A 25 year retrospective of the UAE from independence to 1996.

Year of Production: December 1996

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 53 mins and 25 secs (long version) 25 mins (short version)

Shot List


00:00:00:00 - 00:05:00:00
EXT LS Blazing sun in bright sky EXT CU Male Arabian face looking out at sky EXT MS Blazing sun in bright sky EXT LS Mirage effect of oncoming white Rolls Royce through heat haze EXT MS Arabian man sat in the sandy desert dressed in white traditional Arab clothing EXT CU Arab puts black sunglasses on EXT LS Mirage effect of oncoming white Rolls Royce through heat haze EXT CU Arabs face wearing sun glasses covers his face with headdress EXT MS Arab sat in desert with face covered wearing sun glasses
EXT LS Mirage effect of oncoming white Rolls Royce through heat haze INT MCU Omar Sharif sat in back of white Rolls Royce driving through desert EXT LS White Rolls Royce driving along an Arabian country road INT ECU Omar Sharif in back seat of white Rolls Royce EXT MS White Rolls Royce driving along a city road EXT LS View of tall multi-storey elaborate Arab buildings EXT LS Title credit inserted
EXT LS Arabian city buildings EXT LS Title credit inserted EXT LS 1960's library footage of Abu Dhabi black and white/sepea film of the coast line with ships and sparse low storey buildings EXT LS 1990's footage of Abu Dhabi after the oil boom EXT LS 1960's footage EXT LS 1990's buildings on sea bed boat sails by. Miami beach on Arabian Gulf EXT LS 1960's arial footage of Abu Dhabi EXT LS 1990's arial footage of Abu Dahbi EXT LS Arial shot of…….. EXT MS Blue speed boat moving at speed across water
EXT MS View from the water of the tall multi-storey buildings along the coast of Abu Dhabi EXT MCU Omar Sharif in yellow helicopter EXT MS Yellow helicopter takes off INT MCU Map of Arabian Gulf with hand pointing to relevant places referred to in the commentary EXT LS multi-storey modern buildings with road moving to arial view of Abu Dahbi INT MCU Map of Arabia with hand pointing to relevant places
referred to in the commentary EXT LS View of Arabian Gulf with buildings on both sides sea disappears into the distance as the sun is low and the sky is a hazy grey EXT LS Arial view of roads and sculpted multi-storey buildings in Abu Dahbi EXT LS Gardens with buildings of city in the distance EXT MS Old fort building EXT LS Sandy beach with mountains in the distance green trees divide sand and roof tops
EXT LS Country road in mountains green shrubbery white building in hill side moving around this passing over plantation/forest EXT MS Elaborate designed building with vast swimming pools 2 people in pool surrounded by trees EXT MS Bird / owl / hawk sculpture with blue sky and white buildings in the background INT MCU Lamp and flowers on distant table Mohammed Al Abbar Director of Economic
Development in Dubai dressed in traditional white Arab clothing

