Yachting on the Norfolk Broads

Year of Production: 1957

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 17 mins 40 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:00:00:00 TITLE 'NORFOLK BROADS HOLIDAYS AFLOAT' ms two young women setting off in yacht ms motor cruiser / boat towards and past camera ms motor yacht past aerial shot Norfolk Broads showing village and boats and water vs people sailing yachts and motor cruisers ms large iron bridge opening to let boats through tracking shot past houses on shore and moored yacht vs harbour and boat houses ms family arrives to begin holiday on motor cruiser ms adults putting life jackets on children mcu adults on children go below deck mcu woman opens oven / cooker and looks inside mcu finger pressing light switch of 30s Bakelite wall lamp mcu boy turns on radio and presses ear to it mcu boy opens cupboards and drawers in cabin mcu man teaching man and boy how to operate boat inc steering cu boy stands on boat looking out cu hand pointing at various places on map low < shot boat flags flying pan left across boat yards with moored boats 00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 mcu man waves to camera tracking shot past green fields cu boy looks out from boat ms boat under low bridge mcu woman washing
up in boat's sink ms woman making bed mcu man fishing on bank of river mcu fish on fishing line and in net ws small pub / tavern in countryside ms woman and man walk away from The Bridge Inn pan right across grass to moored boat ms three men take provisions / food to boat mcu man and boy steer boat ms family walking through woods cu water lilies in river cu butterflies and flowers ms family walk past country church ws South Walsham twin churches with horse and cows grazing in fg mcu man in shorts looks at Caister Castle with pan up to ruined tower ws Norwich Cathedral pan up to stained glass window in interior ms man and woman walk past Cathedral ws St Bennet's Abbey with watercolour artist working in fg vs artist painting mcu man dives into river from boat and joins group of women ms people sunbathe on motor cruiser ms group of people in swimsuits listen to man playing guitar on boat deck

00:10:00:00-00:17:40:13 high < family running across beach to camera ms group of small boys dig in sand on beach with sea in bg ws boys play in sand with Great Yarmouth pier in bg ms roller coaster at Great Yarmouth vs children at fun fair at Great Yarmouth vs speedboats and hydroplanes racing on Norfolk Broads ws fireworks exploding above Broads vs sailing regatta on Broads ws yacht past with windmill in bg mcu three young women learning to sail yacht with windmill in bg vs young women sailing yacht vs yacht crashing into bank of reeds mcu woman hurriedly pulls sail down and pushes boat clear from bank ms young woman waves at passing motor cruiser vs Wroxham with traffic and people shopping cu young woman cooks tomatoes and eggs in frying pan ms three young women eat food and drink tea below deck cu swan with cygnets on Broads vs bird life cu women feed ducks and hold quacking duckling ms women sail past on yacht tracking shot past green fields with yacht into view vs young women arriving at The Pleasure Boat Inn and look at poster advertising dance ms women dancing with partners to jazz band cu man playing clarinet ms men and women dancing cs men and women at barbecue inc eating spare ribs vs boats and birds on Broads at sunset

