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Gala Washing machine (British social and industrial history)

British social and industrial history

Concorde  Concorde
1920s Family listening to the radio  1920s Family listening to the radio
1950s Lancashire Cotton Mill  1950s Lancashire Cotton Mill
Picnic in the country, 1950s  Picnic in the country, 1950s
Country Show, 1950s  Country Show, 1950s
Lunch Time Dance  Lunch Time Dance
On the Beach  On the Beach
Traditional British Cooking  Traditional British Cooking
Butcher's Window (1960)  Butcher's Window (1960)
Fishing Boats in Harbour  Fishing Boats in Harbour
Harvest  Harvest
Harvester  Harvester
Highland Cattle  Highland Cattle
A cup of tea in the kitchen  A cup of tea in the kitchen
Boy playing with Minibrix  Boy playing with Minibrix
Young people jiving (1950s)  Young people jiving (1950s)
1960s Family watching TV  1960s Family watching TV
At the Grocer's  At the Grocer's
Honeycomb Mould  Honeycomb Mould
Gala Washing machine  Gala Washing machine
Sewing Bee  Sewing Bee
Twin Tub Washing  Twin Tub Washing
1960 Milkman with milk float  1960 Milkman with milk float
Children washing hands  Children washing hands
Children at lunch  Children at lunch
Young female cotton worker  Young female cotton worker
Cotton Mill - Factory floor  Cotton Mill - Factory floor
Lancashire Mills, 1950s  Lancashire Mills, 1950s
50s couple in front of fireplace  50s couple in front of fireplace
50s Classroom with teacher  50s Classroom with teacher
Dressmaker, 1950s  Dressmaker, 1950s
Women at Sewing Machines, 1950s  Women at Sewing Machines, 1950s
Cotton Workers, 1950s  Cotton Workers, 1950s
Women in 1950s office  Women in 1950s office
Man Shovelling Coal, 1950s  Man Shovelling Coal, 1950s

Gala Washing machine

Gala Washing machine

by: Greenpark

Date Added: 11 September 2014

Commercial for Gala washing machine (1950s)