DESCRIPTION : A nursing recruitment film aimed at school-leavers indicating the wide range of interesting opportunities open to the trained nurse in hospitals clinics and other areas. Sequences include midwifery children's nursing intensive care tending of Service patients being transported by ambulance; aircraft from overseas district nursing and health visiting. Members of the profession speak of their work and the qualifications required (showing that marriage and a family are no bar to a nursing career) and convey the many ways in which they find it rewarding.

Year of Production: 1971

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 21 mins 5secs

Shot List


0:00:00:00 - 0:01:06:04

LS down hospital corridor with very shiny floor.
Nursing sister in pristine uniform and carrying buff folder comes into corridor and walks towards camera. Cut to close up of nurse's smiling face. Cut to ward nurse drawing back flowered curtains from around patient's bed. Camera follows nurse around bed where male patient is sitting up reading paper. Bed cradle in situ, bowl of fruit on bedside cabinet 'over bed' table at end of bed. Remainder of ward in background. Nurse helps patient sit forward while adjusting pillows. Cut to opening title 'I'TS ONE WAY OF HELPING' on a blurred background. Picture focuses to show close up of nurse adjusting drip.
Cut to Bedford Ambulance rounding corner and drawing up outside hospital. Close up of blue flashing light. Cut to close up of ambulance man pening back doors of ambulance. z.i. to patient lying on stretcher covered in blanket and extensive bandaging to head. Nurse enters ambulance to check on patient, then leaves to allow ambulance men to prepare to move stretcher.

0:01:06:05 - 0:02:21:22

m.l.s. out through hospital doors to side view of back of ambulance, nurse by open door as ambulance men carry stretcher out and down steps of vehicle. v.s. of nurse, ambulance men and patient on stretcher as they enter hospital. Cut to white cabinets on wall of ? casualty dept. Patient carried in by two nurses and ambulance man and placed on side on trolley. v.c.u. shots of nurses and patient's bandaged head, face showing signs of pain and anguish. Cut to m.c.u. of deep laceration to left knee which nurse cleans with cotton wool swabs.

0:02:21:22 - 0:02:45:00

Reception desk in casualty: Lady in white coat and wearing glasses doing clerical work. Man enters holding wrapped left hand held by right hand. He speaks to receptionist who picks up paperwork and points him in direction of waiting room. p.o. as casualty turns to go to waiting room and meets another man leaving, wearing sheep skin coat. Casualty goes through door where people are already sitting waiting to be seen. Receptionist meets casualty and takes him off left.

0:02:45:00 - 0:04:00:00

Nurse washing hands and drying on paper towel. Pan around to show her examining patient's hand. c.u. of nurse's hands examining patient's lacerated left forefinger. z.o. nurse opening dressing pack. Cut to v.s.of nurses applying plaster of Paris bandage to patient's left hand, patient and completed p.o.p. cast.

0:04:00:20 - 0:06:07:23

m.l.s. of aeroplane taking off. Cut to c.u. of nurse in white uniform. p.right to c.u. patient lying on bunk bed. Cut to shots of other patients. Cut to plane in flight above the clouds. Cut to c.u. of red flower, two ladies, ? off duty nurses, appear from building behind flower and walk from left to right towards beach ? Cyprus. Cut to view them coming down steps towards camera. Cut to m.l.s. of animal skins hanging outside building, viewed by ladies. Cut to shot of lady trying on fur hat watched by man. Cut to v.l.s. of people walking around ruins in ? Cyprus. Cut to v.s. nurse dealing with patients on aircraft some sitting some in bunk beds. c.u. nurse's head looking down, p.d. to hands tucking baby in. Cut to ground shot of 'Royal Air Force Air Support Command' plane travelling from right to left across camera to reveal two servicemen carrying stretcher towards camera. Cut to l.s. of ambulance doors open - reversing to aircraft ramp (another plane's wheel in foreground). Cut to two air force nurses leaving aircraft and walking down steps. View of air force badge.

0:06:07:23 - 0:09:23:14

c.u. drip bottles. p.r. to face of masked theatre attendant. Cut to m.l.s. of anaesthetic ventilation machine (rubber concertina type) p.o. to reveal anaesthetist and operating team. v.s. of operating team handing instruments and observing procedure. Cut to panning shot of ward with sleeping atients. Nurses sitting listening to sister. (? Report)
Cut to heart monitor, hand adjusts dial cut to various gauges in background, blurred moving hands in foreground. Cut to porter and nurse moving bed into position in I.C.U. v.s. of nurses checking patient putting on oxygen mask, checking eyes, grip reflex, encouraging audible reaction. Cut to c.u. of hand pumping up valve of sphygmomanometer as mercury rises. Cut to v.s of nurse then observation chart being completed and placed on end of bed. Patient talking camera pans across ward to reveal another patient sitting in chair in conversation and another reading a book. Cards on table in foreground.

0:09:23:15 - 0:15:50:07

v.s. of district nurse assembling instruments in bag and preparing to leave ? Doctor's office while secretary works at desk. Cut to nurse leaving building and getting into Morris Minor Car and drives off. Cut to v.s. of nurse and patient as she carries out aseptic procedure and sutures left arm of patient. Cut to shots of nurse entering ante and post natal clinic, selecting records and sat at desk completing records whilst talking to patient.

Cut to shots of nurse leaving home with husband and child. v. urban s. as she drives husband to station and son to nursery school. Cut to c.u. of hospital weighing machine. p.o. to reveal nurse weighing lady. Lady helped onto examination table. v.s. of ante natal examination. Cut to ante natal class v.s. of ladies exercising, practicing breathing techniques and watching babies being bathed.

0:15:50:07 - 0:20:32:00

Toddler standing crying in cot. Camera pans to show children's nurse walking down ward, lowers cot sides and picks up crying infant. Cut to v.s. of nurses treating post op wound of very young baby boy. v.s. nurses working on children's ward, administering medication, children playing, being washed, taking report. Adult playing scrabble with group of children. v.s. of sleeping bandaged children pan left to cards on locker.
Continue panning to nurse and patients in geriatric ward. Shots of nurse going back to desk to do paperwork with sleeping patients in background.

End acknowledgements:

Grateful acknowledgments are made to all hospital and nursing staffs who co-operated in the making of this film.