Follows two groups of students to schools and classes with footage of Poole and London

Year of Production: after 1971

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 18 mins 30 secs

Shot List


ext.l.s. jet airliner in sky
00.04 TITLES int.m.s. plane interior students in seats
00.29 m.c.u. air stewardess with trolley
00.34 m.c.u. two young women (Spanish?) seated in plane
00.41 m.c.u. stewardess pours drink
00.46 ext.m.l.s. plane landing
01.10 int.m.s. young women + stewardess + luggage trolley in airport meet moustachioed man carrying sign
01.12 m.c.u. students on coach
01.31 m.c.u. 4 students playing cards on coach
01.38 m.c.u. young woman smoking
01.45 c.u. animation: map of G.B.: language centres
01.50 ext.m.s. coach [Cosy Coaches] stops outside red-brick building
02.18 m.s. students get out of coach man with clip-board
02.30 c.u. suit-case put into car boot
02.34 m.c.u. young woman through car window
02.40 m.l.s. leafy suburban street detached houses
02.43 m.s. taxi with roof rack stops: driver gets out carries case for young woman goes to door
02.57 int.m.s. middle-age woman goes to glass front door opens stands with woman student
03.20 m.s. two women go upstairs - typical 70s interior
03.34 m.s. bedroom - two women enter look round: student opens wardrobe
03.50 ext.m.l.s. group of students outside red brick building [King's School of English] zoom out to long shot of building
04.09 m.l.s. white painted country restaurant people sitting outside
04.22 m.s. woman with coat over shoulders carrying cup and sandwich: pull back to 2 Asian male students
04.26 m.l.s. students at tables outside house with verandah
04.31 m.c.u. woman student + man with moustache talking; young woman with glasses then woman eating sandwich
04.33 int.m.c.u. man in shirt & tie (teacher) by window
04.38 pull back to: m.s. tracking shot: students sitting at desks teacher walking about gesticulating
04.50 c.u. students: blond female; moustached male
05.05 m.s. teacher with visual aid (Sugar) seen from student's p.o.v.
05.11 c.u. blonde female / teacher intercut
05.32 m.c.u. two shot: blonde female moustache man
05.41 m.c.u. teacher pulls down blackboard writing already on
05.45 m.c.u. blond female white cardigan; male brunette no tie SHOT INTERCUT next sequence
06.04 c.u. dark haired female laughing
06.23 m.s. students in language lab earphones
07.15 c.u. male student with earphones
07.24 m.s. female teacher in front of language lab
07.41 c.u. male student
07.44 ext.m.l.s. trees against sky church with tower
07.49 m.l.s. bridge over river: rowing boat
07.55 m.l.s. white painted detached house
07.58 int.m.s. typical 70s kitchen: family and students at breakfast: mother standing serving toast
08.02 m.c.u. Indian(?) boy at table cooker in background 08.10 ext.m.s. girl and boy come out of french windows onto patio
08.17 m.c.u. dark haired boy
08.23 m.s. children going into:
08.26 m.l.s. residential school building (50s/60s style)
08.30 int.c.u. dark curly-haired male teacher (very young)
08.34 m.s. classroom from teacher's p.o.v.: children sitting at tables
08.36 m.c.u. 2 boys 1 girl dark-skinned intercut with teacher
08.48 m.c.u. two dark-skinned boys
09.06 m.c.u. girl and boy write on blackboard (cat tea etc.) teacher stops them goes to board
09.24 ext.m.l.s. boys running across lawn
10.08 m.s. boys in shorts playing volley ball
10.12 m.s. boys running
10.19 m.s. boys playing knock about football
10.21 m.s. boys playing tennis
10.34 m.s. boy in shorts crossing winning line
10.42 m.s. 2 boys with bows & arrows (archery)
10.45 m.l.s archery target from archer's p.o.v.
10.49 c.u. boy in glasses sighting arrow
10.54 m.s. girl in hard hat gets on grey horse
10.56 m.s. boy in jeans gets on white horse
11.00 m.s. girl on horse 2nd girl mounts piebald
11.02 c.u. adjusting foot in stirrup
11.06 m.l.s. horses and riders leave stables: horses being ridden through countryside
11.12 m.c.u. notice board [POOLE HARBOUR YACHT CLUB]
11.29 m.l.s. young students at Poole harbour marina
11.37 m.s. yachtsman demonstrates life-jacket to students
11.43 m.l.s. motor cruiser at sea: students in life-jackets
11.59 m.l.s. yachts at sea
12.15 l.s. evening sea scape: yachts motor launches sun on water
12.25 l.s. water skier white cliffs in background
12.35 m.c.u. bearded man steers speed boat skier in background
12.44 m.l.s. students sitting on sand dunes bare-chested man hands out sandwiches
12.48 c.u. girl in glasses drinks Pepsi
13.06 c.u. bronzed man eats sandwich
13.09 l.s. Houses of Parliament from coach window man leans to take photo
13.17 m.l.s. H.of P. pointed to from coach window
13.27 m.l.s. Piccadilly Circus crowds buses
13.29 int.c.u. female students on coach
13.35 m.l.s. Trafalgar Square Nelson's Column fountains
13.37 m.l.s. White Tower
13.42 m.s. pan shot along queue outside White Tower
13.44 m.cu. students smiling looking down at:-
13.49 int.m.s. Traitor's Gate
13.51 ext.m.s. Beafeater under arch
13.53 m.s. cannon inside Tower walls students walk past
13.59 m.l.s. male and female student on bicycles leaving building
14.06 m.s. young women struggling to ride small wheeled bikes
14.10 c.u. flared trousers pedals
14.17 m.s. students on bikes on country road
14.19 m.l.s country inn: people tables outside
14.30 int.m.c.u. women students get on top deck of bus
14.40 m.c.u. conductor collects fares [12p each] (N.B. only conductor's hand seen)
15.00 ext.c.u. blond & brunette young women smiling
15.12 m.s. young women outside fashionable clothes shop [CHELSEA GIRL]
15.17 m.s. two young Asian men look in restaurant window
15.21 m.s. students walking down shrubby pathway
15.30 l.s. promenade beach pier in background (Poole)
15.40 int.c.u. moustached man singing to guitar pull back to medium shot
15.44 c.u. hand strumming guitar
16.02 Previous shots intercut m.s. young club audience from singer's p.o.v. - dark
16.13 m.c.u. girl long hair dancing - back lit: black girl ditto - then intercutting young people dancing heads feet lights etc.
16.22 ext.m.s. 2 young women 1 young man sitting at table with crockery
16.43 c.u. young blonde woman smoking
16.57 c.u. young man glasses
17.09 c.u. young woman dark large earrings
17.13 c.u. young man thin faced
17.31 c.u. girl dark large glasses 2nd girl in background
17.45 c.u. boy floppy sun hat
17.59 m.l.s. airplane taking off
18.15 int.c.u. stewardess saying 'an orange squash'
18.26 m.c.u. trolley hands open ring can
18.30 END