Examples of Quranic calligraphy and Quranic decorations with inserts of Moslem architecture

Year of Production: 1979

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 16 mins 50 secs

Shot List

U10 (English) U11 (Arabic)

00.29 l.s. suns' disk pulsating
00.46 int.m.c.u. star shaped mosaic sequence of similar patterns
00.50 c.u. double page - rectangle patterns
01.04 ext.m.l.s. crowd of Arabs
01.12 l.s. crowds moving round the Kaaba
01.20 m.s. bare shouldered men move through crowd
01.24 l.s. kaaba with crowd
01.27 c.u. male Arab with hood
01.33 c.u. " " in red fez
01.37 c.u. " " in astrakhan cap
01.40 c.u. old bearded muslim in ragged turban
01.41 c.u. black muslim in red hat
01.43 int.c.u. page - geometric coloured design
01.46 c.u. sequence decorated pages mainly blue
01.53 c.u. quill or brush writing blue letter
02.07 c.u. bearded man puts quill in mouth
02.13 c.u. quill and hand opens to show paper with writing
02.22 ext.l.s. crowd on knees in front of mosque
02.25 m.s. Arabs bowing then kneeling
02.33 int.m.l.s. muslims kneeling in mosque
02.37 ext.m.l.s. muslims kneeling outside
02.41 these shots repeated int.c.u. leaves of book more examples
02.49 ext.l.s. atmospheric dark sun set
03.01 l.s. mountains in mist bush in foreground
03.08 l.s. mountains in snow(?) - MOUNT HERA
03.13 l.s. desert oasis in background sand blowing across
03.20 l.s. long camel train in immense desert
03.29 int.c.u. more pages
03.39 ext.m.s. mosque dome flock of birds fly past MOHAMED'S TOMB
03.53 l.s. large mosque dome & minarets MEDINA
04.01 m.s. arches of mosque
04.04 m.l.s. roof of mosque dome & minaret
04.09 int.c.u sample calligraphy
04.11 ext.m.s. waves breaking on pebbled shore
04.25 c.u. map - animation spread of Islam
04.29 c.u. single line calligraphy
04.48 c.u. more example calligraphy single lines decoration
05.03 c.u. rings and dots - diacritic marks in text 06.23 ext.l.s. courtyard cloister tower TUNISIA
07.01 int.m.l.s. orange floor pillars & arches
07.05 c.u. more pages m.l.s. orange & white arches (repeated)
07.24 c.u. more pages
07.33 m.c.u. elaborate trefoil arches MOROCCO
08.06 c.u. more pages
08.12 c.u. page decorations like arches more decorations
08.23 c.u. zig-zag geometric pattern
08.44 ext.l.s. desert with ruins in distance
08.49 m.l.s. spiral tower SAMARAH SYRIA
08.53 int.c.u. more calligraphy
08.57 ext.m.l.s. turreted wall pan along
09.05 int.c.u. more pages
09.13 int.m.l.s. interior elaborate mosque windows
10.02 m.c.u.man in skull cap praying with beads
10.09 c.u. more pages
10.16 m.s. boy kneels & prays / pages
10.20 m.s. man in turban prays / pages
10.30 m.s. boy in hooded kaftan prays
10.43 m.c.u. Quran on stand
10.46 c.u. miniature Quran in hand
10.57 ext.l.s. mosque minarets & domes EGYPT
11.05 m.s. elaborate arch doorway
11.10 int.c.u repeat of star pattern more decorations
11.17 ext.ls. aerial view mosque courtyard
12.24 int.c.u.line of calligraphy
12.28 ext.m.l.s. courtyard with twin minarets / pages
12.32 m.l.s. large mosque three minarets / pages
12.40 c.u. more star patterns
13.09 ext.m.s. dome with elaborate blue patterns PERSIA
13.17 m.l.s. mosque and dome / pages
13.21 int.m.s. highly decorated pointed arches sequence of m.c.u. of decorations ISFAHAN
13.54 m.s. Quran on rest
14.24 c.u. elaborately bound Quran opens
14.35 c.u. columns of print: poster Quran
14.55 c.u. open book with poster in background
15.01 c.u. drawing of minaret on record cover pan to records tapes tape recorder
15.08 c.u. record arm drops on record
15.23 c.u. centre of record revolving
15.27 m.l.s. interior of dome lights long windows
15.31 m.s. dome interior
15.39 m.s. decorated doem zoom to centre circle
15.45 ext.l.s. hazy sun silhouette ramparts pull back to silhouette of mosque roof
16.01 N.B. Styles of calligraphy are explained in historical context but to give these on shot list would be to re-write the script.