The women of the office and warehouse at Freeman's tell their own story of the work of their departments and show where mistakes are likely to occur. The firm's agents also describe the effect of errors on themselves and their customers
Details of the working of the Freeman's catalogue company:processing of orders; packing; Freeman's agents; what happens when things go wrong with orders.

Year of Production: 1965

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 17 mins 2 secs

Shot List


Ext MS Night scene:Outside warehouse/Factory.
00:01 TITLE Int Cu Torch shining on parcels.
00:12 MS Watchman walking through warehouse shining torch.
00:17 MCu Torch shining on benches and parcels.
00:33 Cu Still photo.Victorian house front.
00:52 Cu Still photo.Window ' Freeman's'.
00:57 MS Torch light moving along panelled walls reveals series of portraits-Four men in suits.
01:01 Cu Torch lights up Freeman's catalogues Edwardian.Series of stills show: Lady's vain wear/ Lady's corsets/ Lady's black stockings and
shoes/ Lady's boots/ pram/ boy's sailor outfit with toy boat/ Reliance treadle sewing machine/ paraffin lamps/ Horn gramophone/ wall clock/
alarm clock(with bell on top) -all with prices.
01:15 Ext LS Exterior Freeman's office-warehouse:vans and cars passing on road.
01:35 Int MS Elderly woman clocking on.
01:43 Int MS Elderly women coming upstairs towards camera all in hats and coats.
01:48 MS Woman in office opening letters.
02:04 Ext MCu Middle aged woman closing house door.
02:08 Int MS Housewife in apron with carpet sweeper.
02:11 Ext MS Woman with handbag at house door.Door opens housewife takes catalogue goes in.
02:13 Int MS Woman in armchair picks up and reads catalogue.
02:26 Cu Double page of catalogue showing women's dresses(50's style) pages turn.
02:29 MCu Woman with glasses looking at catalogue with bottle on table she drinks cup of tea.
02:34 MLS Large office space:rows of women sorting mail.
02:42 MS Tracking shot elderly woman sorting mail. Cu Hands sorting forms.
03:10 Cu Elderly woman with glasses.Sequence of Cu.Forms and elderly women.
03:13 MS Woman in overall weighing bundle of forms.
03:39 MS Office:Young woman carrying bundle of papers.
03:45 Tracking shot Women at stacks of cards. Mcu Woman filing forms and cards.
03:59 Cu Punch card.
04:11 Series of MCu and Cu women sorting cards. MCu Young woman blowing nose.
04:34 Repeated Cu of forms and punch cards. MS Women in line checking forms and cards.
05:29 Sequence of Cu women's faces and card checking. Overhead MS Lines of women at desks checking cards.
05:52 Cu Hands unrolling bundle of forms and cards.
06:16 Cu Hands putting cards in container.
06:26 Cu Printer processing lists.
06:34 Cu Printed cards being fed into pile.
06:45 Tracking shot. More women checking forms.
06:53 MCu Young women sorting forms into flip type files.
07:11 Tracking shot. Women at franking/stamping machines.
07:24 Cu Stamping machine at work.
07:34 Cu Trays of pins.
07:51 Cu Women joining forms together.
07:58 MS Four of women stamping with rubber stamps.
08:08 Various Cu women's faces(middle aged-elderly) Ext LS Freeman's building.
08:35 Ext LS Modern(1950's)Freeman's building:steel glass and brick.
08:37 Ext MLS Freeman's lorry driving towards camera-passes estate car followed by Morris van.
08:39 Int MCu Forms being dropped into trays.
08:45 Int Cu Numbers being stamped on crates.(4285 etc.)
08:52 MS Warehouse-shelves stacked with bundles overalled women walking through.
09:00 MS Women taking towels from shelves.MS Women collecting various wrapped goods from the shelves.
09:15 MS Two women talking three women pass:all with wrapped sheets etc.
09:28 Overhead MS Goods being sorted.
09:36 Sequence of women packing and sorting.Overhead MLS Large stacks of shoe boxes.
10:14 MCu Young woman taking down shoe box. MCu Chubby woman tieing up box.
10:31 MS Woman at home.Catalogue in front of window.She gets up and looks through window.
10:44 Ext MS Woman at door:dark clothes hat large hand bag.First woman opens door and shakes head second woman leaves.
10:53 Int Cu Working in plastic bowl.
11:10 Ext MS Woman hands iron to second woman over hedge.
11:11 Int MCu First woman opening parcel-sheet-woman express disgust re-wraps parcel.Woman picks up pen and starts to write.
11:14 Cu Form being opened.
11:39 MLS Women writing at desk.
11:44 Tracking shot. Open plan office-Women handling forms etc.
11:56 MS Woman handing papers through window of office.
12:11 MLS Open plan office woman speaking into dictaphone. Cu Dictaphone reels.
12:23 MS Woman in office with fireplace opening letters.
12:28 Cu Woman shaking head. MS Woman expresses exasperation searches through papers. MLS Open plan office with racks of papers.
12:46 Ext LS Couple walking along suburban street:Morris van parked.
12:53 Cu First woman's face-arguing.
12:59 Cu Second woman responding. MS Kitchen:First woman in apron holding little girl sobbing at table.-Cooker in background.
13:07 Cu Girl crying: hands over face.
13:13 MCu Two women:First standing second sitting. Tracking shot-Women at benches sorting parcels.
13:27 Cu Various women's faces. MCu Woman takes shoes out of box.
13:41 MCu Woman packing large paper bags.
13:49 MS Woman stapling bags by machine.
13:55 Cu Stapling machine. MS Woman wrapping large parcels in corrugated paper.
14:06 Cu Woman wrapping parcels. Cu Wrapping large parcels in paper and tieing.
14:18 MS Conveyor belt with parcels.
14:28 Cu Stack of parcels. Cu Weighing machine(pointer@oz)
14:39 Cu Parcels labelled. MS Men in overalls collecting parcels from conveyor.
14:50 Men putting sacks in van. Ext MLS Post office van leaving yard.
14:55 Ext MLS Freeman's lorry leaving building.
15:01 Int Cu Pages of catalogue being turned-rapidly showing luggage carpets.Recap of various previous previous shots.
15:07 MLS Women putting on cardigan powdering noses.
15:29 MLS Speeding up-Women leaving benches hurrying to doors going down stairs. Ext MS Speeded up-leaving building.
15:42 Int MLS Empty desks offices.
15:47 MS Return to opening shot-warehouse-the dark. MS Night watchman shining torch along rows.
16:10 Ext MS Night watchman locks doors and walks away.