Various food preparations on gas cooker. Roasts cakes pies vegetables and jam tarts.

Year of Production: 1969

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 10 mins

Shot List


Time Code Int CU Chicken on spit
00:25 Int MCU Woman in blue dress cooking/baking
00:36 Int CU Mixed Grill
01:01 Int ECU Pork chop and blood
01:14 Int CU Cooker and mixed grill/dials
01:20 Int ECU Basting mixed grill and turning with tongs
01:35 Int CU Meat and gravy/oil Preparing food
02:00 Int CU Meat and salad on plate
02:19 Int CU Raw joint and string/scissors
02:31 (various) seasoning meat Int CU Stuffing chicken/lemon
02:59 Int CU Grill
03:29 Int CU Chicken in oven
03:32 Int CU Turning dial
03:36 Int CU Automatic oven timer
03:40 Int CU Closing oven door
03:49 Int CU Chicken and vegetables/oven/glove/apples
03:52 Int CU Adding potatoes to roast
04:11 Int CU Various timers
04:19 Int CU Scales weighing roast
04:29 Int CU Timer in hand
04:35 Int CU Taking roast off scales
04:42 Int CU Meat thermometer
04:50 Int CU Built-in meat thermometer
05:00 Int CU Oven controls (various)
05:06 Int CU Oven and roast
05:18 Int CU Meat and thermometer
05:23 Int CU Slicing meat
05:27 Int CUTying meat/woman carrying it to oven
05:40 Int CU Chicken on spit on oven. Turns
05:50 Int ECU Cooked chicken on spit. Grease.
05:59 Int ECU Poking chicken wire prong.
06:08 Int CU Oven with pot
06:15 Int ECU Rice bubbling in pot
06:19 Int CU Cup cakes in cooker. Swelling. Rising
06:33 Int CU Preparing cake. Sieve
06:51 Baking powder/flour Int ECU Pouring milk into cake mixture
07:04 Whip. Int ECU Beating flour. Folding in egg.
07:07 Int CU Turning dial
07:14 Int CU Cake with fruit
07:20 Int CU Golden pie
07:33 Int CU Rolling dough. Rolling pin.
07:38 Int CU Fruit pie preparations
07:45 Int CU Rolling puff pastry
08:00 Int CU Pastry rising in oven
08:11 Int CU Pie
08:26 Int CUFork pricking pie base
08:32 Int CU Greaseproof paper base
08:38 Int CU Rice onto base of pie
08:48 Int CU Decorating fruit pie
08:55 Int CU Failed jam tart
08:59 Int ECU Failed cheese cake
09:04 Int CU Cooker dial
09:09 Int CU Cup cakes. Surreal
09:13 Int CU Gas flame/cooker ring