking: stirring in mixture: pouring into tins CU: Timer Hands sprinkling sugar onto greaseproof paper - turning out cakes - spreading with jam. Women filling bags at factory. Trolley with boxes Wagon pulls out of factory High Street stores / 'Belgravia Dairies' shop Table of cakes puddings etc. CU Fruit cake Young woman with cakes and pack shot.