Year of Production: 1970s ?

Running Time: 18 mins 50 secs

Shot List


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Opening panning shots over drawing of French town - date 18th June 1799 - birth date of Dr. P. Menieres. > BW portrait of Menieres. CU 'Gazette Medicale' dated 1861

Opening credits superimposed over panning shots of drawing of stately home and countryside.

Electrocochleography and surgical results in Menieres disease

Fade out

Series of ANIMATED black and white drawings of medieval people in conversation indicating hearing problems holding hand up to ear; imps / gremlins hammering on bells (representing tinnitus)
> CU of man's head and ear.

CU colour anatomical drawing of inner and outer ear. > CU inner ear.

CU Electrocochleography machinery oscilloscope. CU female patient having electrode attached to forehead and below ear (over mastoid air cells) Electrocochleographic equipment / earphone being
placed over test ear. MCU of doctor / nurse / patient and test equipment. Dr positioning microscope / equipment to observe patient's inner ear. CU equipment in situ over outer ear. Stainless steel
Teflon coated electrode being inserted which goes through the tympanic membrane to the inner ear.. CU model of inner ear. < to MCU of test procedure as microphone equipment attached to 'test ear'.
Doctor / technician turns to adjust electrocochleograph machinery. > CU lines on oscilloscope. Fade into drawing of inner ear.

00:05:00:00 - 00:10:00:00

Drawing of inner with oscilloscope screen to side. Various CU lines / readings / wave patterns on oscilloscope screen and readings superimposed over diagram of inner ear. CU diagram basilar membrane.
Oscilloscope wave patterns with points N1, P1 and N2 marked. Readings change as volume of stimulus increased. Oscilloscope readings of Cochlea microphonic / bio-electrical potentials.
Normal wave formation / readings compared to readings for recruiting hearing loss / syphilis / acoustic neuroma /Menieres disease.

00:10:00:00 00:15:00:00

Oscilloscope readings. CU diagram basilar membrane separating swollen area / endolymphatic hydrops above and oscilloscope reading below. Series of oscilloscope readings / Electrocochleographic
recordings where patient subjected to certain drug therapies.

Animated sequence drawing of man wearing top hat with white tablets panning across drawing. < drawing of inner ear vertigo / labyrinthitis / labyrinthectomy. CU Medical paper by Dominici Cotunnnii
1860 Aquaeductibus . CU cross section of inner ear. Endolymphatic sac. Diagram of operating procedure.

CU surgical procedure / operation on endolymphatic sac / inner ear / saccus surgery. Mastoid cortex. Diamond burr. Removing thin bone posterior fossa dura. Minute drop of endolymph liquid draining
from operation site.

00:15:00:00 00:18:50:00
Draining tube inserted into sac. Chart showing test results. Chart / diagrams / graph of test results using Glycerol dehydration.

Closing credits over chart of inner ear

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following for their kind co-operation and assistance in making this film:

Fade out.