Reading of Brooke's "The Old Vicarage at Grantchester" to visual images and music. "Literal" interpretation - begins with lilac blossom - river - shots of countryside - people to illustrate lines - concludes with clock at 10 to 3 and couple eating at table al fresco. Shots precisely fitted to poem's
context e.g. lilac blossom - each flower mentioned shown. romantic images of trees windmill cows and river. Train - views from train windows. Faces shown to correspond to description - e.g. twisted lips old women dark men naked man weeping. Idyllic Grantchester - aerial view - young people happy children playing in river people leaving church. Good sunsets/sunrises. Clock at 10 to 3.

Year of Production: 1958

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 15 mins

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : This film is a short dramatized piece set to the words of Rupert Brooke's famous poem. Good for idyllic English scenes.

00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 Title card 'Many years ago in a hot smoky Berlin cafe Rupert Brooke wrote a poem ... his dream of England in the Spring' dissolve to portrait of Rupert Brooke Title 'Grantchester' vs blossoms and flower beds inc carnation poppies and pansies pov from punt along River Cam inc floating under overhanging trees tracking shot past flowers filled with yellow flowers ms naked man dives and swims in river cu beer being filled in traditional Bavarian tankard ws sunset over fields low < shot of yellow tulips in bloom fast-edits of tulips of various colours in bloom ws sunset over fields ms windmill silhouetted at sunset ms man and woman lay in each other's arms in hay and kiss mws Friesian cows cross field to be milked with church in bg pan down gnarled trunk of tree vs views of river with trees overhanging pan down to man with bare chest laying on grass

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 low < shot of trees waving in breeze low < shot of clouds passing overhead and dissolve to river at night where man swims spooky shot of many vicars coming out of darkness ws sunset over village ms old man / tramp asleep under tree low < shot of wooden house with open window ws steam train running fast through frame tracking shot from train of green fields and country towns inc cathedral slow tracking shot past Grantchester houses with trees in full bloom and church ws the vicarage at Grantchester vs cottages with idyllic country scenes such as man trimming hedge and herd of cows past pan left from boys searching in wood pile to church mws men and woman walk through Grantchester village with signpost to Cambridge low < shot of stern-looking man ms man with beard looks fiercely at camera with cu on his mouth pan up front of cottage at dusk ms sign for Trumpington hanging from tree as bottle breaks upon it ms three witch-like women huddle together cu elderly woman drinks tea cu misshapen and twitching lips mcu hand writing limerick on door canted shot of cottage with piercing scream ms four strong-looking men wearing only underpants run through countryside looking behind them from time to time

00:10:00:00-00:14:29:08 zo to cu of witch-looking woman ms bare-chested man leans around tree and shoots gun to camera pan up to clothes on washing line ms man wearing only underpants reads letter and cries high < pan over Grantchester (shot from church tower) ms puffy clouds in sky ms group of young men and women walk through garden ms four small children play together in garden pov from boat along river looking up to overhanging willow branches ws children play and swim in river as cows graze under trees on the bank mws people coming down church path after service ms cross on top of church mcu group of men and women have picnic on grass and laugh hysterically ms stereotypical old farmer in smock and hat puts his pint mug down and shoots himself in tragic-comic style ms moon over Grantchester pov from boat along river with overhanging trees and willow trees on bank ms man forking hay onto stack on back with copse of elm trees in bg pov shot from boat along river ms man sailing canoe
along river ms daybreak/dawn over Grantchester high < shot of sunset over fields ms man sitting by hay stack/rick in field ms hare runs through field with crop planted in it vs river and surrounding fields and trees mws wood with bluebells in the grass ms men fishing on bank of river canted shot of church clock at ten to three ms woman and man sit at table in open air. The woman spoons honey onto piece of bread
cu portrait of Rupert Brooke END TITLES