Ext. MCU Two women in shorts handling lines on yacht
00.11 MS Yacht sails away
00.16 MLS Motor launch towards camera
00.23 MLS Auxiliary yacht - sails furled
00.23 MLS Yacht sails into shot close to bank
00.31 Aerial LS Fields and water small village
00.47 Tracking aerial shot - yachts and motor launches
00.53 MS Yacht tacking towards bank turns - straightens course - motor launch passes towards camera
00.58 MS Yacht sailing towards camera
01.22 MS Motor cruiser passes camera man steering woman and boy on bow - man then woman on stern
01.30 Yacht sails away/cruiser towards camera MLS Panning shot yachts and cruisers against background of houses and boat yards
01.49 MLS Metal swing bridge open for boats passing through
01.56 MS Yacht anchored in board yard
02.01 Panning shot launches moored by bank
02.10 LS+MS General views of variety of boats sailing and tied up
02.25 LS Boat yard by road car parked. Family parents and boy and girl walk along quay to motor cruiser MS Boy and girl fitted with life jackets
02.42 MCU Mother (in glasses) gets into boat followed by children father (bald) and owner
02.54 Int MCU Mother and children in cabin go through door
03.04 Mother (in hat) inspects gas oven. Boy in life jacket comes back through door Int CU Hand switching on typical 50s wall light
03.18 Int MCU Boy switches on plastic radio - opens drawers Mother smiling sits down Ext MS Owner shows father controls - mother in sun glasses comes on
deck. Ext MCU Boy watches men at boat controls
03.43 MLS Cruiser sails towards camera
03.49 MS All on deck seen against background of harbour
03.57 MCU Owner demonstrating controls to father
04.05 MCU Hand pushing lever back MS Yacht passing cruiser on left
04.15 CU Boy's head seen against background of houses MS Cruiser passes camera - moored boats in back- ground CU Map of Broads hand pointing
04.34 MCU Two men studying map MCU Two pennants flying red and white blue
04.45 LS Single span bridge over narrows
04.49 Panning shot around boat yard: cruisers and yachts: showing signs: "Broads Haven" M.T. Parcival" MS Family set off from boat yard in cruiser
05.14 MCU Man in cardigan waving
05.20 MS Tracking shot - bank of stream MS Yacht sailing towards camera MS Cruiser sailing under low stone and brick bridge
05.46 MS Rowing boat - young man and woman
05.54 Int MCU Mother washing up in cabin
05.59 Int MCU Mother lowers bank - settee/makes up bunk
06.06 Ext MS Angler on bank casts line
06.15 MS Two young men fishing from stern of boat CU Small fish caught on line MS Man reeling in line MCU Net with fish being raised MLS Small country
water-side pub - white-walled
06.40 MLS Thatched pub "Bridge Inn" - couple walking away
06.43 MLS Larger country black and white inn - pan to "Lord Nelson" sign by river
06.48 MS Bungalow - stores - men leaving
07.00 walks past petrol pump to small cruiser - load box on board MCUMan and boy in life jacket
07.19 MS Children and parents climbing out of row boat onto shore + dog MS Family walking through wood MCU Lily pads on pond
07.45 C.U. Red Admiral butterfly
07.50 CU Daisies and poppies CU Purple Emperor butterfly MLS Family walking away from small church (Ranworth?)
08.06 LS Twin church towers: horses and cattle in foreground (South Walsham?)
08.11 MS Man in shorts looking at ruined castle
08.23 Caister Castle - Panning shot castle tower Aerial LS Norwich Cathedral
08.40 Int MLS Looking through doorway to gate house MS Panning to west window - stained glass Ext MLS Couple walk up steps - white house with round
gable to right (Dutch style)
08.55 LS River bank with trees
09.05 LS Round tower with ruin
09.12 St. Bennet's Abbey (?) MS Man in shorts no shirt sketching Abbey MCU Man painting MS Man diving in water - swims under - in trunks - surfaces by 3
women swimmers - women swimmers in swimming caps MCU Man getting out of water into boat
09.44 MCU Woman in swimming costume sun-bathing
09.49 MLS Launch coming to camera - men and women
09.54 MLS Crowd women and men in bathing costumes sitting on motor launch: one playing guitar - cut to MS Two women and two men running along beach
10.19 MS Three boys in shorts digging at water's edge -
10.20 Little girl runs past LS Beach with people digging going in sea etc. near Lowestoft
10.28 MLS Switchback ride/miniature railway/Yarmouth MS Two little boys in shorts being led by larger boy past fun fair
10.35 MS Roundabout - man standing in foreground hitting punch ball
10.38 MLS Rocket style ride MS Hydroplane
10.43 comes into shot/hydroplane racing MS/MLS Various speed boats LS Fireworks in night sky - falling into water
11.05 LS Burning boat - (symbolic)
11.25 MLS Yachts rounding buoy
11.30 MLS Yachts sailing past camera MLS Yacht sails past windmill
11.46 MS Three young women hauling on lines
12.00 Various shots of yacht and young women MCU Swans at water's edge out of water
12.35 MCU Reeds
12.49 CU Hands with rope LS Yacht sailing into reeds
12.53 MS Woman taking in sail - second woman pushing pole against bank LS Yacht coming off reeds MS Young woman waving at passing cruiser
13.30 LS Street scene: car driving towards camera
13.38 Shop at side: long building in background shopping centre - women crossing road in front of shop Int CU Woman picking up frying pan with eggs and
13.53 MS 2 women at small table - first woman serves eggs with knife - woman pours tea MCU 2 women one eating eggs and bacon
14.08 CU Woman eating CU Swan's neck and head
14.21 MS Swan and cygnets MLS Coot or Moorhen on land
14.36 MLS Heron standing in water
14.40 MS Women leaning over boat feeding ducks
14.43 CU Woman holding duckling CU Duckling held up to camera
14.57 MLS Yacht sailing to camera - past camera
15.02 LS Rowboat one rower and yacht
15.34 MLS Yacht sailing past camera sails billowing - tacks round
15.47 MLS White painted pub cars outside
16.08 "Pleasure Boat Inn" women going through gate MS Three women go to look at poster MCU Poster advertising dance - sailor and mermaid
16.25 Int MS Couples dancing band in background. Ballroom dancing - quick step
16.29 MCU Bald saxophone player
16.39 Ext MS Group round outdoor fire - man handing round frying pan - people picking out food
16.47 MCU Woman with string of pearls picks piece of meat drops it shakes fingers MCU Man in glasses and woman taste food MLS Cruiser sailing away from
camera dusk
17.08 MLS Swan in silhouette flies off water in dusk
17.10 Duck lands on water setting sun on water LS From deck of boat sun setting over water
17.18 LSSolitary rower with swans seen against sunset
17.23 End