Film warning of accidents waiting to happen in docks. Opens with coil of rope; stretcher being loaded into ambulance. Various shots dock side: crane loading ships; ships in harbour. Dockers handling cargo

Year of Production: Late 1940s

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 14 mins 52 secs 1362 ft

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 title mcu length of rope of ground with sack and man's cap with pan up to show man on stretcher being loaded into ambulance ms workers / men watch as ambulance drives away ms man talks to camera ws crane lifting timber onto barge ws ship in dock ms man holds chain and hook ms man tests rope pan around docks high < shot of bales / sacks in hold of ship ms man ties knot in rope high < pan around docks vs men take hold cover off and leave it so that man falls over it vs goods are loaded into hold of ship and then stacking them wrongly and correctly in turn inc cu of man dropping box on his foot

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 high < shot of docks showing rows of cranes vs men have accidents as they handle goods wrongly ms man falls over anchor rope (rather theatrically) ms man falls off stacked goods in hold ms man is scooped up by fork lift truck ms man is lifted up by hook as he reads a book on dockside high < shot of dock and ships mcu man has hand bandaged low < shot nurse cleans wound on man's
foot vs men stacking cartons and sacks in warehouse and one man is hit by them as they fall vs men stack cartons correctly and safely

00:10:00:00-00:16:28:06 ws man walks along dockside and is run over by passing truck high < shot from crow's nest of ship's deck as it moves vs crane in operation which crushes man high < shot of ship in harbour vs men / dockers working in hold of ship but they duck as goods dangerouslyswing over towards them ws docks with ships in harbour vs car being swung over to ship's hold ms man signals to crane
driver vs men stacking goods in hold but they are stacked badly and some sacks fall onto men on the dockside ms man talks to camera cu