00:05:00:00 - 00:10:00:00 EXT MS Café Arabs all dressed in white sat around several tables, few occupied by people in western dress. Waitress and waiter walking between tables
EXT MCU 1960 footage young Arab fisherman holding nets blue sky. 1990 torso of the same man years on imposed onto the original image EXT MS 1960 boy throws fishing net down in boat.
1990 image imposed of the same man years on EXT MS Arab fisherman places fish cages into boat and launches the boat into the water. 1990 image imposed EXT MS 1960 Arabian fishing boat is pushed off the sea bed by young fisherman EXT MS Arab at front of old fishing boat lifting the anchor EXT MS At the rear of the boat young fisherman pushes with long stick from the sea bed to float and sail EXT MS
1990 Footage a wooden boat body rests against the wall to a lemon coloured house with a black vehicle in the drive shot pans around to see full front of house EXT MS Elaborate entrance gate door opens by Arab into front yard of elaborate grey building INT MCU Rug on floor with barefooted Arab walking into the room view expands to spacious circular lemon living room as the family all walk through EXT MS 1960 Colour footage wooden shack shelters with three Arabs walking out of house with a child EXT LS Down a 1990 street in Abu Dhabi multi storey modern buildings blue sky and a Mercedes pulls up Arab gets out view expands to look up at the building INT MS Very tall sparse hall/reception room Arab walks through EXT MS Arial view of…………..sea in background
EXT MCU 1960 footage of a sting ray being caught and put into the fishing boat EXT MCU 1990 footage of multi storey buildings towering into the blue sky taken from the ground rotating views looking into sky EXT MCU View travels down the front of tall building to door where Arab exits through the door. Two stationary cars in foreground he walks and gets into one of the cars EXT MCU 1960 footage young fisherman against blue sky EXT MCU 1990 same man dressed in traditional white Arabian clothing travelling on a motorised speed boat on the sea EXT MS Two Arabs in boat on water sand and town in distance blue sky EXT MCU Arab driving boat on the water dressed in traditional white Arabian clothing EXT MS 1960 footage old fishing boat with two men putting the sail up EXT MCU Arab in white traditional clothing sat on boat deck drinking from a small cup as sun is reflecting on sea EXT LS View from water at buildings sun reflecting off buildings and water EXT MS From rear of fishing boat looking forward to sun setting on distant silhouetted land EXT MS Arab sat on boat drinking from a white cup dressed in white traditional Arabian clothing sailing along the river passing multi storey buildings that are reflecting the sun aswell as the sea EXT LS 1960 footage of a camel trail along the horizon of the sandy desert black and white film EXT MS 1960 footage of Arabs leading their camels and children EXT LS 1960 Down hill hot of camel trail in the sandy desert EXT LS 1960 Desert camel trail along a dune peak EXT MS 1990 Aerial view of four fighter planes flying over green sea EXT MS Side view of four inflight fighter planes blue sky few white clouds city beneath EXT MS Arab taxi driver with red and white headdress smoking a cigarette and is talking on a mobile telephone. Blurred buildings in background which expands to show the foreground and a red Mercedes EXT MS 1960 footage of same taxi driver getting into an old army jeep and drives EXT MCU 1960 young taxi driver driving and takes out a cigarette from a packet EXT MCU 1960 taxi driver waving arms in the air as the jeep drives down sand hill in desert EXT MCU 1960 view of the wheel of the jeep going through sand at speed EXT LS Jeep taxi drives away over the desert sands INT LS 1990 through windscreen as white Mercedes drives down a three lane road with buildings either side. View moves to the driver who is wearing Arabian white traditional clothing EXT MCU 1960 footage of taxi driver driving EXT LS Jeep taxi driving across sandy desert EXT MS Jeep taxi drives into a green oasis in the desert INT MCU 1990 Arabian taxi driver viewed in the rear view mirror whilst driving EXT MCU Front view of Arabian taxi driver driving a white Mercedes INT CU A taxi drivers profile
EXT MCU 1960 footage of taxi driver drinking from a leather flask on side of jeep INT MCU 1990 a hand changing gear in a car INT MCU Left hand drive hands on the steering wheel right bend presses on the centre of the wheel blasting the horn. INT MCU A taxi driver driving through an Urban area INT MS 1960 view from back of jeep as taxi driver pulls up at small village EXT MS taxi driver gets out of taxi walks to and greets young Arabian children EXT CU Three small Arabian boys in traditional Arabian clothing
with smiling faces EXT MS two Arabs walk and greet each other small town in the distance EXT ECU two Arabs rub noses together as a greeting EXT MS two Arabs shaking hands EXT MS Front view of a white car driving through urban area EXT MS White car travels around a corner past multi storey buildings and towerblock buildings INT MS 1960 footage of Arabs sat around a fire inside a hut being poured drinks all wearing traditional white Arabian clothing and cooking on the fire INT MCU Three Arabs in hut INT MCU Two Arabs and a young girl men pass a smoking container which they let waft over their body

