Year of Production: 27/5/1980

Running Time: 60 minutes

Shot List

Drug Addiction (Commentary in Farsi, no time codes)


This documentary style film has a number of sections depicting interviews with individual people, both male and female and in group discussions / debate situation inside
(with map of the world on the wall) and outside (in a garden with water / lake in background). Discussions / talking / interviews in a variety of office, classroom and lecture theatre settings
are also featured.

Opening scenes of people sitting outside in a circle around a fire. Drugs being taken. Cut to cu young man with drug taking equipment candle, substance on foil, ? Straw in mouth
'cooking up'. Rag doll. Cut to drawing of pale pink poppy. Animated sequence as poppy withers and petals fall off. ZI to seed head. Three score marks across seed head - liquid dripping
from poppy seed head. Fade out.

Fade into tall contemporary concrete building. Moving footage of modern built up area sky scraper buildings, bus, heavy traffic, crowded pavements / sidewalk / path. Older buildings and roads with little or no traffic either vehicular or human. Cu young dark haired male (? Addict) crouched and leaning against wall with head bent down touching his knees, another person walks past him.

Classroom scene, lecture theatre scene; group discussion in garden; cut to MCU of doctor with stethoscope hanging around his neck talking in his surgery.

Cut to hospital / clinic / infirmary ward. Row of iron framed beds with patients in each. Dr wearing white coat leans on end of one of the beds. Cut to CU of injured male with extensive bandaging on his head. MLS male in suit in ? Mortuary, pulls back blood stained sheet to reveal body of young male on one of the two stretchers in the room.

Cut to external view of brick building / hospital / clinic / infirmary. Panning shot as group of people walk up to and enter the building. Cut to MCU of middle aged man wearing suit and dark glasses talking to group of young people / adolescents / discussion group; Cut to CU male with moustache sitting behind desk. Cut to diagram of white people which turn blue; one row changes from blue to red; crowd scene; discussion group in lecture theatre; ? Patients wearing long grey coats / dressing gowns sitting on raised wall around fish pond while well dressed male speaks. Interviews / debate / discussions. Cut to diagram of people; one changes from white to flashing red. Cut to cu well dressed male with moustache sitting behind desk. Cut to diagram of white people which turn blue; Cut to MCU of well dressed western male wearing glasses talking. ZO to reveal other males ? Patients sitting on wall around fish pond. Cut to various Cus of patients / men smoking one man chain smoking. Cut to conversation / discussion / debate in lecture room / classroom / office.

Cut to various black and white drawings / photos / pictures of people asleep on stone floors; ? Processing opium; man smoking large pipe; panning shot of people in poppy field; CU poppy seed head; group of people sitting around smoking / taking drugs.

Cut to interviews / talks / discussions in office / outside / lecture theatre. Silhouette of person outside on veranda with row of leafless trees beyond. Lecture theatre. Man ? Scientist wearing white coat in ? Laboratory various equipment including anatomical torso with front removed to reveal internal organs. Cut MCU male scientist removes white rat by the tail from cage and places it on the table. CU bearded scientist. MCU as scientist injects clear liquid into rat; rat reacting to effects of drug; panning shot along body of dead rat. Discussion group. Silhouette sequence repeated. Discussion group. Individual people talking. CU Man talking ZO to reveal group of men / ? Drug addicts; shots of various men apparently showing signs of drug addiction. Man lighting cigarette. ZI to heavy eyed male. Cut to two girls dressed in
blue and wearing white headscarves (? Inmates clothing) smoking cigarettes. Females in ? Ward of hospital / institute / infirmary. Panning shot to CU smartly dressed male talking. CU Smartly dressed male wearing glasses talking. Group discussions / lecture theatre. Interview. CU silhouette veranda scene repeated. Sequence of discussion and silhouette footage repeated. Smartly dressed male walks outside brick building towards group of males ? Addicts squatting / sitting on ground leaning against brick wall wearing ? Blue pyjamas. Various CU of male ? Addicts and reporter. Silhouette sequence repeated. CU ? Male addicts. Smartly dressed male, pan across to two female ? Patients in blue dresses trolley with equipment to side of bed.

Cut to young people, males and females, running down flight of stairs in public building ? College. MCU young people in their ? Leisure time - outside eating lollipop, vehicles driving by. Crowd of youngsters walking down stairs with older well dressed male one young male eating chocolate bar. Cut to busy street scene - traffic and people.

CU well dressed male talking with two female ? Patients / addicts in bg. Cut to sequence of shots of male ? Addicts. Various group members speak. ZO to reveal face of one male eyes closed and holding cigarette in mouth. Male sitting behind large desk in office / study, heavily stacked shelves in bg. CU smartly dressed male, with tinted glasses, talking.

Cut to sequence of footage depicting male addicts taking drugs and suffering from the effects of drugs.