Opens with coach and horses pulling up at C18 shop. Then blue modern coach at Huntley & Palmer factory. Guided tour of : reception hall - v processes - cheese and butter cutting. Unloading flour: machinery mixing rolling cutting continuous belt of biscuits. Sampling selecting sorting packing. Hand packing of tins. Warehouse with biscuit tins and warehouse man with lists; biscuits at dock side; Huntley & Palmer lorries; shots of hand icing cakes shots of birthday cakes etc and royal tin (Coronation?). Interior of BOAC air liner.Final brief shot Jaguar sports car passing coach.

Year of Production: 1958

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 16 mins

Shot List


Ext MCU Horse and carriage. Stage coach Ext CU Bugle player Ext ECU Detail of carriage Ext MCU Huntley and Palmer. Small bakery shop. Baker Ext MLS London Street. Reading. Old Street. Stage coach. Ext MCU Stage coach. Girls deliver snacks from bakery. Ext MS Stage coach and bakery girls Ext MCU Man takes biscuit Ext MLS Old coach. Old factory. Sign 'Huntley and Palmer" Ext MCu Girls dressed in smart white uniform. Guide. Ext CU Sign above entrance 'Huntley and Palmer. By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen" Ext MCU People get off coach. Int MCU People look around biscuit shop. Guide. Glass display cabinets of models and photographs of biscuits. Int CU Woman looks at model of
factory and Reading. Int CU Woman looks at arranged wall display of biscuits. Int MCU Guide talks to group. Leads them out. Int MCU Group in stores looks at displays Int MCU Biscuit ingredients Int MCU Women look at ingredients Int CU Flour honey sugar ginger rum Int CU Woman shovels raisins Int CU Woman pushes glace cherries Int CU Machine sorts almonds Int CU Woman cuts big round cheese Int
CU Flour sifting Int CU Machine turns syrup Int MCU Man sorts cheese Int MS Men and bags of flour Int MCU Guide and party. Biscuits come out of oven golden brown. Int MCU Guide picks biscuit off conveyor belt and passes it to woman. They taste. Int CU Man tests finished biscuit. Weighs and measures Int CU Samples of biscuits selected Int CU Women. H & P uniform Int CU Woman takes out bad biscuits Int CU Biscuits on machine sorted Int CU Biscuits slide down machine Int MCU Crowd watches biscuits slide down machine Int CU Biscuit sorter Int MCU Fat child eats biscuit Int CU Ingredients sorted by machine Int CU Honey goes into centre of milk and honey biscuits Int ECU Lemon flavoured cream maker Int
ECU Rich chocolate coating on biscuits Int MS Biscuit making machine. Female worker. Packer. Int MCU Packing machine. Cornish wafers. Int MCU Finished packaged biscuit Int CU Colourful foil packs on rolls Int MCU Biscuits n packets Int CU Woman takes off packets of lemon puffs and packs them in a box. Int CU Savoury biscuits in packets being packed (various) in boxes and taped. Int CU Decorated cake Int CU Decorative tin. Lithograph. Queen and Prince Philip CU Int Various lithograph tins Int CU Cartographers vision of the world on a biscuit tin Int MCU Cart and packing box Int CU Warehouse man with clipboard Int CU Man turns over pages of notebook. Japanese. Int CU Man writes in notebook Int CU Biscuits pass along conveyor belt Ext MCU Docks. Sailor. Biscuits onto ship Ext MCU Ship; Flat Ext MS 'Huntley and Palmer" biscuit lorry Int MCU Air hostess on aeroplane. Trolley. Coffee; tea; biscuits Int CU Man smiles in aeroplane seat Int CU Biscuit selection Ext MS 'Huntley and Palmer Biscuits" Lorry. Int MCU Woman buys biscuits in grocery shop. Int CU Man holds colourful packet of biscuits. 'Harrods" on label of jacket. Ext MS Woman and guide leave building. Ext MS Traffic. Old fashioned coach leaves factory. Ext MCU Tour guides wave Ext MCU Royal seal. " Huntley and Palmer" sign. CU Man ices 'The End" on cake.