00:10:00:00 - 00:15:00:00 INT MS Arabs sat around a fire one standing returns to seating all in traditional Arab clothing EXT MCU Omar Sharif with desert and bush background INT MS Large shandeleer light view moving down to Arabs bending over in worship
the mosque holds a mixture of people wearing different clothing. They kneel and place their heads on the floor in prayer elaborate carpet
INT MCU Large stained glass Arabian window circular room large doors white man dressed in white in foreground (Clive Leamaster)
EXT MS 1960 footage of Arab riding a donkey near a white building down a hill following two other Arabs EXT MS Jeep front view palm trees in background drives past EXT MS Jeep travels over small trenches made in sand EXT MS Waves lapping onto the sandy beach EXT MS 1960 Weak frame structure to huts being constructed EXT MS White building made with bricks and mortar with donkeys passing
INT MCU Inside temple large window Arab sat in distance white man in forefront ( Leamaster ) EXT LS The ocean with protruding land the sun reflecting on the water aerial view moves around to other side land full of sky scrapers set against the blue sky EXT MS Large sculpted buildings on the water front boats moored up on the waters edge blue sky EXT LS Aerial view of large sculpted building with the ocean and land in distance as sun sets an orange glow EXT LS Large building being constructed on beach front INT MCU An Arabian banker being interviewed wearing a conservative suit family photographs in the background EXT MS 1960 footage a crowd of Arabs all congratulating each other EXT CU 1990 imposed onto the 1960 footage an Arab EXT CU 1960 hands being shaken with 1990 imposed footage
EXT CU 1960 Arabian faces smiling with 1990 footage imposed EXT CU Arab smiling EXT MS A mass of crowds of Arabs EXT ECU An Arab greeting others EXT CU Hands being shaken EXT MCU Arab wearing traditional white Arabian clothing surrounded by other Arabs EXT MS Arab kneeling on floor praying view expands up and out to show crowds of Arabs before a large white building and a stack of large pipes INT MCU Arabian banker in conservative suit with family photographs in background INT MCU 1960 footage Arab wearing traditional white clothing lights a pipe and smokes it EXT MS Arab ( Sheikh Zayed bin Al-Nahayan ) sat in courtyard ( majlis ) INT MCU Man in shirt and tie nodding head
EXT MCU Arab wearing traditional white clothing being interviewed by man in shirt and tie with Arabs sat in the background INT MCU 1990 Arab in blue shirt sat at desk full bookshelves behind him and family photographs(interpreter) EXT MCU 1960 Arab ( Sheikh Zayed ) being interviewed by man in shirt and tie EXT MS Arab sat around in traditional white clothing in the courtyard EXT MS Three camels standing and
two sitting on sand large white building in background EXT MCU Arab being interviewed EXT ECU Arabs face while talking
EXT CU Hands pulling up water carrier from well EXT MCU Young girl pulls out water carrier and carries it to her donkey and fills its side bagage with water EXT MS Water trees reflecting in water of pond view expands up to full height of palm tree EXT MCU Camels drinking from river with an Arab walking in front EXT MS Arab working irrigation machine EXT MS View looks down at irrigation among the plants as Arab walks past EXT MS 1990 water fountain amongst green plants as the view expands out another fountain is visible in distance as an Arab walks past EXT MS A large water sculpture EXT LS Factory in the Arabian desert for desalination of sea water

00:15:00:00 - 00:20:00:00
EXT MS Water fountains and Omar Sharif in the foreground EXT LS The desert aerial view and subrogation of the desert EXT LS Aerial view of Abu Dahbi EXT LS Arerial view of the coastline of Sir Bani Yas EXT LS Several ships near the water's edge EXT LS Pipes feeding water from one area of sea into another EXT LS Waters edge with privatised water area in front of a large complex EXT MS Viewing a mint green building fine architecture moves to view lush green countryside EXT MS Red jeep driving along a road edged with pink flowery bushes EXT CU Elder Arab with red and white headdress in white traditional clothing EXT MS Strategically planted trees and bushes an the sandy desert EXT LS Horses running across desert with the sun blazing down EXT MS Arabian oryx in desert EXT LS Group of oryx in desert with mountains in background EXT MS Profile of Arab in desert with trees and sunshine
EXT CU Arab in red and white traditional clothing infront of an oryx trees and blue sky EXT CU Giraffe's head and neck against a blue sky view moves down the giraffes body to show legs walking through bushes EXT MS Giraffe profile view of walking through bushes in desert EXT MCU Llama in front of bushes PAN RIGHT Two more llamas by branches EXT MCU Llamas by trees EXT MCU Llamas moving out of shade of trees EXT LS Canada geese flying to pool of water black swans swimming on water INT CU Tweezers pulling out plant from test tube PAN LEFT across laboratory INT CU Tweezers and hand separating shoots of plant INT LS Panning left across rows of plants in jars on shelves of laboratory INT MCU Tarpaulin pulled away to reveal young plants growing INT LS Greenhouse showing rows of plants growing with technicians observing EXT LS Aeriel view of white building in oasis moving to view of surrounding desert EXT MCU Book in hands of Omar Sharif with fountains behind him INT MCU 1990 Picture of Arab man with 1960's footage of open book and marker on page INT MCU 1960 Arab teacher pointing to book for child to read INT CU 1960 Arab child reading INT CU 1960 Teacher and pan to various children reading INT MCU 1990 Sheik Nahayan Bin Mabarah (Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research) sitting in leather arm chair with old guns and swords on wall behind INT CU 1960 Arab child reading INT CU 1960 Arab child reading with lace cap on EXT CU 1960 Drum beaten by man in uniform

