Straight narration - London Parks. Begins with street scene views of flowers lawns ponds and people in park.
River Thames/country house - animals - brief look at seasons.

Year of Production: 1955

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 16 mins 20 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 < shot over rooftops of London streets mws woman pushes pram past block of 1930s Council flats mws children spill out of school building onto street ms two schoolboys run along pavement low < shot woman's shoes and pram wait at kerbside ms Green Line bus along street towards camera ms two girls climb on bus ms woman pushes pram across pedestrian/zebra crossing pov from bus as it stops at crossing to let woman and pram cross ms red double decker buses along roads under trees with pan down to tractor-style lawn mower along grass mws woman pushes pram through park with red flowers pan over flowers in park to woman gardener ms child looks out of pram as older child runs ahead ms woman sits on park bench and reads child story pan over flowers in park with people walking along paths ms two schoolboys with swimming kit under arms pan over people relaxing on grass in park vs men and women laying on grass in sun pan right over children paddling in large pool in park ms people queue to get into lido/swimming pool pan around lido packed with people vs woman teaching children to swim ms young man and two women (one wears stilleto shoes!) sunbathe at lido vs men and women swim front crawl vs woman in rowing boat in park with swans on bank vs flowers ms man and woman sit on parkbench vs two young women walk on Downs/countryside pan around countryside as women sit and look at view

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 pan up from children in paddling pool to ws of playground area packed with children ms children playing rowing boat moored sandpit vs children play in paddling pool and in sandpit with rope climb vs little boy driving pretend bus in playground as other children wave from back
of bus ms go-karts/racing cars around track in woodlands vs men speed walking around track in park ms woman throwing discus with Battersea Power Station in bg ms man and woman play tennis vs man plays golf vs cricket match watched by women vs bowls match in progress pan down to men fishing vs toy / model yachts and speed boats on pond pan left from Battersea Power Station with barges in fg mws Houses of Parliament and river Thames and barge along pan left from Waterloo Bridge to people walking along South Bank mws people at outdoor cafe with umbrellas and flowers pan up from pansies to orchestra playing in bandstand in Hyde Park with pan up to show people in deckchairs pan down from fluffy clouds to Syon House and woodland ms pretty bridge over stream in woods vs grey squirrel eating nut on tree vs animal farm / zoo for petting by children inc children having donkey rides pan over fairground in park at August Bank Holiday with vs rides and huge crowds ms man and woman walk in woods

00:10:00:00-00:16:05:20 vs men pick up litter with sticks ms little girls wander through grass as man collecting litter picks up jagged piece of glass vs woman gardener and man looking at flowers from bench ms woman knits in garden vs cu shots flowers high < shot of lawn mower mowing grass vs Autumn flowers inc Chrysanthemums vs Autumn foliage and falling leaves cu man in uniform rings bell as people leave park mcu sign giving opening and closing times of park vs women playing hockey and netball inc ball through net vs men and boys playing football in park high < shot snow on rooftops of houses vs snow ball fight in park interspersed with shots of animals at zoo in snow - wallabies and reindeer ms man walks
through gulley in Hampstead Heath in snow mcu woman pulls child on sled / sledge pan up to snow on trees and bushes and frozen ponds ws woman with dog throws bread for ducks on pond pan left over pond with weeping willow trees cu spring flowers inc crocus / crocii ws daffodils in park inc cus vs blossoms on trees ws women and children walk through park ms moorhen's nest in reeds and duck with ducklings ms peacock and peahens ms little boy feeds rabbits with carrot pan up from baby in pram to man snoozing on park bench vs people walk in parks full of blossom and flowers END TITLES