Introduction of customers in shop: scruffy assistant sloppy handling of goods. Uncle Bob comes to run shop shows young man how to clean everything with Domestos and Stergene. Good shots of street lots of shots of interior grocer's with customers and branded goods.

Year of Production: 1962

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 18 mins 34 secs

Shot List


Overhead view high street MCU Grocer's window: Bachelor's Peas - Label 11d 10 Hams hanging Pan shot grocer's store: bacon slicer: customers: boy eating currants: stack of Allbran and Oxo Shop assistant in floured apron Young man serving customer MCU cured ham and cheese Assistant serving from freezer - then lettuce MCU scraps at bacon machine: woman serves customer Two assistants seen against background of shelves Cat pan to boxes in store room MCU young man in cardigan Street scene: Estate car pulls up in front of grocer's shop Man and woman meet on pavement - polite kiss Hands picking up potatoes - then cuts cheese (without washing hands!) Hospital: Visitors at beds - nurse collecting flowers - two visitors talking to patient in bed. Shop closing - man dismantling bacon slicers. Man checking various things in shop. Middle-aged customer looking at bacon and cheese - leaves. Scruffy woman smoking wiping up with dirty rag MCU man sweeping MCU dirty cutting board/windows CU fly on meat Man cleans counter from bucket - boy cleans counter CU hands wringing cloth in bucket. MCU hands wiping knives Lots of shots of cleaning counters machines freezer etc. Lights go out in shop.