00:20:00:00 - 00:25:00:00
EXT MCU 1960 Arab soldier playing on bagpipes EXT LS 1960 Limousine driving through crowds of people and pulling outside official looking building EXT MCU 1960 Children standing in line with white dress and black coats EXT LS 1960 Arab man waving to crowd surrounded by soldiers and other arab men EXT MS 1960 Crowd of children INT MS 1960 Five men sitting some in uniform suits or Arab dress EXT LS 1960 Children in crowd looking at building INT MCU 1960 Man in arab dress sat down and talking into microphone EXT MCU 1960 View of children clapping two men within crowd EXT PAN 1960 Across crowd EXT MS 1960 Children running into building INT MCU 1960 Children sat at desks woman teacher at front INT CU 1960 Child talking INT MS 1960 Child sits down and all children start working INT MCU 1960 Two girls writing INT CU 1960 Someone writing in Arabic with 1990's footage overlapped with Khalaf Al Habtoor EXT MS Children in desert running towards camera Khalaf fades out EXT MS Children marching to school children marching in lines on the spot EXT MS Various shots of Arab women INT CU 1960 Man looking through microscope INT MCU 1960 Man walking on stage in academic robes
INT MS Arabic women in room White red head woman teacher women at computers EXT LS Pan through trees at building to Omar Sharif EXT MS Entrance to Higher Education College of Technology two Arab men in boiler suits measuring LS EXT Blue 4x4 vehicle driving past engineers using theodolite and entrance to college EXT MCU Engineers looking through theodolite INT MCU Model aeroplane in classroom class of young Arab men INT MCU Frauke Heard-Bey (historian) in room with wooden panels INT CU Row of computers and various shots of men working at them INT CU Sheik sitting in leather chair INT LS Computer room EXT MCU Ameena Al Sayed in suit in front of fountain INT CU People using a camera woman in black dress walks on to set and sits on sofa MCU INT Three Arab women in audio visual room in college or university EXT MCU 1960 Colour Man in water by boat holding rope EXT MCU 1960 Colour Men on boat with men in water alongside EXT CU 1960 Colour Man putting on noseclip then dives in to water EXT MCU 1960 Colour Various shots of pearl fishers swimming underwater and
collecting shells EXT MCU 1960 Colour Man resurfacing with shells in net EXT CU 1960 Shells dropping on deck covered with rope EXT LS Omar Sharif on waters edge in front of three wooden fishing boats EXT MCU Arab man hammering bow of wooden boat EXT LS Aeriel view of moored wooden boats and high rise buildings in Dubai EXT LS Ships moored by white building EXT LS Battered fishing boat with men on bow high rise buildings in background in Dubai INT CU Gold bracelet being placed on metal saucer INT MCU Arab women with black headdresses wearing gold bracelets INT CU Shot of gold jewellery EXT MCU Man entering shop with gold jewellery displayed in the whole window front INT MCU Man taking down bundle of gold necklaces from rack INT MCU Woman holding baby looking at jewellery INT CU Jewellery being place in metal saucer EXT MS Various pictures working on hulls of boats
Omar Sharif walking through boats and workers

