Accident prevention film; tells the story of two steelworkers who attempt to climb a rock in the Dolomites.

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 35 mins 04 secs

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : 00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 This film attempts to promote good safety habits by showing how dangerous it can be to take unnecessary risks. Shows two men climbing in Italian Alps one of whom is sensible and compares their fortunes. Then compares health and safety policy in factories and foundries. title 'Hazard' vs man repairing tower as men watch from ground. Tool falls to ground narrowly missing man who looks up and swears as the works whistle goes off vs men changing in room and look at rock climbing equipment when object falls onto man's foot vs man walks across railway lines trips over and then narrowly misses being crushed by railway waggons ms one man gets another in joke arm lock
and they laugh and go to window where ambulance arrives cu hand pointing out with spoon mountain on STILL photograph

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs men sit at table and try on different types of hats as two women come in the room vs man and woman waltz together in Italian ski lodge as two men drink and look at mountain through window ms young woman remonstrates with man behind bar ms two men talk together vs mountain range rocky stream and Alpine countryside inc flowers and meadows with cows wearing bells vs men climbing mountain inc view from mountain

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs men climb mountain roped together vs men watching climbers through telescope mounted outside chalet and drink to them vs men eat at top of mountain when small rock fall occurs low < shot of sky above mountains

00:15:00:00-00:20:00:00 vs man begins to climb mountain when he is hit by rock and he falls backwards unconscious ms man climbs down mountain vs men at chalet look to mountain nervously ws storm breaking over mountains vs man climbs down mountain

00:20:00:00-00:25:00:00 vs people play chess in chalet and storm outside. Man arrives to alert of danger and people rush to prepare rescue party

00:25:00:00-00:34:03:16 ms one of climbers / man arrives in chalet (the unconscious one) and finds his friend has not arrived vs climbers pulling stretcher up mountain and calling lost man's name vs men rush to rescue stricken climber vs men climbing vs men smoke cigarette and talk vs piece of molten metal explodes in foundry by two men who watch at safe distance vs magnet crane in operation assisted by men on ground vs men repairing machine low < shot mountain in Italian Alps END TITLES