Outlines the different processes involved in the steelworks factories looks at both the general workers and the work done by the scientists higher up. Old bus approaching; destination Ebbw Vale. Several buses off-loading workers at Richard Thomas & Baldwins Ltd Steelworks. Workers at factory gate.Animated diagrams explaining the making of steel and casting into ingots. Coils and sheets of steel. Top shot of
steelworks surrounded by Welsh mountains. Steam train delivering raw materials (iron ore limestone and coal). Shots of white hot coal coming out of oven breaking up and being transported in carts. Tall chimneys billowing out big clouds of smoke. Very good shots of steel workers. Very atmospheric - heat reflected on faces.Steel mixer. Two processes of making steel: Bessemer Converter and Open Hearth Process. Workers taking samples of steel. Thermometers pressure gauges.Workers feeding fires in open hearth process using big shovels. Nice shots of test laboratory.

Year of Production: 1948

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 21 mins

Shot List


LS country road with bus MS single deck bus entering town MS bus front: destination: Ebbw Vale Titles General view - bus station: buses workmen getting off Pan along road to factory MS workmen getting off double-decker (bus ad: Guinness) MS men going through factory gates Animation sequence: (damaged film) Mechanical digger Railway trucks labelled Coal shaft Truck on conveyor Furnace as monster -
iron into tub Furnace as pig Steam train/ingots being hammered and rolled sheets and rolls of steel / rolling / more rolling Cutting / coating / stacking Aerial view: steel factory withchimneys MS two men (one smoking) study papers LS steam trains Marshalling yards with trucks Trucks being typed Bunkers like silos Coke ovens Man (driving crane?) (opening ovens?) Ram pushing into oven Red hot coke pouring
into trucks Large square chimney steaming/smoking General view blast furnaces Truck going up inclined plane Slag running down Slag pouring into truck Worker with long pipe MCU workers' faces Intercutting men' faces tapping furnace glowing iron Blast of iron/men with prod Furnace blowing Iron flowing Man in control cab - hand on control Foundry: views of steam; men working Steam sheeting engine Pouring molten iron into converter CS steel sparking Iron pouring with lots of steam Various shots Bessemer Converter - lots of fire and steam CU pressure gauge Converter rotated - flames Intercut with men working levers Workers with goggles looking up Ladle dipped into steel Workers with goggles Checking into steel through shield Worker looking through dark glass Large furnaces being loaded Furnace door closing Men sampling with ladle; with goggles Workers shovelling into furnace General view lab (all men)Various test tubes Workers using long oxygen blow-pipe End.