Reel 1: Straightforward survey of Irish sport - begins with hurling - boys and professional match - gaelic football - rugby union - hunting - show jumping - horse racing - dog racing. Brief shots of athletics cycling football handball water skiing - Waiters" race Dublin. good sequences on golf and river angling.
Reel 2: Opens with 2 man dinghies - small rowing boat sinks - shipbuilding yard then Guinness barrels and casks oil refinery Caltex. Cut to donkey cart and countryside cows combine harvester lakes in Killarney. Good shots of Dublin River Liffey. Five Courts Georgian terraces Dublin at night - children's art exhibition; finishes with shots of golf sailing and going to church.Good sports sequences
1. Hurling - boys practising - then good shots of professional match with crowd
2. Gaelic football - again boys practising then coverage of match.
3. Rugby Union - ditto
4. Hunting - shots of lone horseman blowing horn - lots of shots of hounds -hunting group going through gate and wood.
5. Show jumping - DUBLIN HORSE SHOW - intercutting of crowd shots/horse grooming (children)/jumping.
6. Atmospheric shots race horse exercising - early morning mist - foals in field - race course (Curragh) - crowd / bookies / horse parade / jockeys / cantering to start
7. Greyhounds - training in field - race track and race (as for horses)
8. Golf - women playing golf and two elderly gents.
9. River angling - men in waders - lots of shots of gaffing fish (salmon?)
10. Reel 2 - dinghy racing - small boat sinking.

Year of Production: 1959

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: abt 30 mins (Reel 1 + 2)

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 pan down from sky to small church in countryside with pan left to village street with cars parked vs horse and cart dog on wall and donkey and cart waiting for owners ms row of bicycles leaned against church wall ws church in bg with cemetery / graveyard in fg vs churches in countryside vs people out of church and travelling home in pony carts bicycles and on foot vs boy hits ball with hurlingstick which almost hits priest but he smiles and throws ball to boy title 'Ireland Isle of Sport" vs hurling match in progress watched by young boys vs national hurling competition at Croke Park Dublin with crowds of spectators in stands inc players being piped onto ground vs game of Gaelic football in progress vs game of Gaelic football at Croke Park inc spectators in stands and ws of stands

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs rugby game vs national rugby game in progress at Croke Park inc spectators in stands vs fox hunt in rural Ireland inc hounds sniffing out scent and low < shot of horse leaping over fence vs show jumping taking place at Dublin Horse Show in Ballsbridge in spectators and children riding ms Dublin airport vs horses being loaded into aircraft at Dublin Airport ms people climbing down airplane
steps vs show jumping teams competing for Aga Khan trophy at Ballsbridge inc low < shots of horse clearing fences and spectators watching

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs horses at the Irish National Stud at Kildare where Irish racehorses are bred inc young horses racing about field vs horses training on the gallop watched by their trainer on horse ms single horse galloping along grass vs horse racing meet in progress inc people in stands taking bets tic tac and enclosure and during flat race ms man rips up race ticket vs dogs and puppies at stud inc being
fed ms little boy takes dog its food vs greyhounds being trained in field inc being groomed and being taken out to walk ms dogs being put in back of van vs greyhound race watched by spectators in stand

00:15:00:00-00:20:00:00 ms men running check their times with trainer ws men speed racing bicycles ms football match vs men play handball ms man water skis vs Dublin waiters" race taking place in O'Connell Street vs people playing golf inc woman getting hole in one and cu man putting hole in one vs men and women fly fishing in rivers inc man laying out salmon on rocks vs people preparing boats / yachts for sail and sailing at sea

00:20:00:00-00:25:00:00 ms two men try to bail out rowing boat but it sinks low < shot ship being constructed in dry dock at Belfast ship yard vs men working in iron and steel foundry vs barrels and casks of Guinness being transported by road vs Whitegate oil refinery showing pipeline and men working and huge storage tanks ms man and woman ride in cart pulled by donkey ms family ride in traditional
Gyspy caravan pov shot from car along small country road brought to halt by herd of cows pan cross field where cows graze low < shot combine harvester at work ms mountain in Killarney with sheep grazing vs mountains with mist mws exterior of grand country house hotel ms people having tea in dining room vs mountains and lakes of Killarney

00:25:00:00-00:27:49 vs Dublin showing famous landmarks and traffic in streets and bridges over river Liffey vs Georgian houses and squares high < shot city centre ms horse and cart along street with motorised traffic vs Dublin at night vs children looking around art exhibition drawn by children vs mountain with mist man playing golf man sailing yacht people into church donkey and cart waiting for
end of church service man running late for church pan up church to sky ENDS ABRUPTLY