Year of Production: 1981

Running Time: 20 mins

Shot List


No Time Codes

This film extols the virtues of a contemporary hospital for people with learning difficulties / physical and mental abnormalities. Numerous clips of people with varying handicaps enjoying daily life as much as is physically possible.

Several MLS 1960's style hospital building set in neatly kept grounds, lawn / grass surrounding buildings; various shrubs, pampas grass, fir trees. MLS patients, under supervision, sitting outside building. Several MLS Victorian style psychiatric style hospital / institutions in pleasant garden setting.

Panning shot of modern hospital buildings with patients / people walking around the grounds, vehicles parked and travelling within the grounds, groups of people standing talking. Cut to CU of patient /
person looking out through window. Pan down to group of people / patients leaving the building in an orderly line.

Cut to CU of cattle and patient / farm worker wearing navy boiler suit and white hat walking past open parlour / barn door. MCU of man walking outside amongst cattle / cows. MLS cows being herded in farmyard variety of farm buildings. Hay / straw storage / barn with mobile ramp / steps to side. MCU farm worker / man grooming / combing cows.

Patients in every day clothes and staff, some in white coats walking around hospital grounds; various activities in bg.

MCU patients sitting on hospital / ward beds. CU member of staff putting callipers onto patient dressed in night shirt and dressing gown; man in white coat helps patient with callipers to stand. CU of iron bedstead with patients and staff visible through bars. Male and female nurses helping patients, one patient in wheel chair. MCU wash room as patients sit at line of sinks washing. Nurses helping patients to wash. CU Male nurse washing and drying patient's face and cleaning his teeth, patient takes beakers of water and drinks it.

MCU meal time as four patients sit around table being waited on by members of staff. Male member of staff steadying patient as he walks across room. CU two male patients, with cereal bowls on table in front of them, drinking cups of tea. MCU Male patient sitting in wheel chair Hoovers / vacuums floor under supervision of uniformed female nurse; panning shot around room residents / patients sitting in wheel chairs and arm chairs. Patients show varying degrees of disability.

CU as patient lifted into and made comfortable on seat in mini bus by two members of staff. CU through window of bus of man / patient sitting rocking forward and backward in his seat. Mini bus moves off through the hospital grounds. CU rear view of man inside mini bus out through front windscreen to group of young people crossing the road as mini bus slows down to allow them to cross, youngsters wave to occupants of mini bus, some wave back. CU patients / men / people sitting inside minibus.

Cut to patients and staff playing game in hospital grounds. One patient sitting in wheelchair at side of floor / ground target whilst others stand around watching patient throwing bean bags to land on the coloured rings of the target. CU male patient and female nurse looking happy / smiling. Nurse moves forward, picks up beanbags and passes them to another patient and guides him to the 'throwing position'. MCU Men playing football. CU man building with 'Lego" blocks / bricks. MLS of man opening door for ladies to walk through into Art Room. Various shots of patients / people painting and drawing with chalks / wax crayons under supervision in light and airy art room work displayed on walls.

CU reflection of young woman looking into mirror whilst lady / physiotherapist adjusts her stance / posture / gives her facial massage treatment. MCU from behind Physio to rear view of patient and their reflection in long mirror. CU speech therapist communication by sign language to patient, both sitting behind table with various picture spread out. Patient points to picture cards. CU plastic tea pot being filled with water from a beaker. MLS three patients / ladies sitting around 'water table" playing with toys and water.

CU rug making. Wool being threaded through canvas with carpet hook. MLS of man making rug with other residents / patients sitting around watching. One patient has pieces of rug wool spread out on his lap and leans forward to pass them to rug maker. MCU men playing indoor bowls / short mat bowls whilst other watch from chairs around the room. Room decorated for Christmas. CU various male patients. CU bowl / wood rolling towards jack and knocking another wood out of the way.

Variety of footage showing nurse / nurses in white uniforms distributing food to patients / residents sitting in chairs around room. Various shots of people / patients sitting eating and drinking.

MCU young 'Downs Syndrome" girl smiling whilst sitting knitting. MCU of supervisor of knitting / craft group of residents. They all look happy and laughing. MLS of supervisor walking in street holding patients / residents hands. Various shots of the group from inside a shop as they look in the window and from behind as they look into a toyshop window.

MCU as nurse / member of staff takes rollers out of girl's hair. Girl looking very happy / pleased as rollers removed and hair combed through. CU member of staff / nurse. CU eyebrow pencil and lipstick being applied to young girl. Girl looks into mirror and smiles approvingly.

Various shot of residents and staff dancing at Christmas party / dance / disco. MCU DJ and disco lighting. People sitting watching TV / film. MCU patients sitting by and getting into bed. Light goes out. Panning shot along row of beds to CU girl's head lying on pillow.

The Grampian Health Board wish to thank the following members of the film industry who gave their services free of charge to help Ladybridge Hospital make this film

Ted Amos Steve Collins Sue Collins Les Dear Rae Evans David Hossock David Morphet Maurice Picot John Preston Sheryl Sandler Stuart Wynn Jones Cygnet Guild Communications and
Greenpark Productions.

Fade out.