Survey of provision for old people. Problems of family life - different provisions: institutions hostels almshouses. Example from Liverpool and Salford of joint venture local authority and W.V.S.

Interview with women in Salford house with film of interiors and gardens.
Good mixture of v/o and interviews - no overt advertising. Sensitive commentary.

Year of Production: 1956

Color or Black and White?: B&W

Running Time: 20 minutes

Shot List

Time Code Int CU Pair of old hands. Rings. Hands over pension book at Post Office. Other hands take it.
00:52 Int CU Post Office hands over money and pension book. Old hands take them
01:10 Int CU Hand; Key; Door opens
01:14 Int CU Tea pot and water from kettle; checked tablecloth
01:18 Int CU Hands knitting. Old hands take knitting from young hands
01:27 Int MCU Man takes off glasses. Sits back in chair and speaks to camera
01:40 Int CU Man talks to camera
01:59 Int MCU Traditional sitting room. Working class. Woman reads paper. Woman knits
02:03 Int MCU woman gets up and helps old woman
02:11 Int MCU Woman kisses grandma
02:17 Int MCU Woman organises sitting room
02:25 Int MCU Bedroom. Woman. Grandmother. Preparing for bed.
02:33 Int CU Woman helps grandmother undress
02:39 Int CU Young woman arranges her hair. Unpins it in front of mirror.
02:48 Int CU Young woman brushes hair to camera
02:56 Int CU Girl brushes hair. Looks at herself in mirror. Mantlepiece
03:00 Ext MCU Old person climbs stairs. Boys run down. Old person picks up milk bottle.
03:11 Ext MCU Stairs. Boys playing. Milkman. 3 milk bottles. Woman climbs stairs
03:24 Ext MCU Old men on bench outside; old house
03:42 Ext CU Hands on knees; walking stick; newspaper
03:57 Ext MS Large old house (institution); driveway
04:12 Int MS Old people sat in dining room
04:20 Int MCU Old woman sat in bedroom. Dressing table.
04:26 Int MCU Comfortable lounge. Old people sit around
04:31 Int MCU Old people playing cards; fire
04:38 Ext MCU Old people's separate bungalow
04:47 accommodation Ext CU Bungalow window
04:48 Ext MCU Almshouses; trees
04:55 Ext CU Old building; gable; clock "1828"
05:08 Ext MCU Old woman with shopping bag
05:09 walks up drive of old almshouse Ext MCU Union Jack; 'The Guinness Trust'
05:23 Crowd; Queen Mother steps out of car. Shakes hands
05:30 Ext MLS Little girl with flowers; presents flowers to Queen Mother
05:37 Ext MLS Little girl runs off
05:57 Ext MS Crowd wave. Flags. Policeman
06:04 Ext MS Queen Mother in maisonette area; waves
06:09 Int MCU Sink; Radiator; Flowers; Scissors; Old woman reads
06:15 Int CU Old woman reads; glasses
06:29 Int MCU Old woman in hospital bed. Puts down book. Nurse
06:39 Int MCU Woman sat in chair in hospital
06:52 Int MCU Queen Mother unveiling plaque
06:56 Crowd; dignitaries. Ext MS Queen Mother gets back in car;
07:09 Crowds wave Ext MCU Crowds wave hankies
07:25 Int/Ext CU Queen Mother in car; Crowds.
07:29 Ext CU Crowds and policemen. Smiling faces
07:33 Ext MS Man with documents; couple; trees
07:36 Man opens gate and walks through; point at big house
07:58 Ext MCU Couple walks up stairs; walk through door Int MCU Old house; stairs; couple
08:09 Int MCU Bright room; Fireplace
08:15 Ext MCU fire being delivered through gate
08:32 Ext CU Men carry fire
08:37 Int MCU Couple climb stairs
08:46 Int MCU Sink with plumber switching on tap
08:54 Int. CU Sink with running water
09:03 Ext MCU Old house in sun/shade. Mower.
09:11 Ext CU Old woman with mower
09:25 Ext CU Mower
09:28 Int CU Two women chat
09:40 Int CU Old lady's face
09:46 Int CU Young woman's face
09:49 Int MCU two women and photographs
10:23 Int ECU Old photograph of group under tree
10:35 Int ECU Woman points at photograph
10:39 Int MCU Tea table. Women sit around it
10:43 Int CU Two women chat at tea table
10:50 Int CU Women with glasses
10:55 Int mCU Steaming tea cup. Women11:21 Ext MCU Old women chatting on park bench
11:25 Children running Ext CU Woman smiles and nods
11:40 Int MS Woman reading in spacious room
11:44 Int/Ext MS Woman walks through patio door into garden
11:56 Ext MS Woman walks down steps into garden
11:58 Ext ECU Rockery
12:07 Int CU Bathroom; woman with towel runs bath
12:26 Int MCU Two women in kitchen
12:45 Int CU Women's faces (various) old
12:54 Int MCU Women in kitchen
13:04 Int MCU Woman with arm in sling
13:10 Int MCU Woman reading in bedsit. Garden through window. Woman comes in for a chat
13:17 Int CU Old woman in spotted dress. Rocks.
13:48 int CU Warden with a curious look on her face
13:54 Int CU Old woman's hands
14:22 Ext MS Cobbled Street; terraced houses
14:34 Little girl walks up street Ext MCU Back alleys
14:39 Int CU Old woman stands up
14:56 Int MCU Old woman does exercises for warden
15:10 Int CU Old woman
15:29 Int CU Warden (pleased
15:30 Int CU Old woman laughs
15:33 Int MCU Boy scouts climb steps; carry coal
15:36 Int CU Girl guide with shopping bag and list
15:46 Ext MCU Town clerk of Salford and companions
15:54 climbs steps Int MCU Interview between man and woman
16:20 Int CU Shots of man's face/woman's face (various)
16:28 Int ECU Man speaks to camera
18:29 Ext MS Men walk to work
18:48 Ext CU Feet walking
18:49 Ext MCU Crowd climbing on bus
18:54 Ext MCU Crowd in town
18:56 Int MCU two old women drinking tea
19:01 Int CU Old woman smiling
19:13 Int CU Nice old lady in spotted dress
19:21 Int MCU Woman reading in sitting room
19:29 Int CU Girl doing her hair