00:25:00:00 - 00:30:00:00 EXT MCU Man working stood inside unfinished wooden hull EXT LS Desert scene hills in background and camels feeding EXT MS Gertrude Dyck demonstrates how Arab women gave birth in desert EXT LS 1960 Desert scene with wooden shacks and tents camels and people EXT MS 1960 Woman outside wooden shack picking up child goats crowded around EXT MCU 1960 Various shots of women in desert EXT MS 1960 Camel outside tent by man working EXT MCU 1960 Various shots of women and men with children playing EXT MCU Gertrude Dyck by birthing posts in desert EXT MCU Hosina Gargash (Consultant Gynaecologist) driving car through hospital grounds EXT LS Same car seen driving through hospital grounds INT MCU Woman walking through door and hospital corridor to female patient with veil on in bed INT MCU INT MCU Women rocking chairs cradling babies INT MCU Hosina talks to woman with newly born baby EXT LS 1960 Explosion on hillside EXT LS Aeriel view of road by mountainside in desert land MCU Anwar Gargash over picture EXT MS 1960 Shadow of camel on sand in desert PAN to trail of camels INT LS Pristine car showroom at 45 degree angle Arabs getting out of car EXT LS 1960 Piles of boxes and cartons stacked in dockyard EXT LS Crates and cranes in dockyard EXT LS 1960 Blazing sunshine in hazy sky EXT CU 1960 Man with white headdress and sweat pouring down face INT MCU Below the knee shots of people ice-skating INT MCU Arab men and women ice-skating man skating while on mobile phone EXT MCU 1960 Men in line at a market stall INT MCU Ceiling of shooping mall decorated with stars and suns PAN to LS of shopping mall with Arab men EXT MS 1960 Man washing shirt in pool EXT MCU 1960 Man washing face in pool EXT MCU 1960 Man splashing water over his head in pool EXT MS 1960 Man wringing out wet shirt and man washing in pool in background MCU Aber Ahmed Al Qbaisi over 1960 footage EXT LS Qubaisi outside house seen through ferns talking to man behind wall INT MS Through doorway see man in decorative room praying big silver plate on the floor EXT LS Grand modern building with pool and fountains at the front EXT MCU Entrance to Abu Dhabi City Council people with backs to camera waving papers INT MS Men crowding round bureau desk waving papers through glass screen PAN to man behind glass screen talking to customer holding official papers EXT MCU Parked and moving buses in bus station men exchanging tickets EXT MCU Man talking EXT MCU Tower block with owner overlapped over picture fades to pan down to same man outside tower block identical block on opposite side of street INT MCU Men in shop man walking through to entrance of shop

00:30:00:00 - 00:35:00:00
EXT LS Man leaves shop PAN to sign of shop EXT LS Red truck driving on road through desert men working on farm desert surrounding EXT CU Red truck pulls up and man gets out EXT MCU Man opens door to enter greenhouse filled with tomatoes EXT MCU Baby camel suckling from its mother EXT CU Man with desert in background EXT MCU Profile of camels eating EXT CU Man milking camel EXT MS Man stroking camels big herd of camels EXT MS Man wlks past lorry with sacks of dates to people sat on
ground around big pile of dates sorting in to crates EXT MCU Women wearing black veil covering face underneath ferns EXT CU Arab man interviewed EXT LS Aeriel view of Arab estate blocks of white flats enclosed within walls EXT LS Red truck enters gateway of enclosure EXT CU Decorative gate with bird emblem EXT MCU Family walking through gateway EXT CU Shoes on door mat someone removing their shoes INT MCU Mans feet walking barefoot on decorative carpet PAN LEFT to dinner party men sat on floor two men greet each other by rubbing noses INT CU Two men pulling apart chicken?/camel? Carcas over large plate of rice PAN to see other men and boys eating with hands sat on floor INT MCU Man relaxing against wall INT CU Child eating rice with hands EXT LS Dark cars driving across front of Abu Dahbi airport INT MS Dome shaped interior of Abu Dahbi airport INT MS Man walking through corridor of airport EXT LS Emirates aeroplane taking off EXT CU View of horses legs galloping on grass EXT MS Arab horse held by owner and Omar Sharif on racecourse EXT MCU Blue Speed Boat (Victory) with twin hull speeding down the waterside past city EXT MCU Omar Sharif in racecourse stands EXT MCU Man on Harley-Davidson parks underneath flashing neon lights INT CU Older white man in room with stained glass window EXT MCU Men stood on steps outside night club beneath neon lights white woman cross fades into scene INT CU Arab man in suit INT CU Frauke Heard-Bey in wooden panelled room EXT CU Side of red sports car EXT MS People entering night club INT MCU Lights of night club and people dancing INT CU White man in room with stained glass windows INT CU Frauke Heard-Bey in wooden panelled room INT MCU Woman dancing on caged podium people on the floor dancing INT CU Stan Robinson sat in window with city behind

00:35:00:00 - 00:40:00:00 INT CU Mercedes showroom EXT MS Car driving away from night club entrance INT CU Night club scene with woman cross fading EXT MCU Omar Sharif sat on park bench with trees and bushes behid EXT MCU Sign 'Elvis Presley Boulevard" and pan inside shopping mall INT MS Arab men drinking in café EXT LS Three permanent marquee shaped buildings Arab man overlapped
INT MCU Men and women on escalator INT MCU Magic Planet sign INT MCU Merry-go-round women watching INT MCU Child on merry-go-round horse with father next to him INT MCU Woman with two children shopping trolley and two walking alongside INT CU Man in house interpreter family photos behind INT CU Frauke Heard-Bey in wooden panelled room EXT CU Omar Sharif in garden surrounded by high rise buildings EXT MCU Satelite dishes on building through ferns INT CU Televison with Sheik speaking
INT CU Arab man in suit INT CU White man in room with stained glass windows EXT CU Various shots of men beating drums in Islamic wedding ceremony EXT MCU Various shots of ceremony with men lifting walking sticks up and down girls waving their long dark hair

