HORSE SENSE (Larkins Commercials/Barclays Bank)

Barclay's cartoon commercial

Year of Production: 1965

Running Time: 1 min 2 secs

Shot List


EXT MCU Man in big hat leads white horse
00:01 EXT MCU Man with moustache and big teeth enters looks at horse
00:04 EXT MCU Local Farmer and Gentleman
00:07 EXT MS Gentleman inspects horse
00:09 EXT CU Gentleman on horse's back. Cuddles horse
00:14 EXT MCU Gentleman gesticulates to Farmer. Farmer ignores him
00:19 EXT ECU Farmer's face. Speaks
00:23 EXT MCU Gentleman looks cross. Raises his arms to sky
00:24 EXT CU Farmer speaks. Gentleman's big toothy grin
00:30 EXT MCU Gentleman talks to haughty horse
00:31 EXT CU Horse's nose and Gentleman's face. Horse's tooth sparkles
00:32 EXT MCU Gentleman pleads and laughs Farmer unmared
00:36 EXT MCU Gentleman curses. Big teeth
00:39 EXT CU Gentleman ponders. Looks shifty
00:40 EXT MCU Gentleman approaches Farmer. Flamboyant.
00:43 EXT CU Gentleman flashes money/notes at Farmer
00:45 EXT CU Farmer speaks and points
00:53 EXT MCU Red faced Gentleman. Exasperated
00:54 EXT MCU Horse turns round and speaks
00:56 EXT CU Horse speaking. Gentleman flabberghasted
00:58 PLATE`Barclays Bank - Money is our buisness'