Film deals in detail with stages of pregnancy reassuring on hospital treatment; deals also with home birth.

Year of Production: 1960

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 17 mins 28 secs

Shot List


Colour film ; no sound

00:00:00:00 - 00:05:00
CU young woman / mother sitting up / semi-recumbent in bed smiling as nurse shows her new born baby wrapped in blanket.

MLS health visitor talking to pregnant woman on doorstep of house, rose garden in fg. >Cu of two women walking. Health visitor walks away leaving pregnant woman standing alone in front of bay window before waving and going indoors. MLS nurse / sister / matron / midwife carrying baby down steps outside hospital, another nurse and mother / young woman / young lady in the group. CU smiling face nurse wearing nurse's cap tied under chin. CU clematis climbing up side of brick building with 'Midwife' sign alongside window. CU dial telephone as hand lifts receiver < lady / midwife sitting in chair with magazine on her lap talking on the telephone. Vase of flowers on table beside telephone in front of window. CU lady speaking on telephone nodding head and smiling.

CU nurse / sister wearing glasses looking down. Pan down to young mum / mother sitting up in bed breast feeding. Nurses in hospital corridor outside office / nurse station. Group of student nurses sitting in circle with trained nurses large chart / diagram in bg. Group of pregnant ladies sitting in waiting room reading magazines as trained nurse and trainee nurse enter the room and talk to one of the ladies. Regular check up procedure follows - CU male doctor reading / writing patient's notes with young lady / woman sitting on opposite side of desk to him. Fade into young woman coming to sit on chair beside desk where young nurse has patient's notes open in front of her. Nurse and patient talking and filling in notes. X-ray viewing box, sink and towel rail. CU Avery (stand on) patient's weighing machine. CU nurse standing by open medicine / testing cabinet where a urine sample is tested for SG (specific gravity) on the drop down lid. CU nurse holds up urine specimen. CU doctor wearing white coat listening to young woman's chest using stethoscope while nurse / sister / midwife stands alongside examination table which has white sheet
covering patient's torso. CU examination of breast and nipple. CU student nurse. CU young woman. MCU student and trained nurse examining young pregnant woman. Checking teeth, taking blood pressure using mercury filled conventional / manual blood pressure machine (sphygmomanometer) CU two vials of blood on Pathology request form. CU checking tightness of wedding ring on left hand. CU checking for swelling on feet and ankles. CU young woman lying on examination table as trained nurse helps her to sit up. CU as nurse and patient talk and nurse hands woman various leaflets and paperwork. CU Co-operation record card for maternity patients patient's notes. Threefold notes opened to reveal recorded information and space for up to week 40. MCU young pregnant woman lying on examination table covered by sheet.
Senior nurse turns back sheet to reveal patient's abdomen. > examination of abdomen. CU student nurse listening to foetus via conical listening aid.

00:05:12:00 00:10:00:00
MCU pregnancy / relaxation class nurse talking to ladies sitting on row of chairs. Chart / diagram / flip chart showing development of foetus. Chart showing 'Diet During Pregnancy'. CU Health Visitor
middle-aged lady wearing tweed suit and spectacles. MCU young pregnant woman modelling maternity dress. Other maternity clothes on display board. CU legs and feet of nurse and pregnant woman.
CU matinee coats / cardigans. CU nurse standing by and pointing at flip chart / diagram of 'The Breasts'. Nurse holding / showing clear nipple shield. Tray laid up with baby feeding equipment. Two women lying on floor in relaxation position. Cu woman asleep. MCU group of ladies standing around as medical equipment, hand held gas mask, is demonstrated. CU nurse with doll on her lap
demonstrating how to put a nappy on.

Male doctor examining pregnant woman's abdomen. Hands manipulating abdomen in attempt to turn baby. Listening with listening device.. CU head and shoulders of young woman lying on examination
table. MCU female doctor, nurse and pregnant woman > doctor taking patient's blood pressure with a sphygmometer, checking hands and feet for swelling. CU swollen / oedematous legs - showing pitting
oedema. Ladies at reception desk, one lady leaves through double doors.

Panning shot as London ambulance drives away from suburban house. CU man sitting next to woman in hospital bed while nurse completes paperwork. Pregnant women in dressing gowns sitting around
reading. Pregnant woman lying in hospital bed as nurse gives her an injection in her thigh.

00:10:00:00 00:15:00:00

CU young woman / mother sitting up / semi-recumbent in bed smiling as nurse shows her new born baby wrapped in blanket. Young mum sitting on chair holding new born baby while young man crouches
beside her smiling and touching the baby. MCU nurse picking baby out of cot and handing to woman sitting up in bed (at home) as district nurse / health visitor enters the room. Health visitor walking up
garden path and ringing doorbell. Little boy running out of door as it is opened by his mother. Lady and midwife, little boy and nurse entering house. Lady and two nurses entering contemporary bedroom.
Wooden chest of drawers with free standing swing mirror. Nurse checks bedroom for suitability for home delivery. Tear off calendar months of the year through from October to May with May 8th circled.

Bedroom door opened by man / husband to allow two nurses to enter bedroom of pregnant woman sitting up in bed. Two plastic bowls on wood chest of drawers. CU examination of abdomen. Nurse crouches beside bed and listens to woman's abdomen via listening device whilst looking at wrist watch held in her hand. CU lady in white gown opening top drawer of chest of drawer and removing baby clothes, towels, blankets. CU taps running into white sink / basin white tiles. Panning shot of bedroom MLS lady, reflected in mirror, writing at chest of drawers. Panning shot - door opens as husband shows male doctor into the bedroom. Pregnant lady lying on side in bed, two nurses, doctor and husband standing with hands in his pockets. Various cu of people in room. MCU as nurse hands pregnant woman hand held entenox mask. CU lady using gas and air machine, removes mask from face and looks asleep. Nurse crouches beside bed and listens to abdomen via listening device. MCU medical tray laid up with nurse washing hand in plastic bowl in bg. CU delivery of baby including shots of crowning, nurses wearing mask and gown, delivery of head with eyes being wiped, delivery of baby girl and laying baby on bed behind mother. Nurse clamps and cuts umbilical chord. Delivery of afterbirth / placenta. Cu new born baby lying on blanket kicking legs as umbilical chord is dabbed with cotton wool. MCU nurse wearing mask, cap and gown cleaning eyes of baby wrapped in blanket.

00:15:00:00 00:17:28:00
CU as little boy enters room carrying plate of biscuits followed by dad / man carrying tray of tea in cups with saucers. Little boy eats biscuit as he looks over bed to > nurse with baby on her lap. Nurse
takes baby to mother / lady sitting up in bed. Mother holds baby in her arms as she talks to nurse. CU health authority form recording details of delivery being completed and signed. CU mother (now
dressed) and nurse / midwife as nurse weighs baby (only foot visible) in sling type spring balance weighing scales. Nurse places baby bundle on bed. CU smiling mother. MCU bedroom as two women
(district nurse and health visitor) enter to join nurse and mother holding baby. Nurses leave room leaving

Panning shot midwife and district nurse walking along pavement by brick built houses, stop to talk to lady before she goes into property / house / home. MCU outside hospital as mother gets into front seat of car and nurse hands her her baby before closing car door. Car drives off mother and nurse wave. MCU nurse standing outside hospital waving. Fade out. Cow & Gate Ltd. And the Producer acknowledge with thanks the splendid co-operation received during the production of the film from The Royal College of Midwives,
Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, Kent The West Middlesex Hospital, Islelworth,
The London Borough of Camden & Surrey County Council