00:40:00:00 - 00:45:00:00 EXT MCU Ameena Al Sayed sat by fountain EXT LS Aeriel view of palace cross fading with Arab man INT CU American woman with blue woodland wallpaper behind EXT LS Aeriel view of palace cross faded with Arab man INT CU American woman with blue woodland wallpaper behind EXT MCU Ameena Al Sayed sat by fountain EXT MS Two arabs and camels passing by EXT CU Herd of camels profile image EXT CU Camels eating in front of castle EXT MS Truck with three camels tied in to it leaving camel farm EXT MS Camels being herded overlapped by Arab man EXT MS Men beating drums at ceremony cross fading to Arab man then fades out INT MS Omar Sharif and groups of Arab men at banquet with fruit displayed in centre of table INT CU Interpreter sat in front of family pictures INT MS Arab men and women walking past shops in a shopping mall INT MCU Three Arab women in a shop covering faces with black veil INT MS Arab family on balcony woman with face covered by black veil INT MS Person in Arab clothing ice-skating INT MCU Two women on balcony one with face covered by black veil EXT MCU Ameena Al Sayed sat by fountain INT MS various shots of women wearing veils at work on art projects INT CU Arab woman without veil on face

00:45:00:00 - 00:50:00:00
INT LS Brightly decorated ceiling with star motifs PAN to show man in room with long banqueting tables and food INT LS Ornate dome-shaped room and chandelier in centre INT LS Two arab men in large circular room with sinks around the edge (bathroom/WC) INT LS Plainly decorated large room seat around edge and television on farside INT LS Three women sat on floor dining INT LS Camera walking through dark corridor in to large bright hall way INT MCU Two women walking through corridors holding pink boxes
INT MCU Pan down large chandelier to aeriel view of three women dining EXT LS Busy pedestrian street with brightly lit lights and neon signs outside shops INT LS Man working in factory wearing protective clothing EXT MS Man looking at camera wearing white headdress EXT MS Man on building sites steel girders being lifted into place by crane overlapped by arab speaking EXT MS Unusual shaped building
behind overlapped man pans out to see whole building EXT MS Two construction men working EXT MS Man soldering EXT LS Building sites behind overlap of arab man EXT LS Men working on construction site people sorting boxes EXT LS People looking through boxes INT MS White older man in show room talking to man in car INT LS Through mall with Burger King on left EXT MS Women walking past fountains EXT MS Men sat in circle on ground one man singing EXT MS Man singing in group EXT CU Lawrence of Arabia poster on wall and Omar Sharif WS EXT Various scene from Lawrence of Arabia INT CU Black and White 1970's Table with flags of 7 countries of the United Arab Emirates on INT MCU Black and White 1970's Arab man sat down INT MCU Black and White 1970's Two elderley arab men sat in front of camera
INT MCU Black and White 1970's Three arab men sat at desk with official papers INT LS Black and White 1970's Long table with Arab officials in a conference INT MCU Black and White 1970'sTwo Arab men discussing head to head INT MCU Black and White 1970's Three Arab men sat at conference table INT MCU Black and White 1970's Sheikh Zayedd EXT CU 1960 various shots of drums being beaten
EXT CU 1960 man walking through crowd holding gun EXT MCU 1960 Crowd with flag overhead EXT CU Flag of United Arab Emirates EXT MCU Omar Sharif outside palace INT MS Arab men sat on floor in meeting INT MS Arab man speakig to the sheikh INT MCU Various shots of men gathered around at the meeting and talking to the sheik INT CU Interpreter in front of family pictures

00:50:00:00 - 00:55:00:00
EXT LS Omar Sharif walking on top of sand dunes in desert EXT MS Omar Sharif walking through desert and sits down EXT LS View of desert with a few green trees EXT CU Omar Sharif in front of fountains EXT LS Omar Sharif sat on bench in middle of fountains EXT MCU Omar Sharif under tree to then walk out in to the desert Closing titles roll